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The Right Internet Search Engines Based On Your Race, Culture and Beliefs.

(Akiit.com) We have all heard of Google, Yahoo. Bing and AOLs search engines for the internet which are the major leading websites that provide all types of services to consumers worldwide. Yet, there are more than 20 search engines websites that provide similar and even better service than the leading brands that are currently been blocked and limited in their services to American consumers of the world wide web. These search engines includes: Ecosia.com; Dogpile.com; Startpage.com; Yandex.com; Swisscows.com; DuckDuckGo.com; Qwant.com; Yippy.com; Lycos. com; Wolfram Alpha.com; Atla Vista.com; Excite.com; WebCrawler.com; Naver.com; MetaGer.com; GigaBlast.com Mojeek.com; HotBot.com; and Searx. com which are available to all American Citizens and Residents.

Many of these Search Engine Websites caters to particular groups of people such as Alta Vista for Hispanics; DogPile for animal owners and lovers; DuckDuckGo for introverts, individuals seeking privacy and LGBT; Yippy for country folks; and Ecosia for farmers, climate change supporters and those who love the environment. But, What about the main brands such as Google and Bing who have pushed all the little guys to the side and via their algorithm preventing the smaller search engine websites from been notice by the common person seeking a better option for his/her/non binary internet needs. Bing search engine with a long history of blocking everything that does not conform with their ultra right agenda and more so their dedication to blocking anything positive about the must oppress communities that include African Americans, Native Americans and LGBT; Yet, spreading misinformation and given priority to companies and individuals with websites that demonizes and dehumanized the poorest communities in Peril.

Secondly, we have Google the monster giant of corruption, white supremacy, homophobia and right hand supporters of the ultra right, proud boys, boogaloo’s and systemic racism. Google is very quick to block articles, books, companies, non profit organizations that promote black empowerment, black unification and black self determination. Google; as well as; Bing search engines will do everything in their power to blocked, neutralized, erased, eliminated any type of written material that addresses the struggles of poor communities and they will go above and beyond to eradicate any information written by black scholars, psychologist, free lance reporters that provide positive information with factual data that will point out the wrongs been done today to black America; More so, these major internet giants are quick to render obsolete any topics that promote black generational wealth and black unity among the poorest inner cities in America. Let’s not forget that Google and Bing also promote the violence and division among each racial group in America not only based on race but on religion and sexual orientation. Google and Bing will make available all the negative video, websites, reports that promotes death and destruction in the African American community but they will blocked anything that promotes education, employment, love, harmony, peace, empowerment, generational wealth to the ears and eyes of the African American and Native American communities.

Now, Lets shortly talk about and old monster of Yahoo and AOLs search engines. These two are vey old and been in the business for quite some time with AOL. com been the grandfather of all search engines but blinded by their lack of community support and not moving forward with the changing of time. AOL. com a power house of the old days have now become pretty much obsolete for the young generation of Americans who spent half of their time on social media been brainwashed by the lies of the elite. Indeed, AOL has its flaws in becoming tunnel vision and ignoring the needs of each community and not taking advantage in dedicating their business to accommodate those groups for the survival of their company. AOL is like the person who sees a crime but refuses to admit that they witness it but instead just keep looking at the ground and pretending to be blind.

Well, here comes Yahoo.com a quite competitive search engine second to Google or in third position following Bing; but, Yahoo is no longer friend of the community but instead they have deviated into becoming a snake in the shadows laying in bed with everyone but lying to everyone and believing their own lies while hoping that everyone will believe in their lies and deceptions. Yahoo.com is no longer friends of black America, Native America, black LGBT and Muslim America but instead they are the vessel of racism, double standard, prejudice, bias and masters of hiding the truth from the world and from those poorest communities that are at peril of destruction for which we all know as the African American Communities and Native American communities. Yes, it is True, Yahoo.com has completely abandoned the black community in the same way that Bing and Google the collaborators of systemic racism and white supremacy who have which death to black men, black women, black children, black LGBT, black disable, and black veterans from the very beginning.

With that said, I am going to introduce the only internet search engines for the African American and Nativa American Communities that have suffered the most in this so called great nation of America. These three (3) Websites/ Internet search engines are non-bias, neutral, open minded and with a strong belief in freedom of speech for the most disadvantage and oppress. They provide a platform for you to speak, upload, write, published anything that will help and benefit your community and bring knowledge and education to those who seek the truth. The first one that ranks #1 for their code of conduct and standards is Mojeek.com, an internet website search engine that provides the only privacy oriented web search in the entire world without censorship and a platform for freedom and independency from all other websites.

Yes, Mojeek is the solution and the way out for African Americans to communicate in a safe space in order to promote education at HBCU’S, banking in black banks, investing in black communities, employing black people, stopping the gang violence and drugs that is plaguing the inner cities; more so, a safe place from racist white supremacy and systemic racism. Secondly, we have Startpage.com another alternative internet search engine for Native Americans and African Americans providing a way out to get your struggles to come to light and for the rest of the world to know what its happening to your community. Last but not least, we have Yandex.com the Russian base website which is the biggest competitor and challenger to Google and who does not side with anyone but only with the truth. Yandex is another alternative for African Americans to communicate in the creation of a Black Wall Street like it was done in the past prior to all of them been destroyed by racist white American men.

So now, you know Black America you have Mojeek.com, Startpage.com, and Yandex.com to use as your new platform for the internet search engine and to be used as your new tool in bringing back a positive view of our community and the rehabilitation of our youth with the help of these websites to promote education, cooperation, generational wealth, employment, family values, integrity and honesty. It is time to improve the image of black America by using the three website platforms mentioned above which are they key to Black America’s freedom, so take it, it is yours. You may not want to do it for yourself but at least do it for someone you care for or better yet do it for Marting Luther King and Malcom x, two black leaders that fought for black freedom and independence and if they had those three search engines of Mojeek.com Startpage.com . and Yandex.com then Black America would have been free and financially independent from the tyranny of racist white America.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

One may contact this brother at; islam4infinity@yahoo.com.

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