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African Americans Ordering Food Online And Over The Phone Are At Risk Of Food Poisoning.

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( Not new and not old! But Today is the right time for all African Americans to realize and understand that every time you decide to eat out, order food online, over phone or in person at a restaurant, coffee shop, and/or a fast food restaurant that is owned by a person, people, community and culture that does not look like, you, think like, suffered like you, oppress like, discriminated like you and neither do they represent, support, employed African Americans community then you are putting your life and that of your love ones in danger. What do i mean by such a harsh statement? The majority of non- blacks Americans dislike, hate and wish death upon African Americans for many reasons to include jealousy, envy, fear, disgust, anger and just plain racism etc.. and they will use and do anything in their power to erase, eradicate and make the African American race obsolete from the face of America.

Do you know what happens when your order food over the phone or online and they hear your black voice and you give them your black name? Well, I will make it easy for you to understand! Once, you open your mouth and the owner or employee at the restaurant realizes that you are a black caller or you give your black name of Laquisha, Jamal, Derek, Keysha etc.. they will immediately pass the word to the cook and the cook and his/her kitchen helpers will proceed to Spit, Urinate, Defecate, pour trash, toilet water, dust, sperm, gnats, and many more disgusting things on your food, beverages, deserts and even your utensils. Yes, this is what many Asian, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Middle Easterns, Armenian, Italian and white owned restaurants do to black customers without their knowledge.

These are issues that even the Food and Drug Administration are aware of but they could care less since they’re part of the problem with their systemic racism and bribery system were many restaurants located in the inner cities and owned by Whites, Asians, Italians, Armenians, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans and other racist people pay to play and receive a grade level “A” instead of grade “C” for these restaurants that are serving poison and garbage food to the African American community. These illegal, unethical and unlawful deals and behaviors have been going on for the last 20 years and in those 20 years the African Americans have suffered the most with poison, spoil and tainted food been the number one cause of medical and mental illnesses in the black community.

Now, lets talk about the Dominicans and Puerto Ricans who are the most racist people of the Hispanic community towards African Americans. These Dominicans not only do they hate and discriminate against African Americans and their own blacks in their county but they have taken their hatred to a higher level in which they spit, urinate, defecate on any food that is order by a black person and they also give out spoil and old rotten food that has been sitting for days in their freezers to African American customers without their consent and knowledge. This behavior of food tampering was pass down to them by white Americans and by Asian Americans who only wish to take all the wealth away from the black community and in return give death to black America. Now, if you think that Dominicans and Puerto Rican want any blacks in their restaurant then let me tell you a short story about the “Parsley Massacre” were the racist Dominicans went on a massive campaign of killing over 36,000 thousand blacks in Santo Doming within a span of one week.

The Parsley Massacre of 1937 in the former Island of “Hispaniola” currently known as Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) and Haiti. On October 2, 1937 The Racist Dominicans to include soldiers, civilians, police officers, men and women of all ages etc. went on a massive campaign of cleansing their territory of anybody and anything that was black in color and or of African descent in their country and on the Geographical border with the country of Haiti. These no good racist pieces of garbage men and woman for a period of one week committed genocide, murder, rape, lynching, decapitation of over “30,000 thousands” black men, woman, children elderly black Dominicans and blacks of Haitian descent. The horrendous massacre began on October 2 and ended on October 8, 1937 with no one been spare or left alive. These racist Dominicans used rifles, machetes, knives, shovels, rocks and bayonets to killed the black people living in the northwestern region of the country who had not done anything to them or to anyone in the country to deserved such brutal attack. The most disgusting thing done to the blacks was when the Racist Dominicans took the small black babies and children from their black parents and threw them in the air and caught them with bayonets as they fell to the ground; More so, these racist Dominicans went ahead and open the stomach of pregnant black woman and remove the unborn fetus from the womb while celebrating and chanting death to Negros.

Yes, this is part of critical race theory that white America refuses to teach to black people because the truth will open your eyes to really understand that African Americans are been set up for total extinction and to be replace by other race and cultures seeking refugee status in America. Of course, one of the ways of getting rid of all blacks is through the food poisoning and tampering that is strongly supported by the systemic racism of the FDA. Wake up Black America! Wake up again Black America, you should not be buying anything that is prepared by people who do not like you and wish you death and poverty. The food that is sold in the black community are cheap, low grade, contaminated, full of chemical, drugs and everything that has a negative impact on the behavior, mental and emotional stability of our black men and black women.

With that said, it is time for black people to start supporting black owned and operated restaurants, grocery stores, mini markets, coffee shops and more so it is time for all African Americans to start cooking at home and eating food that is prepared by your or by another trusted black person that will not poison or tamper with your food as other races do on a daily basis to African Americans. Yes, for those blacks that will still continue to purchase food at restaurants owned by racist people and other races, be aware that it is very easy to spit and ejaculate on a bowl of Grits and oatmeal which is the favorite food of negros. So the next time you order a bowl of Grits and or Oatmeal just remember that you are tasting the semen and saliva of the owner, cook and dishwasher’s body fluids.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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