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Gabby Petito Death was a Failure to act by Moab Police Department.

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( The death of this beautiful young lady is very sad and certainly it has touch the hearts of every parent in America but more so because she is White. But, the question that we should asked ourselves is why did it happen and why did Moab Police Department officers failed to do their job without bias, prejudice, double standards and white privilege.

On August 12, 2021 Gabby Petito and her Boyfriend Bryan Laundrie were on a normal road trip near the Arches Natural Park Canyon in the State of Utah when other American travelers in the area notice a situation of that resembling Domestic Violence. The witnesses to the crime and abuse in progress reported to 911 operators about seen a male white matching the description of Mr. Bryan involved in a physical and verbal confrontation with a female white matching the description of Ms. Gabby. The witness stated to the 911 operator that He observe Mr. Bryian slapped with an open hand the face of Ms. Gabby several times. Furthermore, the witness added that Mr. Bryan punch Ms. Gabby with his clinch close fist on her upper torso and head. Additionally, the witnesses saw both victim and suspect running and chasing each other on the sidewalk while cursing profanities and finally returning to the van and speeding away without using any signals and away from the crime scend with the victim still inside the vehicle.

Gabby Petito Death

Moments later, Moab police department officers came across the vehicle after locating it near Arches National Park on the side of the road, where both officers notice Ms. Gaby crying , upset, emotional distract, red blood shot eyes, clothes wrinkle, hair disheveled, and small scratches on her face. The officers also notice that the interior of the vehicle had a very bad odor and was completely disorganized and ransacked. Upon interviewing both parties the officers find out that Ms. Gabby had slapped Mr. Brayn a couple times; nevertheless. the Moab officers concluded that base on the totality of the circumstances there was no reasons or sign of domestic violence and left the scene with a warn and advise to both parties labeling the situation as an emotional distress young lady. Really?

The million dollar question is what happen to all the physical evidence and the statement of the witness regarding that domestic violence 911 report? Why is it that when police officers are dealing with a case of domestic violence involving Caucasian suspect and victims they choose not to arrest or cite; But, when the suspects and victims are either Black, Hispanics or Muslim involved in the same scenario then police officers will take them to jail, specially if the suspect or victim is Black. Obviously, if these two race soldiers aka white police officers would have taking the Pale skin demon Bryan to jail then more likely Ms. Gabby would still be alive.
Indeed, the fault lies in the hands of those white police officers but more so on the Moab Police Department and Chief of police for hiring two incompetent bias and prejudice officers. Sadly, it is always late to find justice for innocent woman who are constantly abuse, rape and killed by Neanderthal cave dwellers white men of the west who continue to walk around the streets of America infected with the disease of madness, insanity, insecurity and the shortcoming of having a small private part.

Now, as we already now, Ms. Gabby went missing days to weeks later and then a week later her body was found in an isolated desert area. Again, other Caucasian witnesses saw Mr. Bryan in the area in question where Ms. Gabby’s body was found. So who should we blame for her death? Let us see here, We should blame the two white officers for not doing their job because if Mr. Bryan and Ms. Gabby had been black they would be both sitting in jail and she will be still alive. We should blame the boyfriend since he was the last person to see her as well as the known last person to put physical hands on her, we should blame the parents for the white privilege of always protecting their white son even if he is guilty and finally we should blame all white America for been racist, bias, prejudice, and having the white woman syndrome for only caring for a woman when she is white. The only time white people care about a fellow American citizen is when she or he is white.

The mainstream media has cover the missing story of Ms. Gabby Petito 24/7 for the last couple weeks and yet they have fail to cover issues in his entirely of missing children of minority communities and inner cities in depth. In the last couple of years we have had thousands of missing black and Hispanics children and they only received coverage for about 15 minutes to 30 minutes for a maximum of two to three days for their disappearance. More so, black young girls go missing at a higher rate than white children; yet, these young black girls received no coverage similar to that of Ms. Gabby Petito. In the month of August 2021 over two dozen black girls went missing back in one state in the Midwest and there has not been any media coverage at all, then about three months ago, a young 24 years old black Geologist Daniel Robinson and a student went missing in the same area and his story was only cover for less than three days and less than 1 hour per day. Now, officers in several police departments in the State of Utah are trying to say that the killers is most likely the missing black or African American geologist who disappeared over three months ago and his jeep was found upside down and destroyed.

With that said. black America you have witness the true nature and psych of white people who only care for their own and will only sacrifice for their own; therefore, all black Americans should do the same for your own people who look like you, speak like you, think like you and suffered the same as you. It is amazing to see the mentality of racist white Americans who only cares for the white woman syndrome and find it hard to blame a fellow white person but instead they find ways to blame anything and everything that happen to a white woman on the black men or black woman of America.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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