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Virginia has spoken, but arrogant Democrats won’t listen.

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( The Virginia gubernatorial election was not just a referendum on Democrats and progressivism, it was a reckoning. Voters made it abundantly clear that they did not want or approve of the Democratic party’s direction. Despite having a statistical advantage in the state, McAuliffe had little chance of winning due to voter apathy among key groups such as Black, Hispanic, and young voters, and an inability to point to any meaningful accomplishments from the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress.

McAuliffe ran what some might call a presumptive campaign; in effect he assumed that people of color and young voters would support him simply because he was a Democrat. His not-so-stunning defeat showed that, to those voters, more was necessary. Democrats have been given everything a political party could want: unrestricted power, tremendous numbers, and a mainstream media acting as a veritable propaganda machine. Despite a clear mandate from their constituents, they have still managed to fail.

These “presumptive campaigns,” as one might call them, only work for so long. In an age of all-or-nothing party politics, one might believe it to be easy to win an election simply by relying on voters marking their ballot down party lines. Yet, as we have learned, that is not so. Politicians who run with the belief that they will automatically claim a victory are in for a rude awakening in the coming years; without a solid backing and real, grounded, and unique policy initiatives, no candidate will be able to rely on their party alone. Republicans have already realized this. So, rather than sporadically dancing in celebration of their anticipated win, Republicans will treat their campaign as a constant battle, with no guarantees and no givens.


Joe Biden’s promises have hit roadblocks from within his own party. As the Democratic Party’s leader, he must bear some responsibility for McAuliffe’s defeat. But, as Obama famously said of his former running mate, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.” Democrats around the country are panicking, fearful of a red tsunami headed their way, and with nothing they can do to stop it.

Glenn Youngkin’s victory demonstrated that parents want to maintain control of their children’s education, and that independents and suburbanites are concerned about the economy and returning to normalcy. While many of those very same voters voted against Trump in 2020 for Biden, it wasn’t because of a great affinity for Biden, rather, it was because they disliked Trump. However, now that Trump is gone, the air is clearing, and things are returning to normal.

Democrats have embraced ideas such as “Defund the Police,” which was decisively rejected in Minneapolis by Black, white, Democratic, and Republican voters. This demonstrates that the majority of Americans are centrists who dislike radicalism on either side.

The Republican victory from the Virginia race is a referendum on education, critical race theory, school choice, and parental engagement in their children’s education. Democrats believe Blacks are concerned about these matters, but they are more concerned about poor education, which has hindered their children’s progress. McAuliffe did not receive Black votes because Black voters once again feel cheated by Democrats who have failed to deliver on their promises time and time again.

Another red flag for Democrats is the state of New Jersey, where the Democratic governor’s implementation of draconian mask laws and other regulations that have devastated small businesses is still up in the air.

Democrats are using their 2020 victory to try and fundamentally transform America with ultra-progressive ideas, but Americans are signaling that they aren’t interested in what Democrats are selling. Democrats have attempted the precise opposite of what Biden promised in terms of moderation. Instead, they’ve gone to extremes, focused solely on the interests of a small but loud segment of their base that is not even close to indicative of the entire country.

To a certain extent, Virginia, and even perhaps New Jersey, illustrate that Democrats are out of touch with the rest of the country. People are fed up with political correctness; they’re fed up with not being able to joke and laugh at comedians like Dave Chappelle for fear of being labeled a racist. They are sick and tired of feeling unable to speak openly and freely for fear of private censorship, isolation, and alienation. Finally, people are done with progressive governance. The people want something more, something other than what Biden and the Democrats are offering. This is only the beginning of the changes to come.

I predict that in 2022 Republicans will retake the House in significant numbers, placing more pressure on Biden’s progressive policies. I also feel the Senate’s balance is on a knife’s edge. It is now abundantly clear that Democrats will continue to fail if they persist in their endeavors to fundamentally alter our nation’s systems with progressive ideals and party politics.

Columnist; Armstrong Williams

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