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About 84% Of African American Women will Never Get A Ring On The Fourth Finger Of Their Left Hand.

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( Yes, The powerful black African American Queen with all her wigs, hair extensions, fake nails, fake eyes lashes, big buttocks and queens of twerking in public places will never have any type of men proposed to her and she will never know how it feels to be called a Wife. Certainly, many black sisters don’t even know or understand the concept of been a girlfriend, a faithful, honest, respectful, obedient, submissive and cooperative woman which means that her qualifications for marriage material is at the bottom of the barrel..

Today, if you asked a black woman what is the size of her ring finger, she will immediately assumed that your are talking about the length of the hair extension she bought from an Asian owned beauty shop or she will assume your are talking about her long hyenas nail claws that she also purchase from an Asian nail saloon. Indeed, our African American sister are more concerned with putting other races hair on their head and spending the little money they have in stores that are owned by Asians who are selling black products for black people and yet do not support or give back to the black communities. Many of these Asian stores understand that black woman loves the fake hair and fake nails that’s so embedded psychologically in their brain and they do not realize that those delusional physical enhancement will never provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge to find and keep a husband or find any men that is willing to put a promise, engagement and wedding ring on their finger.

According to Black, a black website that provides information on issues pertaining to the black community, has clearly stated that over 84% of African American women in America are single, unmarried, unwed and with 5 to 10 kids with 5 to 10 different saggy pants wearing black men. These black women are the so called strong, independent, loud, cursing and yelling all day, blaming everyone for their loneliness, cheating, twerking in public places to include hospitals, restaurants, courthouse, grocery stores, pharmacies etc.. These unwed and unmarried woman are the ones who spend their rent money on a Brazilian and Indian hair and let their bastard children starved or give them cheap unhealthy food from fast food restaurants. These “lovely ladies” a term use by Attorney Dennis Spurling on his YouTube channel to referred to black women in general with no understanding of life and those who are quick to blame a black man for their problems and loneliness.

The United States statistics for marriage and diversities studies of relationships per race groups indicates that black American women’s display lower marriage rates than any other racial groups in America. it is estimated that about 77% of black women are single, 32% of Hispanic, 27% of white and 21% of Asian women are single. The difference is that these other ethnic group of females are single with no kids but the 77% of single black women have over 3 to 10 children with multiple men who did not and have never attempted to proposed to these single black women. In addition, African American woman have been categorized for having the highest number of sexual partners in one month than all the groups of female races put together.

In America the average black woman in her mid 20’s has a body count of 60 to 75 sexual partners which also include partners of the same gender. While the average Asian woman in her 20’s has only 1 to 2 partners or she is still a virgin. As black women aged they tend to have more sexual partners, booty calls and one night stand with individuals who will never see them as wife and neither will they put a ring on the finger of those lovely black ladies. A current African American woman in her late 30’s to early 40’s has already a body count of over 150 to 425 men that she has slept with and about 90% of those sexual encounters there was no use of condoms or birth control. While in other communities the average Hispanic, Asian, middle eastern woman in their 30’s to 40’s have been with less than 4 to 6 men and during those encounters there was the use of condoms and birth control pills.

Now, why do black woman have such a high count of sexual partners compare to other female races in America and compare to black woman from other countries. African American women for a long time have been oversexualized and raise by single mothers who themselves grew up in a home without a father figure and where she observed her mother worry more about hair and nails than teaching and educating her daughters on the values, dignity and respect to ones body. Black woman in America are more concerned with wearing Friesian horse hair on their head, Hyenas claws on their nails and exposing their buttocks to the world by twerking in public places that are not dance clubs. Indeed, our African American woman are the least desirable by any men in America and the world to be considered as a wife and or an exclusive girlfriend. So the question and the topic of discussion is Why?

African American women in America do not want a good man or a husband because they are always picking the garbage and the leftovers of the inner cities. A black woman will pass a good descent hard working black man or any other good men in order to be with a saggy pants, tattoos on the face, thug, gang banger, drug dealer, unemployed, parole, probations, drug addict, weed addicted negro who will never see her as a wife but he will see her as a good fuck for the night. Yes, that is what black women like, a good fuck and goodbye for the night until the following weekend and the more a black woman give her body away with ease to these losers the less desirable she becomes for the good brothers and other good men of other races who are looking for a wife.

Of course there are other reasons why nobody wants to married the African American woman in America and those issues include but are not limited to black woman been unfaithful, loud, disrespectful, confrontational, manly features and behaviors, promiscuous, to many kids with multiple thugs, argumentative, lack of submissiveness and cooperation, not proficient in the kitchen and lacking good cleaning habits and poor personal vaginal hygiene. The aforementioned is just a few of the reasons why so many African American woman do not qualify as wife material or exclusive girlfriends.. In previous articles, I gave a list of things that a black woman should do in order to be respected by any men and for her to have a man bend the knee and put a ring on her fourth finger of her left hand; so once again i will include this list to help my lovely black ladies so they will learn how simple it is to get a husband because other females from other races are following those steps and they are getting married in high numbers.

Dear African American sisters please learn and follow these simple steps and you will see changes in your life and good thing will come to those who follow rules. As Kevin Samuels as stated before on his YouTube channel ” A black woman should always be respectful, submissive, obedient, cooperative and provide peace of mind to her man”

1.Stop doing drugs or smoking weed
2. Stop drinking excessive alcohol and getting drunk in public
2. Stop twerking in public and private place such as restaurants, hospitals, work etc.,
3. Stop cheating
4. Stop having unprotected sex
5. Stop having one night stands with strangers, co-workers, neighbors, friends, cousins
6. Stop talking to old booty calls
7. Stop wearing things on your body that does not belong naturally to you.
8. Stop cursing profanity
9. Stop yelling and been loud in public and private places
10. Stop arguing and fighting in public and private places
12. Stop disrespecting your black man or any men
13. Stop putting tattoos on your face, neck, chest and legs.
14. Stop putting to many piercing on your face and lips
15. Stop talking and hanging around with thugs, gang members, drug dealers and drug users.
16. Stop sleeping with married men or men who are committed in another relationship.
17. Stop flirting with your female friend’s boyfriends
18. Stop having kids out of wedlock
19. Stop oversexualizing your body
20. Stop doing anything that will make you undesirable for any respectful men.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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