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Couldn’t Care Less About Those Democrats.

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( You want to play poker with a Democrat, because you can always count on them to overplay every single hand they’re dealt. It’s like a compulsion – whatever they have, you can count on them to exaggerate or freak out and blow it up into something more than it is, no matter what it is. After four years for Democrat pearl-clutching over every Trump tweet, I’ve become pretty numb to the left-wing outrage machine. With this second impeachment, AFTER Trump has left office, I’ve lost all interest in not only what Democrats are whining about now, but in anything and everything Democrats do, say, or want.

Watching the opening arguments over whether or not the Senate has any constitutional power to hold an impeachment trial of a former president, I was overwhelmed with a sincere sense of not giving a damn. I was as disgusted as anyone by the events of January 6th; I worked in that building and absolutely love it. I still get the same chills I got seeing the Capitol Dome in the distance I got when I started working in D.C. back in 2001, and am of the firm belief that if anyone loses that sense of wonder and awe at seeing it, they should leave the city immediately and find another line of work.

Seeing it trashed was, to put it mildly, aggravating. And I know that was an opinion shared by the majority of Americans. But…

2021 democrats

My sense of disgust over the actions of a few that day has been eclipsed, several times over, by how it has been used by Democrats, in government and the media, as a weapon to smear everyone who didn’t vote for their preferred candidates. It’s a contempt so deep and condescending that my Pavlovian response is to wish them ill.

I’m not proud of that, but it is what it is.

Jake Tapper can’t string together a sentence without belching out a “MAGA terrorists” in the middle of it. Joy Reid has “white supremacist” Tourette Syndrome. And every Democrat can’t shut up about how “devastated” they still are by that day, even when they weren’t there, like Rashida Tlaib.

If you were in Washington, D.C., that day, you’re a terrorist. If you voted for Donald Trump, you’re a terrorist. If you didn’t vote for Joe Biden, you’re a terrorist. If you’re happy Tom Brady won the Super Bowl, you’re a terrorist simply because he once had a MAGA hat in his locker. Pick up a pitchfork and join the mob or you will be targeted, smeared, and whatever else they determine should happen to those with insufficiently progressive thoughts.

What happened January 6th was not only bad, the left says, it was the darkest day in American history. It was not just a crime, it was an attempt to overthrow our democracy. In reality, it was a handful of idiots out of a huge crowd disgustingly getting violent and committing horrible crimes, but it was also most people stupidly walking around taking pictures of themselves, unaware of the violence on the other side of the building.

Does that make it OK? Of course not, but it also doesn’t make it an insurrection or an attempted coup. If it were either of those, they could have easily taken the building and the Members of Congress in it, and done just about anything to them. There were too many of them and too few police.

If the goal of those “MAGA terrorists” was violence, there would’ve been a lot more of it and it would have ended in a lot of death. It would have looked a lot more like a BLM-ANTIFA rally than a selfie revolution.

A police officer was killed, but we still don’t know how. The original story of blunt-force trauma to the head has proven to be untrue. It’s been a month, how do we not know? Every inch of the building was covered in either security cameras or recording cell phones, plus there’s been an autopsy. We’d have a cause of death for a body found in the woods after 20 years by now, yet we know nothing about this. Is Nancy Pelosi blocking the reporting of what happened?

There’s so much we don’t know, but everything we do has been exaggerated to the point that it no longer reflects reality. Democrats need a villain, lest the public focus on what they’re doing, so they’re milking this for all it’s worth. Screw them.

The House Managers made emotional appeals, even exploiting personal tragedy by having Jamie Raskin invoke his son’s suicide, in an attempt to manipulate the public into thinking they have a case. Raskin’s very first act as a congressman in 2017 was to object to the certification of the Electoral College vote. He should be in jail for trying to overturn the will of the people, by the left’s own standards.

Instead, he’s the lead prosecutor in this sham where the real goal isn’t the removal from office of a president who has already left office, but to serve notice that anyone who displeases progressives will forever be hunted and smeared.

I couldn’t care less what trauma these frauds pretend to have suffered. Everything from AOC’s whining about the “fear” she felt as she sat safely in her office two good Tiger Woods drives away, to Pramila Jayapal claiming she got COVID because nameless Republicans refused to wear masks in whatever room they were sheltering in – whatever happened to that? She got it, said it was from that, yet no one else in that room, Republican or otherwise, tested positive. It’s almost like she was lying.

She was lying, she’s a Democrat. They lie, it’s what they do.

So hold this little kabuki theater for liberal donors and media-credentialed sycophants. Waste time Democrats say we don’t have to help people suffering economically from COVID lockdowns on this joke, I don’t care. Gadot will show up before that $2,000 check Democrats promised to bribe voters with, but the people they say are going hungry and are desperate for the aid they’ve delayed for another month can always eat cake, or something, I guess. Maybe it’s just one of those run-of-the-mill emergencies that can wait till March or so to be dealt with?

Everything about Democrats – from the fear they claimed to the urgency they declare – is a fraud. And the people suffering the most are those who voted for them. They bought the tickets, enjoy the ride. I just don’t care.

Columnist; Derek Hunter

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2 Responses to “Couldn’t Care Less About Those Democrats.”
  1. Sherry S. says:

    A trump supporter, decided to write about the Democrats. Somebody scared? The GOP party is on the way out. hehehehehhe.

  2. Bob Jacobs says:

    Keep telling the truth Derek. We know the ‘Democrats’ are evil. GOP for life. And this is coming from a proud black man.

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