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We need to support “NFAC” and their Leader Grand Master Jay.

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( By now, All African Americans should know who is Grand Master Jay and the NFAC organization and if you don’t then you have been lost and need to find yourself as a black person living in America. NFAC stands for the “Not Fucking Around Coalition” that consist of black men and woman who believed in the freedom, respect, equality and life of all African Americans living in this country and abroad. This organization of dedicated black men and woman came together under one flag and leadership of John Fitzgerald Johnsson known to his supporters as Grand Master Jay. He is a leader like no other leader following the steps of many black freedom fighter and revolutionaries who are prepared to fight and die to protect the black community from the oppression and discrimination of white supremacy which still remain prevalent in America today.

Grand Master Jay created this group after observing the continuous murder, beaten and abuse of police officer against African Americans but more so after the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd at the hands of corrupt white police officers who are infected with the disease of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear and the shortcomings of having a small private part. The death of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor sparked hundreds of riots and protest nationwide and worldwide addressing the injustices occurring on a daily basis to African Americans.

 Leader Grand Master Jay

Grand Master Jay made it possible for thousands of black men and woman of all ages with college degree, military backgrounds, veterans, former police officers etc.. to respond to his call of unity and therefore forming the largest black militia group of NFAC which is Not a terror group but a group of proud black men and woman willing to stand up against a corrupt government and willing to put their life in jeopardy in the protection of the black community. Over a thousand black men and black woman from all over the country responded to the call and reported for duty in the States of Georgia and Kentucky to march in protest against police brutality and to support the rest of the African American Community seeking justice for George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

Today Grand Master Jay need your help urgently since he has been falsely accused of threating police officers with a rifle which we all know are made up stories by White America in order to put a stop to the growing number of NFAC members and their supporters. White America has realized that black America will no longer put up with far right terrorism and they will stand up and fight back; therefore, racist white America cannot allow Grand Master Jay to become another Martin Luther King or Malcom X who were great leader leading a revolution against white supremacy and discrimination.

It is so ironic that in the United States of America there are over 650 white militia groups with radical and racist belief and yet they are allow to do as they please. These 650 white militia groups have a membership consisting of about (100) one hundred to (10,000) ten thousands members per each White militia group which means that in total there is over 6 million white radical militia group members. Yet, the White American judicial system is more concerned with one black militia group of NFAC. Of course we do have the black panthers and the nation of Islam but they are not at the level of NFAC for which white America is afraid.

As stated before, Grand Master jay is facing prison time under false accusations for allegedly pointing a rifle at a police officers and he needs the help of all African Americans men, woman, gay, lesbian etc… This men put his life in the front line alongside thousands of strong black brother and sisters for our right to live because black lives matters just like any other life of any other race matters. I am asking my fellow African Americans, Afro-Caribbeans, Afro-Latinos and Africans totaling over 47 million strong to support and help Grand Master Jay in anyway possible.

There is a GoFundMe for Grand master jay where every African American who is physically black and psychological black can help by donating a minimum of $5.00 dollar which if everyone donates in their names and for their children will result in over $47 million dollar going to the defense of Grand Master Jay and more so for the expansion of NFAC around the United States and the world; thus, creating the largest black community self defense forces to protect the black community from corrupt cops, white supremacy groups, skin heads, Arian nation, KKK and last but not least to protect our black communities from those black coons, house negros, gang members and drug dealers. The NFAC militia group will be the first civilian formed patrol organization to clean our neighborhood from the filth of gang members and drug dealers who are destroying our communities and killing our black children.

For those house negros, coons and non believers I will asked you to think for the interest of the black community as a hole and not for yourself as an individual because divided we fall but united we stand a better chance at surviving the onslaught of white oppression and systemic racism. if you still have doubts I will give you an example of a white Teenager of about 17 years old named Kyle Rittenhouse who proceeded to killed two black live matter protestors and injured another one by blowing his arm out with an assault rifle during a black life matter protest for the shooting of a black man Jacob Black in Kenosha Wisconsin. This white far right patriot supporter was able to killed two people and injured many others in plain sight of police officers who stood by and did nothing while he made his way past the police line and then drove home. He was then arrested about two weeks later and immediately white Americans began to support him by raising over 2 million dollars in less than a week for that white killer. White America will always support white people and white officers after they killed a black person and they will give money to the white men or white officers to help him with his legal defense regardless if he is guilty

Now, I asked my beloved African Americans, Afro-Latinos, Afro- Caribbeans and blacks in general Why cant we do the same for Grand Master Jay and NFAC. He has not killed no white men or white woman and yet white America has label him as a monster and we blacks stand back and allow these racist white American and their judicial system to destroyed a Black leader who wants to help us from police Genocide. I asked again to look deep into your hearts and start helping with as little as $5.00 dollars on his GoFundMe page which will help him, NFAC and the black community itself. Instead of giving your money to the liquor store, nail salons, beauty shop and Loui Vuitton store and Nike shoes; give your black dollars to a black men, a black movement and black revolution for freedom from systemic racism.

If you are Physically and Psychologically black then you will help Mr. John Fitzgerald Johnson by donating to “The Grand Master Jay Legal Defense fund” which was organized by Mrs. Eleanor Harvey on GoFundMe.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

One may contact this brother at;

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