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Stop Calling “911” Black America!

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( Yes, Black America! every time you call a 911 dispatch operator for any type of assistance at home, work and public places, they will send the race soldiers aka (white police officers), who are only bringing death to you and your love ones. These racist, bias, prejudice, double standards race soldiers do not come to help you or solve any of your problems since they do not understand and neither to they care for you and your African American culture. Indeed, these police officers are coming to killed your son, grandson, brother, uncle, aunt, mother, father, husband, boyfriend, nephew, cousin, niece, grandmother, grandfather, side piece and booty call.

These white police officers and Hispanics and Asian police officers who think they are white and better than you, did not become law enforcement officers to protect, defend,  educate and  help you and the black community in anyway; instead, they became police officers to get rid of you and to blame you for their shortcoming and insecurities within them  and they will use their badge, gun and powers as peace officers to maintain the school to prison pipe line,  to arrest you, to plant drugs and guns in your vehicle, home and pants pockets, to falsify reports, to cite you, to touch your daughters private parts during a cursory body search at a traffic or pedestrian stop and to finally shoot you and or your love ones 17 times in the back and permanently disable and killed you, love ones and any black witnesses.

The white police officer and the “coconuts” Hispanic police officers who think they are white do not value the life of any black person regardless if you are black men/woman/gay/lesbian with a job, education, college degree, military background etc… In the eyes of all police officers in the United States of America, they view all black people as criminals, super predators, lazy, thugs, monsters, uneducated and savages and for that reason every time they see you they get scared and find reasons to shoot you or take you to jail.

White American police officers; as well as, those who think they white are completely infected with the disease of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear and the shortcoming of having a small penis. Indeed. the majority of white, Asian and Hispanic police officers hate black men based solely on the black men having a bigger penis than they do and the notion that every woman in America have a bucket list of wanting to fuck that black men before they proceed to married their white, Asian and Hispanic men. Yes, it is true that even if a white man, white cop is very successful with a beautiful house, beautiful wife and children, good retirement plan and money in the bank, He will still hate a poor black man with no job or education for the simple fact that the black men in America has a big penis and every white woman wants to fuck a black man prior to getting married to their white men with small penises.

call 911

Of course, many of our American white police officers live in a constant state of paranoia, fear, and lack the ability to control their fear upon coming in contact with a black person or with a fellow black police officer in the same department. These police officers are so afraid of the black population due to their white guilt of their past and that of their slave master ancestors that upon seen a black men holding a cell phone in his hand they will immediately shoot out of fear and bias without first making an assessment of the situation at hand.

Prior to many of these racist soldiers aka police officers becoming police officers they had never socialize or had any type of social, physical, verbal interaction with people of the black community and neither do they have any black friends and or dated any black individuals; Yet, they become police officers in hope of patrolling and working in communities of color where they do not care for and understand the African American community. Over 70% of these white police officers where already racist, bias and prejudice prior to becoming cops and they will continue to be racist while hiding behind the power of the badge and gun in order to destroy anything that does not look like them.

Now, look how many times black people have called 911 for help and instead of getting help they received 17 bullets to the back of their head and or a love one was gun down while they were sitting on a sofa in their home watching a football game (Jean Botham) or playing at a community park as a black child with a toy gum (Tamir Rice) and or choke out with a knee on their neck (George Floyd) and or playing video games with a nephew and shot thru the window of her home (Atatiana Jefferson). Those are just a few names of thousands of innocent black men, woman and children dying at the hands of corrupt, racist, prejudice, bias and incompetent police officers after 911 was called.

The Democrats have only given the African American communities promises symbolisms and nothing else. The Republicans have not given African Americans anything as well and they have no intentions of supporting, empowering endorsing, uplifting anything for Black America today, tomorrow and never. None of these racist political groups will give African Americans reparations for slavery, reparations for systemic police brutality, reparations for systemic unemployment, reparations for systemic introduction of drugs and alcohol, reparations for turning hip hop and rap music into the music of Death and Destruction and finally reparations for systemic experiments on black people.

Here in the United States of America, white police officers get angry when they encounter and stop a black man with a clean record, a job, a career, a college degree, a military background, a veteran, married with kids or single with no kids. On the other hand, these same police officers, become very happy, content, joyful and excited when they encounter a black man who is unemployed, uneducated, with a criminal record, unmarried with kids, homeless and addicted to drugs or alcohol. With that said, Black America we need a complete and total separations from these Demons of the west and their demonic children who will grow up to also become corrupt racist police officers.

Black Americans we need to mobilized financial, socio-economically and we need to armed ourselves legally by purchasing guns, shotguns, rifles legally from black own gun stores. There are over two dozen black gun stores around the nation and as many black gun ranges available to all Law /Abiding African Americans in the United States. If you are a black men and black woman with a clean record, then you need to purchase a weapons which is your 2nd amendment right to bear arms. Remember, the average white men with a small penis owns between 4 to 12 guns, rifles and shotguns for protection of his family and himself.

All African American, Afro-Caribbean-Afro-Latinos and Africans men woman living in the United States of America need to learn and become familiar with the gun ownership, transportation and securing of your weapons laws and about the ownership of legally bought weapons in your respective States and begin to purchase as many as you can afford; as well as, ammunition, immediately because these race soldiers are preparing for a second coming of slavery of black people. Additionally, every black men and woman should become a member or support the following black organizations: Nation of Islam, Black Panther, NFAC, FDMG, ADOS and NAAGA which stands for the National African American Gun Association consisting of over 40 thousand members and growing. if you need more information feel free to visit their website at

Finally, Black America need to start thinking about finding and taking over five (5) States were all black people can move, build and create our own black wall street at a large scale. For example, we can choose the States of Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Louisiana, Texas etc. from there we can have all African Americans relocated to those states with their families, businesses etc. and then we can establish our own police department, fire department and civil defense forces without any help from racist white America.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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