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It’s Tax Season African Americans, So Who’s Doing Your Taxes.

( In about a month or two months every African Americans with a job, business, unemployed etc.. will received a W-2 form or 1099 form in order to file your taxes in 2022 and the million dollar question to my fellow African Americans is Who is doing your taxes?. Are you doing your taxes yourself which is a good idea that I recommend for everyone to do or are you hiring a CPA, tax preparer, accountant, firm or lawyers to do it for you. Yes, by now you know where I am going with these brother and sisters! Are you a proud black man and black woman, if so then all black everything, which means your tax preparer, accountant, lawyer, firm, public notary should be African American men/women taking care of your financial needs.

What do I mean by blacks taking care of blacks financial needs! Well, is vey simple, when a white men/women does their taxes they go to a white person; when Asian men and women do their taxes they go to an Asian person; when Hispanics do their taxes they go to a Hispanic person; when Middle-Easterns, Arabs, Muslim do their taxes they go to a Muslim person and so on for every other race. Yes, other races only allow their own people to do their taxes and financial investments. The Jewish community and the most powerful minority group in America only allow Jewish to handle their taxes, financial investments, business transactions and money management; Yet, again African Americans are the only minority group in America that goes to other races for their financial needs, Tax return filling, investments, consultations, banking etc.. and the question again is Why?

In America Asian men tell their women to only do their taxes with Asian CPA ” Certified Public Accountant” and or an Asian preparer who falls under the category of unlicensed tax professionals; The Hispanic men also tell their Hispanic women to only do business with an Hispanic CPA and Hispanic tax prepare; The Middle-Eastern, Arabs and Muslims do the same as well as white Americans who only allow their fellow Caucasians people to handle their taxes. Now, why can blacks, African Americans do the same and follow the steps of these other racial groups by only allowing our own people to take care of our taxes, investments, financial needs and investments. it is time for black America to wake up and follow the same behavior of the Asian, Jews, Hispanics, Arabs, Italians, Armenians etc.. who only allow their people to manage their financial portfolio.

Even, in other fields such as Health and education, the Asian men only allow their women and children to be seen by Asian doctors and white doctors. Hispanic men tell their women that if they go to a Hospital or clinic to asked for an Hispanic Doctor and not let a black doctor see or touch her and their children. Jewish men also tell their women to only see a Jewish doctor and not allow or see a black or Muslim doctor. Middle Eastern are the same they only want to see or be treated for their illness by another Middle-Easterns or Muslim doctors. Yet, when black men and black women go to a hospital or clinic you let any doctor of any race see you and treat you and your children regardless if the doctor is Racist. Why do you do that Black America?. We are now in the Year 2022 and African Americans are still sleeping and still loosing while everyone else is winning and making a mockery of the black community. The Asians, Hispanics, Armenians, Whites, Jewish, Muslims, Arabs, Middles-Easterns, Italians etc.,, are making money off the backs of black people and they are also making money during tax season every year from the stupid and naive African Americans who continue to go to this people for your yearly tax preparation, financial consultations, investments, banking, medical treatments and many thing more, while they do not come to you to give you money or anything but instead to take the little you have and then take it back to their communities for their financial advancement and generational wealth of their community and culture.

I am asking all my strong African American men and women that for this new year of 2022 that all of you should seek a black and or African American CPA, tax preparer to do your taxes in order to give them business which would then allow them to hire more of our black people who are college graduate with no jobs. I am asking that from January 15,2022 that all African Americans should only allow a black men/black women to prepared your yearly tax return and financial investment which will then created a stream of income that will cause the black dollar to circulate in our community four (4) to six (6) times instead of once as is been going on for the last 100 years. In addition, all proud and pro black men and women should request for a black Doctor and black nurse when ever we need to go to a hospital, emergency room, clinic, urgent care or routine visit, We should also hire black tutors and babysitters for our black children and we should hire and employee black people when ever we can in order to improve the current socio-economical status of the black community.

Of course, we have those house sellout negroes, uncle toms, whites and even Hispanics that may say that this is racist and divisive; but, I will tell them and tell you to look around in your neighborhood, community, city, state and you will notice that the majority of businesses are own by Asians, Hispanics, middle Easterns etc.. who hired their own people and you can see it in the nail saloon, beauty shops, carwashes, laundromats, car repair shops, fast food restaurants, construction, trucking, warehouses, taxi cabs, plumbing companies etc.. Yes, they own pretty much everything and they hire their own people, promote their own people and invest in their own people, promote the well being of their communities and generate enough wealth for their community to prevent that kind of madness that occurs in the African American community.. African Americans are incapable of been divisive and racist because they always want to kumbaya with everyone and as soon as a black men or black women open a business they proceed to hire every other race without discrimination. More so, African American do not have the power or the will to control, enslave or dominate any other race groups in America since black America does not control anything not even the NBA, NFL and music industry. Yes, it is true, the white men and Jewish men control those sports games and the latter ( Rap music) is controlled by the Jews. It amazes me to see that the things that black people created are control by other groups of people and where the sports is dominated by 75% of black players and yet they do not own or control it.

Just to go off topic for a minute, Please black America do not thank God or Allah or Jehovah witness for anything because they will give you nothing. The white Americans, Asians and Hispanics do not thank God everyday for anything and neither do they prayed for anything and yet they get everything and they are doing better than those African Americans who are constantly praying, begging and thanking God for things to come and things that do not come to you. If white people believe and fear a so called White God then they will not be doing the things they have been doing to African Americans for the last 400 years. In addition, if you are African American asking the government for help then do not use the words minority/minorities because those words includes: white women, Asians, Latinos/Hispanics, Middle-Easterns, Pacific Islanders, Native Americans and then last African Americans which means what ever the minorities received it will be split among the aforementioned starting with white women receiving the most and following that descending order which leaves us African Americans at the bottom or the last ones to get what ever is left which is usually, Nothing.

With that said. I asked African Americans to wake up and start supporting our black CPA’s, Tax Preparers, Financial Advisors, Black Doctors, Black Nurses, Black mechanics, Black Plumbers etc.. and start doing business with blacks and demanding for blacks to take care of you and your love ones at the hospitals, clinics and everywhere else because other races in America demand for their own people to take care of them and they demand not to have a black or African American taking care of them with the exception of taking your money and wealth away from you and away from the African American community.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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