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Ice Cube, Don’t Be Confused.

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( I was ready to be forgiving of people who hadn’t decided for whom to vote this late, but no longer after hearing the latest news about foreign interference in our November election—and not hearing a mumbling word from the President of the United States!

This President has not shown any interest in protecting our democracy from foreign intervention in our election. He’s already asked homeland terrorists to simply standby after the governor of Michigan and others have been threatened with kidnap and murder, he leads chants to lock up perfectly loyal Americans. I can’t imagine a sane person who chooses Donald Trump over Joe Biden to be our President.

Isn’t it obvious that Trump has shown no interest in helping or protecting anybody other than himself? I’m convinced he cares nothing about his family or his friends. I use the term “friends” loosely because he throws them under the bus as soon as they don’t agree with his dangerous requirements. He’s already threatening to fire his FBI Director and has given warning to his Attorney General while rushing him to arrest political opponents for no reason. He’s called Dr. Fauci a disaster for trying to provide health advice to stop killing people with COVID-19.

We’ve heard more than enough of his angry, vulgar, insulting, rhetoric to vote him out of the White House. No one else would be allowed over 20,000 lies and still hold such an important position. In a democracy, truth matters. Who are these people who enable him to continue holding such a powerful position without speaking out against such behavior? Who are these people who act like there’s no difference in Joe Biden and him when the differences are so obvious? Joe Biden is an honorable man who can admit, and has admitted, his mistakes and worked to overcome them.

It’s so disappointing that Kanye West is lending his name to keeping the current President in office. I don’t think he understands what he is doing in trying to take a few votes from Black men over to Trump.

On the other hand, I think Ice Cube, as he calls himself, seems to be pretty bright. He knows how much Black people are suffering under Trump who has no interest in doing anything to help our people. We risk losing the health benefits President Barack Obama and VP Joe Biden worked to get even for people with pre-existing conditions. I have no problem with his Contract for Black America, but I haven’t spoken to a single Black man who was asked what he wanted and do they want it so bad they’re willing to not vote and deliver the Presidency to Trump.

I have no problem with the contents of Ice Cube’s Contract. My problem is with his timing and his approach to selling it that gives a few Black men an excuse for not voting without telling them not voting is a way of supporting Trump. Joe Biden has shown his ability and willingness to help our community. I think it’s wrong to say both men are evil. Even if it is true, he knows one is more evil than the other. Such a time as this is reason for voting for the lesser of two evils. Any sensible person would take one mistake over 20,000 lies any day.

My plea to Ice Cube is to stop confusing people about the best person to vote for. Lord knows our community is owed a lot of help by a lot of politicians, but we risk too much to take another chance with a reality show man who hasn’t a clue as to what the reality is on needs of our community.

Columnist; Dr. E. Faye Williams

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