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Black Parents Stop Sending Your Children To White Schools.

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( Sometimes, I wonder what is wrong with Black America and my African American brothers and sisters? We still have not learned from the past and we continue to make the same mistakes over and over again; even though, racist white America continues to piss, defecate, stomped, humiliate, beat, assault, killed and then laugh at us everyday. Every time you send your beloved black children to a white school also referred to as a “PWI” (Predominant White Institutions”, you are sending them to their death and you are running the risk of loosing your daughter and son to a savage white male and female teacher who are infected with the disease of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear and the shortcoming of having small private parts.

The so called Neanderthal white teachers that you adore, admired and trust with the education of your black children, do not have the best interest and well being of your kids and neither do they value the life, culture and beliefs of the African American Community. The white school system has created the school to prison pipeline with the full support of Law Enforcement, Judicial System and the school teachers and professors. They do not seek to allow black children to become smarter and more intelligent than their white children and neither do they intend to give a lead up to black students to succeed in the world knowing that an educated black boy and girls is a threat and competition to the success of their racist white children.

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Remember, black parents that this is survival of the species and white Americans are not stupid to allow black students to become more educated and smarter than white kids because that will created a competition in the work force where white people or better yet racist white demons of the west cannot allow blacks to compete for the best jobs, business loans and opportunities that will create generational wealth and a way out of poverty and suffering for which African Americans continue to endure to this date. As black people living in America have you not notice that white teachers and professors do not encourage black students to get involved in the field of medicine, engineering, politics, education, coding, law etc.. but instead they always pushing our black children into only playing sports, comedy in order to entertain white people and make money off of the sweat of black players; but, more so, you have certainty seeing how white America pushes our young black and talented boys into singing the degeneracy of hip hop and rap music which is now considered the music of Death and Destruction in the inner cities with lyrics constantly embracing drugs, sex, guns and violence.

Now, a few days ago a group of African Americans parents decided to sue the racist Minnesota school system for their failure to address their fears, concerns at the relentless attacks on their Black children who are facing constant racism, bullying and discrimination from white and Asian students and white staff including teachers with criminal threats that include racist slurs and physical attacks on innocent children but more so on black girls. The saddest part of this story is that a white teacher participated in the assault against black students that included cutting off black children dreadlocks and tossing it in the trash and then pulling off the wigs and extensions of black girls.

The Duluth Edison Charter Schools are at the center of many discriminatory and systemic racism against black children that continues for the last decades with no changes in sight. One should be amazed at the things that our black elementary and middle school-age children endured on a daily basis year round. So I asked my fellow African Americans parents, why do you continues to send your black beautiful children to “PWI” (Predominant White Institutions) to educate your children, knowing that these fucking racist animals are going to kill your son and daughter, lie on your children, abuse them, and purposely failed them. Why Black America?. In Addition, These Neanderthal cave dweller white monsters kids bit, punched, kicked, pinched and spit on Black students and repeatedly called them the N-word.. More so, taunting and calling the innocent black children monkeys and negros. Let’s not forget that in 2017 a retarded looking racist white student attempted to stab a black kinder garner with a screwdriver in the eyes because he was black but the media does not broadcast such thing 24/7 when the suspect is a pale skin white demon of the west.

Let’s not forget the incident that occurred in the state of Texas on March 6, 2021 in which a black mother and father send their disable black son to a sleepover party at the home of a white demon teacher and a bunch of demon white children and during that sleepover the white children physical assaulted, beat and spit on the black child; but, what was more insulting to this poor black child is that these fucking white children forced him to drink urine and laugh at him when he did so. This assault was blatant that the pieces of shit recoded the event and spread it around with other teachers and students of the Huggard Middle school in the Plano school district and the teachers and principal did NOTHING about it. As you can see this is just one of thousands of incidents where our black children are been constantly assaulted, abuse, discriminated and killed by these white students and white teachers.

With that said, I asked again Black America, Why do you continue to send your kids to a white school? where they will most likely be put in the school to prison pipeline, be placed on ADHD medication under false pretense, be expelled for standing up for their civil rights, be blame for everything at the white school, and or be killed by a white neanderthal white students or a white teacher. Indeed, it is time for black parents to stop sending our kids to the white schools of death and begin to look outward and follow the steps of the Jews, Middle-Easterns and Asians who are sending their kids to schools that are own by their own race. The Jewish community send their children to Jewish schools with Jewish teaches and staff; The Asians send their children’s to Asians schools with Asian staff and teachers and the middle Easterns do the same here in the United States of America. You will never see Jewish parents send their beloved son or daughter to a Muslim schools with Muslim teachers, it will never happen because the Jews understand that only a Jew can teach a Jew; as well as, a Middle eastern family understands that only a Muslim teacher can educate Muslim children’s. You will never see a Jewish family send their son or daughter to a sleep over at a house of a Middle Eastern family with Muslim students because it is understood that it is dangerous and unsafe.

So now, Why do black parents still continue to want their black children to Kumbaya with white students and white teachers who wishes death and destruction on your black children. It is time for black America to start sending your children to black schools that are owned, operated and employed by black people only for black children. The safety of our black children is a top priority; therefore, we must do everything and anything to ensure the safety of our kids and the education and success of our children by any means necessary. So, Black America pull out all your children from white schools and put them in black private schools either at physical locations or online. There is over 30 black owned elementary and high schools nationwide and about 107 or more HBCU’S ” Historically Black Colleges and Universities with black professor that can educate our black students and provide an environment that is free of white demons, racism, bias, prejudices, double standards etc.. We have a chance to make a difference by doing black and going black with everything for our safety and survival.

Finally, I will like to point out that there is a good black Elementary and High School called the FDMG Academy which is owned and operated by a proud and dedicated to the community black brother named Dr. Ummar Johnson, who is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Certified School Psychologist who is considered an expert on the education and mental health of Afrikan and Afrikan-American children. He has written many books on the miseducation of black boys and he has emphasized on how white teachers are quick to label a black boy students has having mental problems and forcefully put them on the ADHD and special education program in order to keep them behind and dumb but more so to put them under medication that causes more harm than good to our black children. Feel free to contact this magnificent black brother who love his people and want the best for black children.

Dr Umar Johnson can be reach at the following email addresses and physical address

PO BOX 9634
Wilmington DE 19809


Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

One may contact this brother at;

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