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Four Silver Linings To A Donald Trump Defeat.

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( Are you nervous about tomorrow? I know I am! If you say “no” in the comments, I’m gonna go ahead and call you out for lying right here. Only someone not cognizant of the overwhelming stakes wouldn’t have at least a few butterflies, no matter how strong your belief or even your faith. Given those butterflies, you’d probably love to read another column explaining why a Trump victory is inevitable, how the polls are all garbage, how the so-called “hidden Trump voters” have been downplayed exponentially, how the ‘silent majority’ is about to rise on a massive scale and deliver us from the leftist pandemic that would otherwise be unleashed upon us.

Well sadly, this isn’t going to be that column, because in truth I have no idea what’s about to happen, and if you cornered me I’d say I’m not all that optimistic. I certainly have HOPE that possibly all or even some of those things are true. I wrote about my belief that Trump *could* win in 2015 too, that indeed he was the ONLY GOP candidate in the then-crowded field who had a fighting chance to beat Democrats on the national stage, but on the night before the election, I still had my doubts. Still, it happened then and it could certainly happen again.

Of course, it’s much more likely that the opposite will play out, and we’d be deceiving ourselves not to consider that possibility. The left has the numbers, millions upon millions of mostly ill-informed voters just itching for free goodies and the demise of the Orange Menace. Like the view from Helm’s Deep in “Lord of the Rings” when the massive, seemingly endless orc army was marching on their position, we too face vast hordes of an overwhelming, seemingly undefeatable enemy. Except, Gandalf ain’t exactly around – and whatever your views on God and particularly his ‘politics’ or lack thereof, the course of any supernatural intervention here is impossible to predict.

In other words, yes, Trump may win, but there’s an even greater statistical chance that Republicans could be staring down the barrel of a yuge loss whereby not just the presidency is gone, but control of the Senate as well. What then?

I’m not going to undersell it. What makes this REALLY REALLY ‘the mostest importantest election EVER’ are the actions Democrats have virtually promised to take, actions that would shift the American electorate forever in the direction of leftists. Eliminating the Senate filibuster, packing the courts, adding blue states, granting citizenship to anyone with a heartbeat who can manage to touch U.S. soil, all of these things would virtually ensure no one to the right of Che Guevara ever gets elected to national office again. We would become a de facto one-party state on a high-speed train to legit banana-republic status. (By the way, the so-called ‘Republicans’ like Jeff Flake who have gleefully turned leftward because ‘muh principles’ and ‘Trump’s a meanie’ all know this full well, which belies the notion that these clowns are anything but the soulless ghouls they are.)

If all those things happen, of course, it’s hard to imagine America surviving intact past my lifetime, much less any silver linings from a Trump loss. However, not all may be lost. A Biden win with a GOP Senate would obviously keep the worst leftist tendencies in check. A Biden win with a very narrow Democratic Senate may also not play out quite as badly, simply because moderates like West Virginia’s Joe Manchin and Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema *may* decide to grow a spine on at least some of the crazier notions from the left. And yes, even as I’m writing this I’m appalled at the dire situation we’d be facing when the future of two-party government is literally in the hands of Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, but there you go.

So yes, assuming leftists aren’t able to succeed at completely blowing up the Republic, there could be a few silver linings to a Trump loss tomorrow. They aren’t great, and they won’t be even mildly comforting if this happens, but they remain nonetheless. Here are four:

GOP strongholds may fight back against corona fascism

I realize that Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be a real fan of face masks, and thankfully Dr. Scott Atlas is on the prowl, but the White House also has Drs. Redfield, Fauci, and Birx out there parroting the same old insanity that’s been proven more than useless time and time again. Still, by implementing mask-mandates, red-state governors and county leaders are technically doing the bidding of the executive branch, a fact they consistently point out to their citizenry as they implore them to submit. But if Uncle Joe is doing the demanding, we could see some protection coming from our state and local GOP leaders, especially as it becomes increasingly clear that masks aren’t doing a thing and are likely making things worse. So in a weird sense, in some places the fight against various aspects of corona fascism may actually become winnable with a Democratic president. The governors, after all, actually hold most of the actual power here.

Donald Trump will be gone

Please don’t take this the wrong way. Even if Biden wins in an absolute landslide tomorrow, all of Trump’s accomplishments – particularly THREE Supreme Court justices – will have been well worth it all. And as I said above, no other candidate besides Trump could have won in 2016. So in a sense, Donald Trump saved America, at least for the time being. Had Hillary won, we’d have been so far down the rabbit hole there would have been no peeking out. However, with all of Trump’s greatness comes his many weaknesses as well. He’s thin-skinned, obstinate, abrasive, wildly egotistical, and completely incapable of the emotional intelligence it takes to win over significant numbers of voters not already in his camp. If he loses tomorrow, it’s completely on him. Given the leftist insanity that’s taken place this year alone, Republicans should have been able to run a lampshade against someone like Joe Biden and still won handily. The fact that this race is even close is infuriating, and make no mistake, it’s mostly Donald Trump’s fault. If he loses, we should thank him for his service, keep his key policies (neocons won’t like this, but Trump’s policies WORKED), wish him a healthy and restful retirement, and move on.

2022 will be slightly better

Even if the president manages to eke out a victory tomorrow and McConnell holds onto his gavel by the skin of his teeth, most political pundits are certain that the GOP would lose the Senate in 2022. The only Democratic seats with even the slightest chance of being picked off are in Nevada and New Hampshire. On the other side, Richard Burr (North Carolina), Chuck Grassley (Iowa), Ron Johnson (Wisconsin), Rob Portman (Ohio), Marco Rubio (Florida) and Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania) all are likely to face tough reelection races. It doesn’t seem fair, but the sad reality is the GOP doesn’t face an even remotely manageable Senate landscape until 2024. A Democrat in the White House, however, would give Republicans a better shot at holding what they have and biding their time until 2024. Finally, speaking of 2024 …

Republicans will have a fighting chance in 2024

Yes, Democrats are *trying* to turn America into a one-party state, but historically this thing swings back and forth, and if Trump wins, then 2024 would mean an almost certain Democratic victory. While no social conservative is likely to win national office again, a likeable, populist, America-first, liberty-minded candidate with broad appeal could take the reigns and defeat whatever Marxist the Democrats trot out (it’s unlikely Biden runs for a second term). Think Donald Trump without the rough edges. If a Biden presidency is as much of a disaster as it seems likely to be, Republicans, with the right candidate, could get it all back in 2024, and then some.

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