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Democrats To Blacks and Gays: Know Your Place.

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( Democrats love nothing more than loyalty, and by that I mean loyalty to them. They don’t return it, ever. You are either with them or you are their enemy. They can pretend to be Jerry Maguire – “I love black people!!!” – all they want, when the chips are down and someone with black skin disobeys them it is all out war. Same goes for gay people.

Remember Touré? Probably not. Even when he had a job where he could have achieved some level of respect and notoriety, he didn’t. Rather than accomplish things, Touré chose to spend his time on MSNBC whining about how he’s a victim of racism and how racism is everywhere and in everything. They tried desperately to package him in a way that would attract an audience, but no one cared and no one watched. In many ways, he was ahead of his time at MSNBC, which has devolved into nothing more than fake grievances aired by wealthy, overpaid and untalented “victims.” The network is a testament to the greatness of capitalism – the people like them could become wealthy…only in a free society would people providing nothing of value gain so much.

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Now Touré scrambles around the country writing books no one reads and doing the bidding of the Democratic Party anyway he can. He has a special interest in two areas: whining about imagined racism and working to keep in line any black person who dare stray from what the liberal establishment has deemed acceptable behavior and thought.

As such, the existence of someone like Condoleezza Rice – a strong black woman who grew up in the Democrat-controlled segregated south, but didn’t let that define her – is a nightmare to someone like Touré. When she spoke out about the absurdity of critical race theory on The View last week, that could not be allowed to stand. What if other black people heard her common sense and agreed? That could lead to the most loyal voting bloc for Democrats to have some questions about the efficacy of their policies and the whole house of cards could collapse.

Touré knew what he had to do, though not being particularly smart, he did what liberals always do – attacked. “Condoleezza Rice’s CRT stance proves she’s a foot soldier for white supremacy,” was what he came up with.

One of, if not the most accomplished black women alive today is a “foot soldier for white supremacy.” Touré is terrified that other black people might investigate what Rice said and discover the grievance industry’s puppets, people like Touré, are wranglers for Democrats and, in spite of all the whining and crying to the contrary, don’t really give a damn about black people. You can see why he can’t get a real job and is likely living off of some rich (possibly white) liberal benefactor because talent eludes him.

Democrats feel ownership over the black vote, and they have the same thoughts about the gay vote too. But the news this week wasn’t about some uppity gay guy thinking for himself or announcing he doesn’t care for the failed liberal policies destroying the economy, it was about a liberal Democrat not doing what she’s told.

Arizona Kyrsten Sinema, a Democrat, also happens to be bi-sexual. If you didn’t know that, you don’t need to. It doesn’t matter. Unless you’re a liberal. Then it is everything. It should not only define who Sinema is, but limit what she can do and what she’s allowed to think. “Learn your place, woman!”

Sinema has not signed off on the left’s insane spending, massive tax hikes, and “fundamental transformation” of the relationship between the American people and our government. She has some questions and opposes some of what almost every other Democrat supports without ever having read because it hasn’t been written yet. Crazy, right?

That is not allowed on the Democrat Plantation.

To attack Sinema, NBC News, being the good dogs they are, found someone called Lux Alptraum to write a column entitled, “Is Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema bad for bisexual Americans?” In it, whatever the hell a “Lux” is writes, “Instead of a brash, bisexual icon willing and able to stand up to the far right, she’s now seen as an unreliable centrist, a self-absorbed Democratic turncoat more fixated on getting attention and lining her own pockets than uplifting her community. No longer a bi icon, she’s now held up as a cautionary tale about the limits of representation.”

Sinema is accomplished and, by the way, attractive. You’re welcome to seek out what “Lux” is and decide for yourself on that one. Jealously is embarrassing, but it’s also one hell of a motivator.

Sinema and Rice are on dramatically different sides of most issues, but they’ve arrived at their conclusions on their own, not as a result of someone forcing them to be and think a certain way because of characteristics irrelevant to who they are as individuals. Democrats can’t allow that, it breaks their business model. “Learn your place” is the order, though implied, because liberal ideology can’t stand up to even basic questioning. Tells you something about them, doesn’t it?

Columnist; Derek Hunter

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