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Single Black Women Are The Ones Given Birth To Future Thugs, Criminals, Drug Dealers, Rappers And NBA/NFL Players.

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( The United States of America is the only country where you find black children been born in a home where there is no father figure, family structure, role model, alpha male and this rapid increase of nonmarital childbearing homes without a male figure lacks the necessary and basic concepts of employment, education, discipline, love, integrity, respect, honesty, responsibility, obedience and loyalty that creates a stable and stronger family structure. The single black family home lead by a single parent are the epidemic that is destroying the African American community. No other culture, race, ethnicity in America and around the world allows their women to have children out of wedlock and with multiple undesirable individuals that are incapable of been father figures and financially stable providers.

The rate of black babies born to single black mothers is at a staggering highest number that exceeds every other community combine together in America. According to the center for equal opportunity, over 45 % of births in the United States occur outside of marriage with 91% of those been from the African American community. indeed, a black woman in America has a higher chance of getting pregnant before marriage and given birth to an unwanted child without planning, consultation, health insurance, education, family support, financial stability and a husband. Why is it that in the United State of America there is a high rate of single black women given birth to children with multiple low class men without having a ring on their finger or been proposed to be a wife? Why do children born to a single black mother are more likely to become thugs, gang bangers, killers, pedophiles, drug addicts, drug dealers, a feminine, rappers, basketball/football players, hot temper, insecure and unable to handle their emotional instability pass down to them by their unwed, unmarried black mother’s who are sometimes called Queens and independent woman who claim not to need a men for anything.

The African American Community is in chaos and in dire need of repair, rehabilitation, re-organizations and psychological assistance. Our community is allowing black woman to raise children on their own without that male figure in the home to teach a boy how to be a man and teach a girl how to be a lady and what type of men to choose as boyfriends and husbands. The black woman in America have become the factory for making “Bastard Children” who in turn become The future gang bangers doing drive-by shootings killing other bastard children; The future rappers who become the instigators of violence with their rap music of death and destruction; The future athletes who spread STD’s and impregnate other single black queens who are bastard children themselves; The future drug dealers selling drugs to other black men and woman who also grew up in a home without a father figure; The future drug addicts who steals and robbed other bastard black neighbors in order to purchase drugs from drug dealers who are also bastards children. Certainly, the cycle of bastard children in the black community continues to grow and spread at the same speed and even faster than Covid-19 but this pandemic is not killing blacks fast enough as bastards black children are doing it better and faster.

The prison population in America is full of bastard black children who are now grown men/women who came from the magnificent home of a drama queen single black mother with fake hair, eyes lashes and nails who did not understand that she must be married with a ring on her finger given to her by a responsible and hard working man before having children; more so, all black women should not have sex or date random saggy pants dudes from the street, the neighborhood, cousins, friends whose only intentions is just to bust a nut inside a willing recipient and participant vagina; and surely the easiest woman to fuck in America is the black woman with a vagina that is always willing to accept the fluids of thugs, gang bangers, parolee, drug dealers, d rug addicts, unemployed, black criminals etc. inside of her and all the diseases and bastard kids that comes with that ejaculation. The reason why the African American community is in peril is because of these black bastard children who will become unstable emotional men unable to control their hot temper, emotions, sexual deviance, lack of self control, immaturity and constant pressure by their single mothers queens to be taken care off by any means necessary which is a pass down psychological behavior of single black mothers raised in single parent family homes.

Now, this is not an attack on our black sisters but a simple observation to bring attention to the problems we are having in our black community with our children who are born out of wedlock and becoming the super predators of our own community and making other communities judge all of us on the actions of the misfits. We have a problem that has been addressed dozens of times and yet black women and black men continue to make the same mistakes that are destroying all of us. it is already known that over 90% of incarcerated black men and woman came from a single black parent home, poverty, unemployment, lack of education and fatherless homes which is the cause of high crime in our community and by now we should all know that Crime has a direct co-relation and it is very proportionate to poverty, unemployment, lack of education and fatherless homes. Yes, it is true that over 98% of gang bangers and drug dealers are the result of black woman having unprotected sex with saggy pants wearing negros with no education, jobs, morals, love etc. and the negro walking away from her after finding out that she is pregnant.

With that said we need to have a serious conversation about the high rate of children been born to nonmarital black woman and the negative impact on our community when this women and sometimes teenagers decide to have unprotected sex with saggy pants men or any other men that is not willing to put a ring on her finger or be a father figure to the unwanted child. Statistically, a child that is born in a home to two parents is more likely to do far better than those who are born in a single parent home.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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