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2020 Racism Is Racist (And Other Liberal Bumper Stickers).

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(Akiit.com) As I write this, I am sitting in a chair, writing on a laptop, enveloped in my cocoon of white privilege. I’m a monster, I know it. I have used my privilege to my advantage every chance I got, especially when I didn’t know I was supposedly doing it. Did I mention I’m a monster, perhaps history’s greatest?

In spite of my horrendous behavior of not having done anything but be born, I can honestly say I don’t give a damn, and nothing I’ve written in the opening paragraph is to be taken seriously (though I am sitting in a chair writing on a laptop). Yet this is what liberals would have you believe about me, and about anyone who happens to share my skin color. If that sounds crazy to you that’s only because it is. It’s also THE central argument being pushed by the Democratic Party.

They have pet projects and policies they’re pushing, sure, but they aren’t selling them as a reason to vote for Democrats in the fall, they’re more of a sideshow in the campaign. The main push is either “You’re racist, now vote for me,” or “You’re a victim of racism, now vote for me,” depending on your ancestry. Who the hell would fall for either?

Sadly, a lot of people.

The books “White Fragility” and “How to Be an Anti-Racist” are flying off the shelves. Both are predicated on the idea that every white person is a racist and no one who isn’t white can be a racist. Yes, they’re that stupid.

But they aren’t stupid at all, at least from a business standpoint. The people who buy them are, the people who wrote them are brilliant. They recognized something in white liberals, a self-loathing, and saw a market not being served. It was like selling a how-to book on bulimia to an aspiring-model seminar – guilt ridden leftists were hungry to be told how awful they were.

In fairness to these idiots, most copies of the books won’t actually be read; they were purchased for the express purpose of being posed with or seen sitting in the background of Facebook pictures to come off as “woke” without having to actually do anything. The ultimate virtue signal for only $20, it’s a hell of a bargain. It’s this year’s “COEXIST” bumper sticker on your Prius – a worthless gesture.

Both books tell you you’re racist, if you’re white, and you can’t really not be a racist. Denying you’re a racist, like denying you’re an alcoholic, means you’re really, really racist. They get dumber from there.

So does everything else. Everything is now racist. Mount Rushmore? Racist, must be destroyed. America? Racist, must be destroyed. The nuclear family? Racist, must be destroyed. National Parks, bike lanes, reading, math, food, you name it, it’s been called racist by some rabid leftist in the recent past. If there’s something that hasn’t been called racist yet, it’s only because they’re too busy labeling everything else racist – like a couple with impulse control going through a department store with wedding registry guns. They’re never going to use the foot massager or sterling silver nude cherub candlesticks, but they simply can’t stop scanning things.

There’s money in crying racism; it’s a pandemic-proof growth industry. Tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars are pouring into the accounts of “racial justice” organizations and people are getting rich. As these activists seek the highest acceptable percentage of that cash they can keep for themselves while funneling the rest to the cause of electing Democrats, where it’s not going is to help rebuild the black-owned businesses destroyed in the course of raising it.

Where are these millions not going? Into rewards to find the killers of black children on the streets of Democrat-controlled cities. The news reports out of Chicago every Monday morning read like the casualty list from Afghanistan, only longer and filled with children. Not all black lives matter to Black Lives Matter. In fact, most don’t.

It’s racists to say that. Don Lemon will explain that #BLM is about police brutality, not black lives. #BLM’s leadership will issue demands and decrees about LGBTQ rights, abortion, the existence of Israel, and every other left-wing cause you can dream up, but again, it’s about police brutality and they can’t get bogged down with the overwhelming cause of premature deaths of young black men – other young black men…but the checks continue to get hammered.

This whole column is probably racist, draped with privilege. But – as I’ve found throughout my life – the harder I work, the more “privilege” I seem to have. And none of that privilege has ended up with a Brinks truck dumping millions of dollars on my front lawn like these poor put-upon liberal activists. Clearly, I’ve been doing it wrong.

Columnist; Derek Hunter

Official websitehttp://twitter.com/derekahunter

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