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Kamala Harris’s 4 assignments from Joe Biden – how are they working out?

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( In the real world, you would think that being vice president of the United States would be enough of a full-time job – but hey, this is 2021. This is the presidency of Joe Biden – so Kamala Harris finds herself the recipient of jobs Joe doesn’t handle and those he doesn’t have anyone else to foist them on.

After all, Kamala is there and she certainly doesn’t have the wherewithal to say “no.” It wouldn’t look good!

So now she has been assigned four – count ’em – four jobs in addition to normal vice-presidential duties.

Biden’s most recent “assignment” came in Tulsa, during his recent speech, when he said that Vice President Harris would lead the administration’s effort to protect voting rights.

In her response, Harris said that the president asked her “to help lead our administration’s effort to protect the fundamental right to vote for all Americans.”

OK, just how that might be accomplished – we don’t know. I suspect it will be a while before we get any details.

Joe Biden - Kamala Harris 2021

The president dropped his first announcement in March, when he revealed that Kamala had been appointed to lead efforts with Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries to stem the flow of people across our Southern border.

As some said, that makes her our “border czar.”

Biden said she was appointed “because she’s the most qualified person to do it.”

The president didn’t elaborate on what in her background qualifies her for this role.

Perhaps he was thinking that the fact her mother was an immigrant is a qualification. Who knows?

Regardless, even though the announcement was made months ago, Harris has yet to get anywhere near the border. She is currently planning to travel to Mexico and some of the Northern Triangle countries (perhaps next week) to look into the “reasons” people want to move north. It’s reported she believes that “climate change” is one of the major causes, and her goal is to help solve those problems so people stay home.

Are you holding your breath?

She is quoted as telling CNN’s Dana Bash, “We have to give people some sense of hope that if they stay, that help is on the way.”

Methinks she means American dollars.

OK, so Kamala will solve the border crisis and will guarantee fair voting opportunities for all Americans – what else does President Biden have in mind for her?

She is now in charge of space. Yes, she is chair of the National Space Council. She calls it “an honor.”

This is a group that’s described as helping to shape important national space policies and national security strategies related to space.

With all the latest reporting about unidentified flying objects in our air space – what are they and where do they come from? – it would seem Ms. Harris has her work cut out for her. Americans are awaiting answers, but again, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

As if that weren’t enough, President Biden has put Vice President Harris in charge of broadband internet. One important part of that job will be to oversee the expenditure of over $1 billion in federal funds to expand the availability of hi-speed internet to tribal lands and other Native American, Alaskan and Hawaiian communities.



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  1. Joe Moore says:

    Insightful piece. I do wonder if these \’2\’ will last all \’4\’ years.

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