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BLM & Crime: The Tragedies Surrounding This Essential Movement.

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( US history is filled with examples of protests that have gone well. Many events like this end without a single bit of violence or crime, with everyone leaving having had the chance to have their voices heard. Over 2020, though, BLM protests across America have been sullied by acts like this. Shining a light away from the true issue, a problem like this simply can’t be ignored. But what exactly is happening and who is responsible for the crimes that have come alongside BLM? Let’s take a look at some of them in greater detail.

Rioting & Looting

While protesting is legal in the US, these sorts of events can quickly go out of control. One the one side, you have counter-protestors looking to cause trouble. These people don’t pretend to be on your side but can make life just as hard as someone pretending to be in your ranks. On the other side, you have those that will turn up to protests, join whichever side they want to, and start causing trouble as soon as they get the chance. This has led to mass rioting and looting over the last few months, with the BLM movement, on the whole, taking the blame for it.


It can be all too easy for people to lose their lives when they attend a protest. Recent shootings in the US have shown that issues like this still need to be dealt with, and the range of shooters seen shows that this issue isn’t restricted to a single demographic. Murder should always be avoided, whether at the hands of a police officer or a civilian, and no protest is important enough for people to have their lives taken from them. Local criminal attorneys are often needed to get people out of trouble when they attend a riot, though you would probably need someone a little more specialized if you found yourself in court for murder.

Who Is Responsible?

You can find loads of posts on sites like Facebook that claim that the BLM movement is responsible for acts of racism and violence across the US. Of course, though, this movement isn’t a unified group. While some people might believe in equal rights but also want to riot, this doesn’t represent everyone on this side. Likewise, the same can be said for the extremists that disagree with BLM. This makes it everyone’s responsibility to make protests safer, with those that attend these events working hard to keep the peace and lawmakers putting the time in to listen when people want their voices heard.

It makes sense that people want to protest from time to time. This sort of experience can be a satisfying release from the stresses that consume everyday life, providing you with an opportunity to put your energy into something you truly care about. Of course, though, while this sort of work can be good, it can also be tiring, and this makes it well worth spending the time beforehand to keep it all safe.

Staff Writer; Carl Short

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