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Racist America Respects The Taliban & Isis More Than African Americans.

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(Akiit.com) Sometimes it is hard for our African American community to read, hear and observed negatives things, stereotypes and comments about our community that may hinder, discredit, belittle, humiliate, demonized and insult us; thus, affecting our ability to function like normal human beings and succeed in a society were we as a people are perceived as a threat. Nevertheless, it is necessary to hear the truth in order to be aware of our current situation in America and prepared us to be stronger, more united and willing to fight back as one entity instead of fighting individually against white supremacy and systemic racism that is prevalent in America in a subtle way today, tomorrow and always.

In simple words America has proven again and again that they rather respect and fear people who are willing to fight to the death than those that sing songs, march on the streets, complain, blocked traffic and vote democrat etc.. yet with no success or improvement. What do I mean by this statement! Well, Racist America choose to come to the table and bend the knee to the demands of a so called terrorist group called the Taliban after fighting them for over 20 years with over 10,000 deaths on the American allied side, 200,000 deaths on the enemy side and over $845 billion dollars spend in the American man made war of terrorism; but, America refuses to come to the table with black American citizens descendant of black slaves who built this country for the simple proposal of the platinum plan and reparations for slavery.

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Who are the Taliban? These are people from the Middle East countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan who were born into poverty with no formal high school education or job skills but with the passion to protect their lands from European conqueror, colonialism and racist American imperialism and white supremacy spreading across their lands. This tribal people in Afghanistan have never been conquered by foreign powers in the last 2000 years but they have been occupied but never submitted or bend their knees to no foreign entity. These people of the tribal regions in Afghanistan and Pakistan came together and formed the Taliban and fought off every European invasion until they finally force racist America to withdraw their Armies of Terrors and colonialism from their lands.

The Taliban with their very old and sometimes brutal tradition and beliefs of forgotten Islamic caliphate roots did not have an Air Force, Navy, missile defense system, cyber warfare, submarines, nuclear weapons and or the capabilities to invade any country; yet, they were able to fight and fight America for 20 years without fear and to the death, which cause racist white America to realize that these people will never surrender, bend the knee or become slave and puppet to white America supremacy and systemic racism like the weak African American men and woman in America the Great. Indeed, the America government came to the conclusion that it is in the best interest of white America to leave Afghanistan and make a peace treaty and concessions to a rag dog group of backward Taliban people walking through the mountains with a towel wrapped on their heads, wearing a skirt with no underwear, no education, no alcohol, no weed, no liquor store but with an AK-47 rifle and an RPG grenade launcher.

Now, why is it that Black America cannot do the same like the Taliban and fight to the death for your rights and the rights of your fellow black brothers and sisters? Why are African Americans not following the example of the Taliban and the Vietcong or north Vietnamese people who did no have a powerful Army or weapons but they were willing to fight using anything to drive the white American imperialism and colonialism away from their lands and from their daughters and sons. For a long time and still the black community are in a arrested development mentality and under the spell of the Willie Lynch Letter and doctrine on how to keep a black men and woman a slave in their minds even though the shackles have been removed. Yes, “The Making of a Slave” for eternity in America is working and black America remains slaves to themselves.

Let’s Make a Slave, the words of William Lynch the great speech on how to control and manipulated the black men and woman for centuries to come beginning in the slavery days of dividing and conquering their minds, body’s and souls. What a magnificent piece of art created by this white demon of the west that has long been dead but his contributions to slavery and psychological manipulations of blacks continues to this day. African Americans are not willing to unite for one simple cause and neither are they willing to unite and pick up weapons and fight to protect their community, their rights and freedom from systemic racism and white imperialism that is constantly knocking at their doors in plain sight and with no respect to your or your love ones.

My Fellow African Americans brother and sitters it is time to start fighting back by any means necessary because white Ameria will never stop been racist, prejudice, bias, toward the black communities and neither will they stop killing your love ones. The racist soldiers aka white police officers and the vigilantes aka George Zimmerman will continue to profile, demonized, dehumanized, raped, killed your children while bragging about it, selling the weapon that killed your love one in an Auction and then going back on the streets to find more black children to killed, raped, incarcerated, enslaved etc… Wake up Black America you are loosing, we are loosing and they are winning every time they killed one of us and we do nothing in return to their love ones. It is time to seek revenge and retribution for the wrong been done to our children at the hands of racist white supremacy Americans and corrupt law enforcement officers who are not protecting us but instead planting drugs, guns in your vehicles, homes, pockets of your clothing but more so shooting you in the back over a dozen times and then claiming that it was in self defense.

If the Taliban and the North Vietnamese Vietcom were able to defeat and pushed back the powerful war machine of America then African American men and woman should be able to do so at a great loss but for a valid cause that will eventually in several years bring these racist white demons to the table to signed a peace deal and reparations for Slavery. You have seen how easy America and the Democratic Party are given every other race everything they asked for and everything they did not asked for with ease; Yet, when African Americans asked for something little we always get a “NO” answer and an excused that make no sense to us and neither to them but they enjoy saying “NO” to black America all the time.

There are many ways for black America to fight back the great racist machine in the United States of America and that include supporting only black organizations and business, sending your children to black owned schools and HBCU’s, putting all your money in black banks, joining black militia groups such as NFAC, Black Panther, Nation of Islam, supporting black newspapers and black online media, purchasing properties in black communities, spending money in black restaurants, helping each other, purchasing guns legally and learning the laws in your state about the ownership and properly securing your legally purchase guns, rifles and ammunitions, joining NAAGA “National African American Gun Association”, listening to pro- black supporters like Dr. Ummar Johnson, Judge Joe Brown, Meche x, Tommy Sotomayor, Attorney Dennis Spurling, Kwame brown, Kaepernick and every other brother and sisters who is physically and psychologically black and willing to fight and die for the black agenda.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

One may contact this brother at; islam4infinity@yahoo.com.

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