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Simple Ways To Keep Your Gut Happy.

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( When trying to change your lifestyle for the better and be healthier – one of the most important things you can do is look out for your gut. Your gut is the place where food is digested and metabolised in the body, and if you have an unhappy gut it could cause you to put on weight, suffer discomfort, or even get an infection. 

Today we want to talk about some of the ways that you can look after your gut for the better and stay healthy this year. 

Eat little and often 

It is important if you have ever had issues with your gut or had gastro treatment that you consider taking better care of your gut in the future. One of the simple ways that you can do this is to eat little and often throughout the day. Eating big meals can sometimes overpower your gut and make it difficult for you to digest food effectively, whereas eating small amounts throughout the day is more manageable and will often be better for your gut. Try eating 4-5 smaller meals instead of 3 big ones and you will soon see a difference in the health of your gut as well as your ability to metabolise food efficiently and lose weight. 

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Consider drinking green tea 

Green tea is a powerhouse drink for those who want to change their lifestyle for the better. Often, drinking green tea is something people will do when they want to lose a few pounds, and it can also be very beneficial for your gut. Green tea contains caffeine which will help boost your metabolism and it also contains lots of healthy vitamins and minerals to keep your body in tip top shape. Drinking a couple of cups of green tea every day can improve your health massively and it will make a positive difference to your life. 

Ditch the cheese 

Often the first thing that has to go or change when you improve your lifestyle is dairy. Dairy products can be incredibly harmful for our digestive system if we eat lots of them and they can cause us to get constipated and struggle with bloating. To ensure that you don’t feel this way, try cutting back or cutting out dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt for a while and you will soon see a difference in your body. 

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables 

One thing you should do if you want to help your gut is eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables each day. Fruit and vegetables are packed with lots of healthy vitamins and minerals that our body needs to keep us going. Make sure that you eat plenty of these every single day to keep your gut happy and ensure that you are able to digest your food efficiently. 

Following some of these simple tips and tricks should make a huge difference to your gut and will ensure that you are able to live your life comfortably and without the bloat. 

Staff Writer; Larry Shaw

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