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The White American Killers making “America Great Again”.

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( It is always being easy for a white man in America to commit mass shooting at high schools, colleges, parks, businesses, factories, hospitals etc. because no one is afraid or concerned with any white men or woman walking down the streets with a gun or rifle since it is an inherit white privilege to do so. A white American men can walk into any Gun store and purchase a large amount assault rifles, shotguns, semi-automatic pistol and over a thousand rounds of ammunition without  been asked any questions or having their background vetted completely; but, let a black men or Hispanic men walk into the same stores and attempt to order one gun and a box of 50 rounds of ammunition, He is immediately demonized, dehumanized, profiled, belittle and refuse service or better yet put through a 180 days background check with  the FBI been notified of the intent of minorities individuals attempting to purchase weapons.

As you can see, white America is actually killing white America but blaming black America for the gun problem. White people own more guns than all the minorities in America put together and more so white American men introduce all the illegal guns and drugs into the black community. The average white American owns about 4 to 15 guns, rifles etc. the average Hispanic owns about 2 to 4 and the average black owns between 0 to 3 weapons. The white American men is the only human race that goes to the shooting range once to twice a week and become very proficient at killing and then turned those skills against innocent civilians and then the media and the judicial system proceeds to blame black people and guns for America’s challenging issues. Yet, “Guns Do not kill people but White people full of hate, white pride, bias, prejudice, double standard, madness, insanity, insecurity, fear etc. who owned guns are the ones who killed innocent white people’. If President Elect Creepy Joe Biden proposing to ban guns then He might as well ban all knives, hammers, screw drivers, baseball bats, crow bar etc. since those are tools that have been use by racist and non-racist white people to kill other racist and non-racist people in the history of America.


Here in America over 78% of police officers killed in the line of duty were killed at the hands of white men with a small penis and only 22% of police officers have died at the hands of minorities. Yet, Police officers all over the United States continue to patrol the streets of America with fear of a black man with a big penis and a Hispanic man with a shaved head. We must also remember that from the years 1619’s to 1865’s, all crimes of murder, burglary, robbery, rape, assault, battery, kidnapping, arson, pedophilia etc. were committed by crazy ass white people since all the blacks or Africans were enslave in their white plantations and all the native Americans were either on the run hidden in the mountains, dead and or in reservations camps.

Here is Part I of a list of White man and White woman serial killers, as well as, been the main suspects in mass shootings in the United States. Each of these individual killed over a dozen to fifty people for no justifiable reason. These white people had everything such as jobs. Education, high IQ, money, financial stability and family support; yet, they went around killing innocent people because of their disease of madness, insanity, insecurity and fear that is plaguing the white population in America. Some of these white killers killed between 5 to 50 people and injured between 15 to 500 people in one day and in less than 30 minutes. Yet, white America is more concerned with a black man walking down the street with saggy pants. Let’s not forget those vigilantes and corrupt police officers who have killed innocent black children.

  • Gary Ridgeway, aka “The Green River Killer”
  • Dennis Raden, aka “The BTK killer”
  • David Parker, aka “The toy box killer”
  • Ed Gain, aka “The mad butcher”
  • John Norman, aka “The co-ed killer”
  • Glen Edward Rogers, aka “The cross country killer”
  • Richard Trenton Chase, aka “The Vampire killer”
  • Danny Rolling, aka “The Gainesville Ripper”
  • John Wayne Gacy, aka “The Killer Clown”
  • Jeffrey Dahmer, aka “The Milwaukee Cannibal”
  • Ed Harris and Dylan Klebold “Bowling for columbine”
  • Stephen Paddock ‘Las Vega Shooter”
  • Adam Lanza “Sandy hook School”
  • Nickolas Cruz “Mayorle Stone man high school”
  • Dimitrious Pagourtzis “Santa Fe school shooting”
  • Dylan Roof “First Emanuel church”
  • James Eagan “The Dark night rises”
  • Devin Patrick Kelley “Sutherland Springs”
  • H Holmes
  • Edmund Kemper
  • Leonard Lake
  • David Berkowitz
  • Aileen Wuomos
  • Kenneth Bianchi
  • Albert Fish
  • Joseph Naso
  • Dean Corll
  • Rodney Alcala
  • Arthur Shawoross
  • Keith Hunter
  • Randy Steven Kraft
  • William Bovin
  • Joseph Paul Franklin
  • Paul John Knowles
  • Henry Lee Lucas
  • Carl Panzram
  • Ottis Toole
  • Robert Lee Yates
  • Joel Rifrin
  • Donald Henry Gaskins
  • Herbert Mullin
  • Robert Hansen
  • Nannie Doss

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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