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Remembering Our Fallen Sister At The Hands Of A White Soldier and Abandoned By The Black LGBT Community.

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( This is a story that the white mainstream media, the white LGBT and the United States Army does not want Black America, Black LGBT and the world to know about as they covered it up and gave little attention or importance to the death of a beautiful hard working black sister with strong ties to her black community and black LGBT friends and family. More so, this is a story of double standards, inequalities, convenience, injustices and bias that continues to affect the black communities and certainly exonerates the entire white community.

Our fallen Black Queen sister, caring, loving, passionate about life and about the rights of all human beings was a victim of the rage of a Pale Skin Demon of the west and an American Army ranger of the United States Army. This 26-year-old Neanderthal animal with a very small private part named Patrick Byne beat, sexually assaulted and killed our black sister with rage, malice, bias, prejudice, hatred and racism in his very demented mind, heart and soul. Who was our black sister taken away so soon from our black community? Well, she was a 41-year-old black female Denise Smith working as a security guard at a white owned office building and she died protecting an institution that represents the very image of the suspect.

While Denise Smith was working at that office building in downtown Tacoma, Washington as she has done for many years and proudly earning a honest living and a productive member of society not realizing that the very essence of her life will be taken away by a white savage animal. The murder of this innocent black woman occurred on July 18, 2021 at around 1:00 am in the early morning with the entire incident of the beating, sexual assault and murder caught on CCTV video. This Neanderthal savage white men named Patrick with his little penis trespass into the office building after hours and with no lawful business at that facility. He was approached in a very professional manner by Mrs. Denis Smith who was conducting her security guard duties and she informed him that the office building was close for business and that he had no legal or authorized reason and permit to be in the building. She further volunteer to walked him to the exit and called a taxi cab for him.

Apparently, those statements did not sit well with him and he felt that as a privileged white men in America that no black person has the right to tell him what and what not to do. Yes, and this is when this sick racist piece of shit white American demon went into his original primal form of a slave Master white supremacy cave dweller and responded to her request by immediately attacking, beating, raping and killing our sister.. This racist piece of shit of an American white soldier beat and stomped our black sister for over 10 minutes in the lobby of the office building while yelling racial epithets at our sister bleeding and fighting back for her life. As he continue the onslaught beating and pummeling the face of Denis Smith with his close hand fist and jumping on her chest, He then grabbed and dragged our black sister by her braids all over the floor lobby from one area of the building to another area where He then continue again to pummeled her into oblivion while laughing and calling her a nigger. This monster beat our sister for over ten minutes that was caught on the building security cameras in the same way that Geroge Floyd had a white demon put his nasty Neanderthal knees on his neck for over 8 minutes.

Now, why is it that this racist white American killer actions have not been paraded on social media, tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, and the white mainstream news media? Why is it that the Black LGBT community has not come out and say anything about this or show support for her and asked for the maximum justice in this case; Yet, when a black rapper or comedian makes a simple remark about the LGBT community, The white LGBT community gets angry and tells the Black LGBT community to do something and immediately the black LGBT attacks those black straight male rappers and comedians. So, those that mean that the black LGBT is control by the white LGBT mafia.

Where is the righteous outcry by black America, Black LGBT, Black Churches, Black soldiers, Black police officers, Black Doctors/nurses, Black attorney, Black college professors, Black security guards, Black Firefighters, Black Postal employees etc.. Why has not one single black organization revolt and seek revenge? I am certain that if the suspect had been a black men beating a white woman security guard, then it would have been on the front pages, radio, TV, mainstream media and the white LGBT would have come out to crucified the black man with the black LGBT as the lynch mob puppets. Indeed, the Black LGBT is controlled and manipulated by the white LGBT who knows that they are white first before they are LGBT.

As you can see, this white military piece of shit white supremacy came from the United States Armed Forces that is and was supposed to protect and served all American citizens regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation etc.. but as you can see that white army ranger is one of millions of white American soldiers and white civilians who are racist and killers hiding behind uniforms, badges waiting for the opportunity to end the life of a member of our African American community. Indeed, we are witnessing the true nature of a white men who may appear innocent but He is the most dangerous creature in the entire world because he has the ability to killed a minority and get away with it by claiming his white privilege of white supremacy and his fellow white comrades will support him as well as his fellow white LGBT community because they all understand that race comes first before anything else.

Now, to my fellow black LGBT community that hides behind the veil and bends the knee to white LGBT supremacy. Why have you not say or done anything about our sister Denis Smith who was a great supporter and friend of the LGBT community? why you continue to stay silent on this issue but the moment the white LGBT has a problem with a straight black men comments you immediately come to the defense of the white LGBT and your follow their orders by the letter but they do not react the same when a white straight men attack a black sister or a black LGBT. I am not sure if you are aware that even if you are LGBT you are still black and African American first and your loyalty is to your people in the same way that white LGBT loyalty is to the white or Caucasian community.

I have always wonder why is it that when you speak with a Hispanic, Asian and White LGBT member they always make sure to let everyone understand that before hand they are Hispanic, Asian and white first and then after that they are LGBT. On the other hand, when you speak to a black LGBT men or woman they remind everyone that they are LGBT first before they are black. This is quite interesting to see which tells me that the Willie Lynch system of dividing black people within each other is still alive and working. Well, it does not matter because when I see you my fellow Black LGBT community, I still love you first as a black men and black woman and it does not matter what lifestyle you choose as I and black America will still love you and see you as black people first and we will fight and support our black people first before we fight for any other organization or lifestyle. So please Black LGBT community do not turn your back on your straight black men and woman because we are a big family and we are fighting the same war against racism, prejudice, double standard, discrimination and systemic racism.

With that said, I hope to see our black LGBT community come together with the straight black community and fight together against any injustices against us as a people and never to allow people who do not look like us and suffered like us divide us and put us in a situation of mistrust and hate. Now, lets unite and seek justice for Denise Smith and all black people fallen victims to the demons of the west.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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