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Dems Choose Illegals Over Americans.

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( It is a simple choice with only two options for Democrats: do they favor Americans or illegal aliens? Every time they’ve been given the choice, Democrats choose illegal aliens. So why would anyone be surprised that they’re doing it again when it comes to COVID?

I don’t care for writers to quote themselves extensively, but in this case I have to. I also have to say “I told you so,” another thing I’m not a fan of. But both are necessary for this because I’ve already written about this and, honestly, I told people so.

In December, I wrote a piece called, “Democrats Have to Choose Between Ending the Pandemic and Open Borders.” In it I wrote about the left having to choose “between reopening the country safely and their desire for open borders, pointing out that no matter how deeply they desire it “they can’t have both.”

They’re trying to, and Americans are going to suffer.

As I wrote then, “We know the vaccine works, but we don’t know for how long it will work. If a person needs annual or bi-annual booster shots until the virus is eradicated, that means we can’t be welcoming in anyone from a country that does not have a functioning government capable of inoculating their population.” Three months later, that is exactly what the Biden administration is doing.

The borders are open for illegals. Anyone crazy enough to walk up to an official crossing won’t be welcomed, but walk to one of the huge open areas and you’re in.

Try to fly here from most of the world, and you likely won’t be allowed to. The odds are high your country is still on the suspended list. But fly to Mexico and walk across the border and you’ll get greeted with open arms, especially if you have a kid with you. The only people allowed to enter the country at will are rich liberals, celebrities, and illegal aliens.

The Biden administration has not only released more than 100 illegals who’ve tested positive for COVID into the country, they don’t quarantine the others for anywhere near the length of time of the incubation period for the virus to know how many hundreds more had it before they were set loose in America. How many made it evading Border Patrol altogether?

How helpful to returning to some semblance of normal life is this policy? It is not.

And it’s not as though sick illegal aliens were released into a field somewhere they couldn’t infect others, they were put on contained buses that set off for cities across the country. If you wanted someone to get people sick, that’s exactly what you’d do. How many people were infected from there is anyone’s guess. The Biden administration is pretending the whole thing isn’t happening and it’s of little interest to the media.

It’s impossible for caravans not to be petri dishes of infection – thousands of people marching for weeks, sharing food and water is the exact breeding ground for disease it sounds like it would be. If Democrats aren’t interested in protecting Americans, which they clearly aren’t, why on Earth would they give a damn about illegal aliens? The survival rate is so high that the vast majority will live long enough to eventually be granted amnesty, citizenship, and the ultimate goal of a voter registration card.

Dealing with, or even exposing, the reality of this does not serve the left’s agenda. If a bunch of people have to get unnecessarily sick, so be it. If some die – and some will die – well, it’s not like progressives have ever had a problem with causing large numbers of deaths. The last century of their existence exposed that horrific fact.

Three months ago I asked the simple question, “[D]oes Joe Biden favor Americans over illegal aliens?” It was rhetorical, of course, but I answered it with another: “Is there anything he, Kamala Harris, or any Democrat has said in the last 15 years that would make you think the answer is Americans?” The answer to that last question is now as clear as it has always been obvious, and they aren’t even bothering to try to hide it.

Columnist; Derek Hunter

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