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African American Churches Are Stealing Money From The Poorest Black Inner Cities.

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( We all understanding that in every black community there is over five thousand churches which are located every five to six blocks from each other and within them there is a liquor store every two blocks which are the same ongoing tools of systemic racism used against the poorest black communities in America. These African American churches; as well as, the liquor stores are social engineering created with the sole purpose to keep black people in a state of worship and drunkenness. The African American churches in America which are the foundation of white supremacy who gave us Christianity “The Religion of the Slaves” over 400 years ago and black men/women who worship this garbage are the ones been taking for a ride and their money given to these churches are under the control of the white men and the government but with a black pastor tap dancing to you and preaching the cave dweller celestial message.

Now, the main reason for this topic at hand is that for the last 53 years after the assassination of our great leader Martin Luthe King on April 4, 1968 in Memphis Tennessee where he was shot while staying at the Lorraine Motel and was still alive when He arrived at the hospital only to be suffocated by an FBI agent which was witness by a white nurse and a white Doctor who will years later confessed to what they witness but their story to be kept in a lock vault and hidden from black America with the help of the white mainstream media. Indeed, since 1968, all the African American churches switched from been pro-black movement and pro-revolution to laying in bed with the FBI and democrat party in order to prevent the birth of another black man with the same fire, dedication and defiant to resurface as a leader of the black community which will again threaten the white power structure and destabilized the country.

You have noticed that as a so called free black men/women walking down the street of the inner cities of America that there is always a black church every five (5) to ten (10) blocks and before you get to these black churches there is one (1) to three (3) liquor store every two blocks and the question is why? No other race or culture in America has churches and liquor stores in their community to such extent. You do not see it in the Asian, Middle-Eastern, Jewish, Armenians, Italians, Irish and white people communities or neighborhoods. Not at all, do you see these group of people allowing the government or any other group of people to come in their neighborhood and place liquor stores and churches in every block or every other block of their neighborhood; but the African Americans are the only ones who allow anyone and anything to open liquor stores that destroyed our youth with their fire water and cheap food; and the churches to brainwashed our people into following the religion of the slave “Christianity” which was used as a tool to control the black men/women during slavery and still been use to keep black people docile, pacified and never to raise their hands against the white men and its agenda of systemic racism.

Now, who is at fault for these ongoing madness? Well, it is us black people for allowing ourselves to be fool not once, not twice but over 400 times every year for over 400 years and it will not stop until we wake up and start paying attention to the simplest detail and those who look like us but are not with us. Of course, I am talking about the black pastors and black priest operating all these African American Churches in our community at the behest of the white government in order to keep up in check and never to allowed us to really see the truth that is in plain view. You may asked “what is this truth that you cannot see” and I will tell you that you see it and supported every day when you go to these black churches and you give or donate your little money that you have to these black churches, black pastors and black priest who then take that money and put it in a white owned bank with white employees and then give that same money as loans and grants to other white people and other races who have an account in that bank for which they use their loans and grants to open businesses, hire their family member, friends and other white people and thus far create generational wealth for their white children and then turn around and denied employment to black men and black women and to you knowing that the money came from your donation to your church who then gave your donation to the white men’s bank.

Are you listening black man and black woman! Your African American Churches are preaching, singing, teaching and bending the knee to a white religion of the slaves for which you call Christianity and you call yourself Christians while the black pastors and black priest called you a “Sucker Bible Thumper”, they take your hard earned money, donations, contributions and put that money in a white bank owned by racist white men who employees other racist white men and racist want to be white Hispanics and use your money to give it to other racist white men and other racist who are seeking loans and grants to open business, buy houses, buy cars and build things that you cannot build or owned by yourself. The black pastors also take your money to buy luxury cars, million dollar homes in white neighborhoods, take long vacations, expensive clothing and jewelry while they tell you to lived a simple life and prayed to a white God for good thing to come to those who prayed and wait. You may notice that some of my sentences seemed repetitive but there is a reason behind it since I want all my African Americans men and women to understand that we are doing this to ourselves and we need to wake up and starting paying attention and thinking before we do things in support of churches that do not have the best interest of our black community. These black pastors and black priest are stealing the little money and wealth that we have and they are using it to enrich themselves and to enriched the white men while our community is dying and in desperate need of repair and rehabilitation.

