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Democrats: Police vs. Teaches.

( Democrats love teachers, even when they fail. And they hate the police, no matter how much good they do. But they do each for the very same reason: control. It is important conservatives begin to recognize this reason so they can counter it before it’s too late.

When teachers fail, and across the country they fail in large numbers and for generations, what is the response from Democrats? They need more money. School systems have been failing children, generally in Democrat controlled cities, for decades, and every single time test results are announced the solution proposed by those Democrats and Democrats all the way up to Washington is we need to spend more money on those schools and increase teacher pay.

Democrats act as though there is some magical spending amount that will make their incompetent educational bureaucracy work or bad teachers suddenly turn good. As if the only thing holding back bad teachers from caring to do their jobs well is an extra zero on their paychecks.

Still, it doesn’t matter how long or deep the failure, more money is promised and spent. Washington prints it up and delivers it, always with strings attached. More money, more control from DC.

When anything fails in policing, the answer is the exact opposite from the same people. “Defund the police,” they cry. Budgets are cut, jobs are lost over incidences that, if we’re being honest, were brought on in most cases by the people the left-wing mob turns into martyrs.

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As police budgets are cut, the ability of police to do their crucial jobs is reduced. Crime naturally, increases, as if by design. And it is.

There will never be a place for no police, and Democrats don’t want no police, they just want to control them. As local police and their ability to do their jobs are reduced by budget cuts and capitulating Democrat prosecutors, the federal government will step in with regulations and new funds to fill in the cracks. Even cities where this “defund the police” idiocy hasn’t and won’t catch on will be hard-pressed to resist the money and unable, should Democrats pack the courts, resist the regulations.

Democrats will have successfully federalized local policing, all in the name of “justice” and “equity.”

Teachers fail and they get more money, police have isolated and incredibly rare issues fitting a pre-established liberal narrative and the get less. Money is the means, control is the goal.

Control is always the goal.

Did you really think those liberal prosecutors who refuse to bring BLM-ANTIFA rioters to justice were acting on behalf of some moral code? Try to murder police officers with bricks or burning the building they’re in and any charges you would face are dropped, if they’re brought in the first place. Defend your home and you can forget the book, the library is thrown at you.

The law abiding are the targets of prosecutors, as are law enforcement. There are a lot of things that can be said about the George Floyd case, none of which rise to the level of second-degree murder. Yet that is what Derek Chauvin is charged with. A second-degree manslaughter charge may well be justified in the death of Daunte Wright, but 2 dayslater without an investigation of what appears to be a horrible accident? Never mind the resisting of arrest in both cases, which was the only reason either death occurred.

Yet, in the face of evidence that justified the use of force (though it’s debatable about the amount of force used), Democrat politicians denounced the police instantly. A 13-year-old with a gun shot down and the officer is a symbol of “systemic racism,” with no question of why a pre-pubescent child was out at that hour on a school night with someone old enough to drink who was allegedly shooting at a passing car.

No rational person would act the way liberals do in these cases unless they wanted something else out of it. Something they won’t ask for directly because they know they wouldn’t get it under normal circumstances. So they create abnormal circumstance.

Same in education – no in-person school for a year, more money for “education.” The end result is more strings attached from Washington, more money in the coffers of unions, more money to donate to Democrats. The circle of life on the left continues.

Control, through the spending of money or through its denial, that’s what this is all about. Federalizing education (more than it already is), and federalizing police (same). Maybe Republicans don’t see it, maybe they don’t want to see it. Or maybe many of them don’t care.

But Democrats care, and care deeply. None of this is by accident, nothing is coincidental. If Republicans don’t grow spine soon and put a stop to it, there will be no putting a stop to it at all.

Columnist; Derek Hunter

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