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Why Did Law Enforcement Officers Took Gruesome Pictures of Koby Bryant’s Dead Body.

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( Here we go again with police officers, Deputy Sheriff, US Marshalls, Troopers, Constables that fall in the category of Law Enforcement Officers who are task with the duties of enforcing local, state and federal laws of the country and with the discretion of using the spirit or letter of the law. More so, “to provide for public safety by maintaining order, responding to emergencies, protecting people and property”. Yet, many of these officers wearing the uniform, badge and guns have join or taking such a respectful and honorable job in order to tarnish the reputation of law enforcement, to kill innocent civilians based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and or to seek revenge for things that happen to them in the past or to spread racisms, bias, prejudice, discrimination, division and hatred onto others who do not look and share similar beliefs.

Law enforcement officers are supposed to enforce criminal, vehicle laws without bias, promoted good relationships with the community they served; identify, pursue, detain, investigate, arrest individuals committing crimes and breaking the law of the land; Assist in medical emergencies, provide aid, assistance and support to those in need and respect victims who have succumb to their injuries. Yet, we have officers who refuse to follow their own rules and the laws of their state and instead violate the sanctity of a crime scene and the body of a victim without respect to the victims grieving families.

What is the purpose of this article? Simple, to bring attention and tried to understand why will a Law enforcement officer take a picture of a victims dead body private area in order to keep it for himself and share it with other officers. Yes, I am Talking about the Deputy Sherriff in Los Angeles, California who decided that it will be funny and hilarious to take a picture of Koby Bryant groin area and share it with colleagues, friends, family members and strangers at bars and restaurants. Indeed, this piece of garbage officer of the law made a mockery and paraded the pictures of a dead man burnt penis for his own personal insecurities and sadistic bias mind. We all understand that in the United States of America over 70% of White men and those who think they are White are infected with the disease of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear and the shortcomings of having a small private part, which is the reason why they do things and say things to people who do not look like them or support their agenda of systemic bias and racism.

If you are an athlete, fan or the common men or women in America then you have heard and know of Koby Bryant, his wife Vanessa Bryant and their lovely children. Koby Bryant was a good man, a good friend, good co-worker, good neighbor, good business man and family oriented who lost his life alongside his daughter and seven other friends and colleagues in a tragic helicopter crash due to weather conditions. Koby Bryant a basketball icon, investor, role model, father, husband, retired NBA basketball player who spoke very eloquent in all his interviews and who carried himself as a respectable men in our American society was defiled, insulted, humiliated and laugh at while laying dead inside a burnt helicopter wreckage by a racist deputy sheriff infected with the disease of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear and the shortcomings of having a small penis. This deputy in his own sick mind thought it will a great idea to take pictures of Koby Bryant’s dead body and groin areas and then use those pictures to brag about been at the scene of the crime and parade the pictures to complete strangers and fellow deputies of his Sherriff department. So the question is Why?

Why do white men and Coconut men aka Hispanic men who think and act white are constantly infatuated with the bodies of black men, the size of the black men’s penis and why do they live in fear and envy of a black man? It does not make any sense to me as a man and neither should it make any sense to a woman. Most black men in America are financially broken and there is less than (1%) one percent of black men that are doing financially well; Yet, a white man or a Coconut man who is doing good in America with a Job, Career, beautiful wife and children will go around hating and envying all black men over what! The image of an Alpha male, the strength of a black man, the Stamina of black man, the resilience of a black man, the black man well endowed private part or Phallus, the black man high pain tolerance, the black man ability to dance and sing rap music of death and destruction, the black man ability to get any women he wants without having a job or education, or the black man beautiful skin, height, appearance etc.,, What is it that bothers white men so much to the point that even other cultures are noticing the madness of white men in America. How can a successful white men envy a poor black man over the size of his penis? How can a white woman and a Hispanic woman tolerate the men’s of their race having envy, jealousy and fear of a black man based on his well endowed size.?

These are questions that need to be answered and for a topic of discussion between females of other races with the men’s of their race and culture; as well as, with other females in order to find out what is the insecurity and state of mind of white men and Hispanic men who come across as insecure, jealous, afraid, intimidate and anxiety while in the presence of a black man and when a black men is dating a women from their Hispanic, white and Asian race.
Now, just to go off topic for this message to get across to everyone; On or about November 2021 on Halloween day, an off duty police officer later identified as Louis Santiago was driven his personal vehicle near Garden State Parkway in New Jersey when he suddenly struck a pedestrian later identified as full time Register Nurse Damyan Dynka with his car. Officer Santiago exited his vehicle and placed Nurse Damyan Dynka in the back seat and drove the badly injured victim around for (2) two hours without calling 911, rendering aid or taking him to the nearest hospital; instead, officer Santiago took the body of Dynka home in order to seek help in burying the body in the backyard of his mothers house. But, Santiago’s mother told him instead ” to put the body back where you hit it’ Officer Santiago obliged to his mother request and took Dynka’s body back to the spot after over two hours of driving and lay him down in the same spot and then pretended to give first aid. Yes, a police officer did this knowing it was illegal and a crime against all city, state and federal laws.

Lets not forget about Sergeant Christopher Pullease, a male white police officer from Sunrise police department in Florida was caught on video choking a female white police officer after she tried to stop him from assaulting a black motorist in order to prevent another George Floyd incident and civil unrest riots. This white man piece of garbage of a man and a police officer felt that a woman did not have a right to stop him from wrongfully killing, beating, punching and pepper spraying a black man. As you can see this behavior is widespread among white men who are police officers and who have always have this belief that a woman should not be allow to vote, work as police officers, join the military to serve her country and neither have the right to make and receive equal pay doing the same type of job that men do.

Indeed, white American men are infected with the disease of madness, insanity, insecurity fear and the shortcoming of having a small penis that caused them to even go against their own white women of their community that do not know their place in a white men’s world. Obviously, we have severe issues in each police department nationwide and the only way to solve it is by getting rid of the bad apples, crocked, corrupt and racist officers because all it takes is one bad officer to give the entire department a bad reputations and the same applies to each racial group in America if a black person commits a crime then all black men get blame and label for the crime of one bad negro. If a Hispanic enters the country illegally and rapes a woman then all Hispanic men in America get label as rapist. The only difference is that no one protects the blacks and Hispanics but the dirty white cops get protected by all white America and by crocked judges, district attorneys and politicians.

With that said, we need justice for Koby Bryant and peace of mind for his beloved widow Vanessa Bryant and their children who had to see and hear of a dirty Deputy Sheriff taking pictures of the gruesome crash scene and the taking of a close up picture of Koby Bryant private groin area. Indeed, we need a topic of conversation into why there is a fascinations of the black men’s well endowed areas by insecure and racist white men and Coconuts who are the ones who become law enforcement officers and correctional officers.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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