Every Sundays and even on weekdays allege free black people go to church to seek peace, advise, solutions, entertainment, wife, husband etc.,, but the only things you received is the same speech that many pastors have been given black people with no solution in the near future. While at these black churches you are told at the beginning to give to God and Jesus and at the end your are asked again to give what little you have to the church and that God will blessed you with love, faith and happiness; yet, black people go home to despair, poverty, unemployment and death by the hands of police officers or at the hands of other black thugs and criminals who were born to single mothers who themselves were born to single mothers as well. Black America we need to stop giving money to black churches who do not do anything for blacks and neither do they lived in our black community or put money in black banks.

In the United States of America there are over 21 African American banks and yet our black churches do not bank with them and neither do they put any money or redirect any churchgoers to put their money in black banks. The African American Churches have a combined NetWorth of over $14 million dollar a month which is over $168 million dollars a year and that money is not use to help our black youth to keep them out of gangs, crime and drugs; instead, all that money that poor inner-cities black people give to black churches goes to hands and control of white banks that are owned by racist and non racist white men and they in turn use that black money and wealth to invest in the endeavor and businesses of white people, Asian people. Middle Eastern people, Hispanics people, LGBT and now it will also be use to help the 65,000 thousand Afghan refugees living in America.

It is time for all African American worshipers of the Religion of the Slaves aka Christianity to stop giving your money away to black pastors and their black churches preaching the word of the Neanderthal cave dwellers who gave you their garbage religion as a tool to control you during slavery and they still controlling you via the use of the black pastors, black priest and black bourgeoisie who are enriching themselves every Sunday while you are still living poor and seeing your children and love ones been killed on a daily basis by other people and by our own people who are also brainwashed by the same Religion of the Slaves aka Christianity. Now, many of you sellout blacks and uncle toms will continue to give all your money and the money which you do not have to your black churches regardless if the pastors is living in a white Neighborhood and driving a luxury car using your donations but at least you can asked, demand and seek proof of your black churches putting your donations and contributions in African American owned banks. Remember, there are over 21 black banks in America and yet these black churches and mega black churches refuse to open accounts and deposit their money that they receive from black worshipers into these black banks.

With that said, it is time for African Americans to demand our black pastors, churches, mega churches to put the money you gave them as donations, contributions, payments etc.. in black banks and financial institutions that are owned by pro- blacks and employees black people with black managers and black accountants. If every black church in America put all their money in our black banks it will create opportunities for our black banks to invest in our communities by creating jobs, investing in property, building trade and vocational schools for our black children, building safe home for battered black women and black homeless people and it will free us from the dependency of racist white America but more so if all churches and all black people put their money in our black banks then we could build dozens of Black Wall Streets in every state where there is a black population.

Below you will find a list of African American owned banks but you as a free thinking black person must do your own research and verify each bank to make sure they are black owned and pro-black.

1. OneUnited Bank
2. Carver Federal Savings Bank
3. Liberty Bank
4. Industrial Bank
5. Citizens Trust Bank
6. Mechanics & Farmers Bank
7. First Independence Bank
8. GN Bank (Groupe Nduom)
9. Broadway Federal Bank
10. The Harbor Bank of Maryland
11. First Independence Bank
12. Citizens Savings Bank & Trust
13. Unity National Bank
14. Tri-State Bank of Memphis
15. United Bank of Philadelphia
16. Commonwealth National Bank
17. Carver State Bank
18. Metro Bank
19. Columbia Savings and Loans Association
20.Alamerica Bank.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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