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Angela Tramonte fall victim to another Corrupt Police Officer!

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( A 31 year old beautiful innocent woman from Massachusetts die hours later after meeting up for the first time with a “coconut” aka white police officer at a very well known hiking trail un Phoenix Arizona. The suspicious death of this young lady have many people, friends and family members questionings the validity and actual accounts of what really happen on that day.

Ms. Tramonte had met officer Dario Dizdar who’s background appears very sketchy since He has been known to lie about everything to include his own ethnicity and sexual orientation. He has also been caught lying about his own real name, place of residence but more so for lying to his own superiors and falsifying reports. Yet, he remains in the force despite been label as liar in previous police investigations.

On a very sunny and hot day, Ms. Tramonte met up with Crooked Cop Dizzlar for a 1 to 2 hours hike up a well known trail. According to Lying officer Dizzlar: Ms. Tramonte became exhausted, overheated and choose to return back to the parking lot on her own and he continue hiking by himself to the top of mountain. Well, How is this possible? Since when does a Gentlemen, a men, a police officers allows his date to return on her own and not walked back with her for safety. More so, why didn’t he offer her a bottle of water, Gatorade or any other drink to help her get hydrated or better yet why didn’t he carried her on his arms as a man to her vehicles and then to the hospital?

Angela Tramonte fall victim to another Corrupt Police Officer

We all know what really happen! She was must likely killed by Officer Dizzlar after she refuse his sadistic and sexual advances. It is already understood that must white men or those who think they are white are infected with the diseases of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear and the shortcoming of having a small private part which in turn causes them to react violently upon been rejected by a woman or challenge by another men or woman. White American police officers have been known to not been able to handle rejection very well and more so unable to deal with situations when someone refuses to follow their orders or agree with their beliefs.

Officer Dario Dizzlar covers his crime by calling and reporting her missing and use the weather conditions as the culprit. No real men will abandoned or allow a woman to walk back alone to her vehicle in an area where she is unfamiliar. Police Officer Dizzlar is a disgraced to the Department, a coward, a sexual predator and an individual with no integrity, respect or honor that deserves prison time and or removal from the police Department.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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One Response to “Angela Tramonte fall victim to another Corrupt Police Officer!”
  1. Missy says:

    Ummmm wtf is this article… he got caught lying to a Glendale police officer. He gave a false name in the report, yet this twists it around and says he lied about his name and sexual orientation… And you may want to get an editor if this is to ever be taken seriously.

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