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3 Fun Fast-Paced Activities To Try This Weekend.

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( After what the world has been through, having fun is a pastime we should all get back to enjoying. With the sun beginning to shine, the days feeling longer, you should be yearning to get outdoors and play some great games together with friends and family. We went through the internet so you didn’t have to, and found some incredibly fun games that are just about to take over the world. They’re easy to understand, anyone can join in and you may find such activities and sports near you anytime soon.

Box hockey

It’s as strange as it sounds. There is a wooden box on the ground, with two holes in a central horizontal piece of wood. There are two hockey pucks. Two players stand on either side of the box and both try to get their puck through either of the holes and into the net of the other player. It can get really crazy, with multiple horizontal gates and multiple holes for you to get the puck through. Sometimes, the players stand on the long ends of the box and other times, they play from the short side. The latter is for when there is only one gate in the middle. You need a slightly shorter hockey stick, some gloves and that’s box hockey. Have fun!

Gel ball

Gel ball is taking over from paintball for a number of reasons. For one thing, you don’t have to use pressurized air canisters and bulky guns. Look at to see just how many customizations you can do. Because the guns are a lot slimmer, shorter and they don’t weigh as much as paintball guns, they can have lots of accessories to make it suit your needs. Gel ball has been designed purely for close-quarters combat, as the velocity of the balls is not as high. You can play skirmish games in small teams, so effective communication and objective-based tasks are more focused. Gel ball uses guns that use batteries instead of air cans, so it’s a lot more intuitive and beginner-friendly.


The hunt is on

A scavenger hunt is so flexible and can be made into lots of smaller games. You can give one team a certain type of item to find and another team, another type of item. It could be that one team is only to find items related to pirates. Another team has to find items related to the local sports team. Or it can be just a random hunt where the team that gets the most items, wins. Scavenger hunts can be played in the garden, in the park, or perhaps around the house. It’s lots of fun when you set a short time limit so the rush is on to find the most.

Have fun this weekend and see if you and your friends can bond together playing any of these games. Gel ball can also be played in your garden once you have the equipment, but so can box hockey!

Staff Writer; Terry Brown

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