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Boy, Hillary Clinton must be seething.

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( As she has watched the events of the past month unfold – or, more accurately, not unfold – Hillary Clinton had to have been seething. If Big Media, Big Tech and the deep state had provided her the cover it provided Joe Biden, she would have shattered the glass ceiling in 2016 and swanned her way into the White House.

Unlike Biden, Hillary actually had fans. Those young women who thronged the Javits Center waiting for the balloons to drop really cared about her, identified with her, hoped their children – if they ever bothered having any – would look to Hillary as a role model.

Instead, they got a night full of tears and four years of regret. With the hotel rooms for the Inauguration prepaid, they did get to march around Washington for a day and vent their anguish, but that anguish netted them as a candidate only Joe Biden, a #MeToo nightmare.

Unlike Hillary, Biden had no fans. He drew no crowds. Even those who sported his yard signs knew him to be a veteran plagiarist and sexual predator as corrupt and self-serving as well, yeah, Bill Clinton. Yet all the big boys circled their wagons around him. Sexism, pure and simple? What else?

OK, admittedly, Hillary wasn’t the best of candidates. As charmless as she was clueless, she thought she could dismiss half of all America as “deplorable” and get away with it.

Then, too, for years she enabled a husband who was in the Epstein-Weinstein class of sexual deviancy. And, yes, thanks to her deep state allies, she barely ducked an indictment for her secret server, but compared to the senile old pedophile her “friends” rallied around down the home stretch, Hillary was JFK, maybe even FDR.

Hillary had to know she was an awful candidate, but Biden was magnitudes worse. He was the guy caught on video groping little girls, not her. He was the guy who (allegedly) digitally raped a Senate staffer, not her. He was the guy who could not remember what office he was running for, but Hillary never forgot.

So why then did her party and the media and the deep state protect him in ways they did not protect her? The New York Times, for instance, daintily dismissed Joe’s chronic groping as a “relationship with personal space” issue. That’s it?

And yes, “60 Minutes” did interview the entirely credible Tara Reade, the Senate staffer Biden sexually assaulted, but it was “60 Minutes Australia.” Australia? WTF?

Hell, she and Bill got grilled on the real “60 Minutes” about Gennifer “with a G” Flowers, and Bill never even assaulted her. Kathleen Willey got a whole damn hour on “60 Minutes” just for getting groped.

Monica Lewinsky, Paul Jones, Juanita Broaddrick – they all became household names, but who has ever heard of Tara Reade? Crocodile Dundee?

And where were the Democrats’ ballot harvesters and fraud enablers when she needed them? The party merely had to manufacture a few thousand more votes in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, and she would have shattered that ceiling and swept into the history books. And yet they found millions of more votes for that doddering old fool than they did for her.

But the thing that really had to bug Hillary were the dueling laptops. Here she was cruising to an easy win, maybe even turning Texas blue, when FBI Director James Comey decides to reopen the investigation into her server.

If other Democrats think of James Comey as a rock star for ratting out Trump, Hillary can only think of him as the oversized showboater who derailed her campaign 11 days before the election.

Worse, her emails were found on the laptop of BFF Huma Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner, still another Democratic perv. Then the media actually went and reported this as though it were news. The nerve! All momentum died with the discovery.

This reversal of fortune was hard enough to swallow, but when the New York Post unearthed Hunter Biden’s laptop, whose secrets were many times more damaging to Biden than Weiner’s secrets were to her, the media went totally dark to protect him.

“Where were you in 2016, Jack Dorsey?” one can almost hear Hillary shrieking. “Where were you, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post?”

Why, Hillary wonders to this day, did the media have to report on her laptop at all? OK, it was a critical moment in the middle of a presidential election, but how could the media not have seen then what they saw so clearly in 2020?

Democracy dies in darkness – that’s the point, isn’t it?

Columnist; Jack Cashill

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