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Another year of fighting the racism of low expectations.

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( As a whole, “blue-eyed liberals” are a despicable lot of narrow-minded bigots willfully ignorant of factual history who adhere to a strict regimen of low expectations for their Negros in order to feel good about their racist bigotry. This is precisely the reason persons such as myself frighten and offend them.

Persons such as myself are immune to their bigotry because we reason on a level beyond their ability. We understand that despite their best efforts to represent themselves as altruists, they’re nothing more than bigoted racists. They’re victims of their own inculcated stenotopic racism that’s bred and born out of what amounts to the industrial counterpart of probable cause, i.e., all persons they define as a crayon color must embrace some aspect of anger and penchant for revenge – unless said crayon color is sans sufficient melanin to be a black crayon, in which case the person(s) are expected to embrace guilt and sorrow.

The seminal fluid from which they were spawned is responsible for their transpicuous bigotry of low expectations for those persons psychologically imprisoned on their plantation of crayon colors, picking complaint juxtaposed to cotton.

This practice is like a person repeatedly flushing a clogged toilet. In brief, until the clog is removed the outcome with each flush remains the same, i.e., toilet water and human waste flooding the bathroom floor. But the pollution is not limited to the bathroom; very quickly it flows into the rest of the house, causing damage as it goes.

That analogy is consistent with what has been done to the minds and psyche of those who value being a black crayon and/or a minority as the sum of their self-worth and self-esteem.

This perfectly represents the crime that has been and continues to be perpetuated upon crayon people today. Low expectations have become the death sentence for self-improvement.

All conversations and encounters with the aforementioned liberals start with them considering themselves superior to the crayon they are interacting with. The fact they believe themselves superior is the reason they advance the mantra of guilt used as a weapon, used predominantly against true Christians and conservatives.

This behavior has been repeated successfully without interruption on a level consistent to drinking liquids to stay hydrated. The only change has been in weaponizing the practice against those who they determine are not using the right system of hydration.

To circumvent their personal racism, said liberals tell those such as myself that we do not understand how lucky and/or fortunate we are to have grown up outside of the environment they believe virtually every person that doesn’t look like them was raised. I have observed time and again their inability to conceal their hatred for persons such as myself who are not subject to their perception of how those they place in a crayon box should reason and behave. That is the height of the racism of low expectations.

Thanks to the efforts of those like the late W.E.B. du Bois et al., these neo-Leninists attack freethinkers such as myself as being ashamed of blah-blah-blah for not sharing their theology of aggrievement as a cosmological construct.

I was not raised to see myself as a crayon color. I was raised to see myself as a man and to contribute to life around me based upon a true biblical perspective, which has no part in the demonic social-justice construct. I wasn’t raised to believe America deprived me of things, and I wasn’t raised to believe America owed me special dispensation based upon a colorizing of skin. I wasn’t raised to view Americans as my enemy nor was I raised to believe they spent their waking hours plotting to do me harm. However, I have since learned that is exactly the practice of “blue-eyed liberals” and Marxists.

This is America, and I am a proud Christian and American. I refuse to submit to such demonic demagoguery, as should every single freethinking American. We’re not a nation of crayon colors; we’re a nation of Americans. Those who argue otherwise do so in the foolish effort to assuage their inculcated acceptance of being inferior, based upon the satanic mercantile of those who rely upon the fallacious construct of crayon skin colors to retain lordship over the willfully feeble-minded and to conceal the factual bigotry of liberals.

This is the hill I’ve purposed to plant my flag upon, because it is the hill by which I am able to share Jesus Christ and God-given natural freedoms that are not subject to diaper wearing degenerates like “Brandon” Biden and fear-mongers such as Fauci and the complicit media, along with all those who support the godless debauchery that pollutes society.

Columnist; Mychal Massie

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