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Stop Shedding Blood & Tears For America’s Support of Ukraine.

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( America the Great! is about to be involved in a war that will only result in the destruction of many countries, death of millions of innocent civilians and the collapsed of social order. This war is the war of all wars between the greatest superpowers in the world which are the United States of America and Russia formerly known as the Soviet Union. Yet, we continue to forget about the sleeping giant of China with great ties to Russia and with their pride and integrity of never bending the knee to white American imperialism and colonialism.

We are about to see Space Cadet President Biden who loves touching little girls shoulder, smelling their hair and whispering questionable innuendos into the ears of these blue eyes and blond hair children; engage in war with a super power that has an equal amount of nuclear weapons and cyberwarfare technologies which is equal and even superior to that of white America. Biden alongside happy feet Karmala ” who love black phallus but hates black men” are both going to send American soldiers to their deaths and are going to cause American cities to be obliterated into extinction. White America does not care for the well being of his own citizens in America, for you or me; therefore, how can they care about the Ukrainian people whose government is expecting for America to save them from what?. indeed, Russia has every right to protect their borders from the onslaught of Americans and European government and military industrial complex pushing troops, weapons and missiles closer and closer to the border with Russia which certainly violated their sovereignty.


My fellow Americans how will you feel if Russia, China and Iran proceeded to put troops, weapons, missiles and cyber warfare technologies in the Countries of Mexico and Canada that border our great racist nation of America. Certainly, every white person in America will be angry, afraid, nervous and upset that a foreign county is putting military assets close and near the United States border. Well, guest what America! The United States of America has been doing this for the last 45 years to the borders of Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and China. In fact, the corrupt and racist government of America has been provoking and creating chaos in the aforementioned countries by increasingly placing sanctions, embargo’s on these countries that refuse to bend the knee and bow down to the racist imperialistic, colonization and geo-political agenda of racist white America on these countries.

Now, for those retarded white Americans and non whites who believed that America can and will defeat Russia, China and Iran, then you better sit down and grabbed a cup of coffee because I am going to give you a couple of reason why America is doomed and will collapsed upon initiating a war with those countries. First Scenario, America was involved in a war for over 20 years in Afghanistan against a people called the “Taliban” in short these people were poor men from poor tribes in Pakistan and Afghanistan with less than a third grade education walking around with a towel wrap around their head, a skirt with no underwear, sandals, an AK-47, RPG’s and a few improvised explosive devices. These Taliban people had an ideology to never surrender, bow down, bend the knee and be colonized by a foreign European and American white power; more so, they fought the Racist white American military with barely nothing compare to the super power and advanced technology of America. The Taliban did not have an air force, navy, armor brigade, cyberwarfare, missile defense system and yet they were able to fight and fight the super power of America and force white America to give ground and eventually leave their country. Yes, a rag dog group of people with no soap and water defeated the mightiest country in the world.

Secondly, the Vietnam war were over 1 million north Vietnamese/Vietcom soldiers, 200k thousand south Vietnamese soldiers, 2 million civilians and over 58k thousands American soldiers died in this war including tens of thousand of minorities for which racist white America refused to acknowledge. Before, the Vietnam war which came after the false flag of the Bay of Tonkin incident which was an American fabricated international incident leading to the disastrous Vietnam war provoked by racist, imperialism and colonization minds of white American people who told the world that they were going to fight an enemy that was weak, ill equipped, un-trained, starving, barefooted, dirty and that the war would be over in 6 months. Well, reality came knocking at the doors of American politicians and military commanders when they observed and witness the ferocity of these little people with tiny private parts fighting to the death for their ideological beliefs of never surrendering and bending the knee to white supremacy. The United States of America had over 26 battleships, 4 aircraft carriers, 7 sub-marines with one of them been armed with an atomic bomb and or nuclear ballistic missiles and hundreds of thousands of soldiers well equipped fighting the little people of Vietnam and yet white America were force to withdraw in shame unable to defeat a weaker less equipped third world nation. Yes. America lost that war even though, they dropped more bombs on the north Vietnamese people that all the other wars combine together.

Of course, I am not trying to insult the few good soldiers who believed they were fighting for a good and just cause but I am trying to open your eyes and make you understand that if America was unable to defeat these third world countries then how in the hell will America be able to defeat another super power such as Russia, China and Iran who have nuclear weapons and a pact of non aggression and protection that states that if any of them is attack by Racist white America and any other European country that they will come to the aid of each other. Dear white America and creepy joe Biden do not send innocent Americans to fight your dirty wars of money, geo-political control and imperialism agenda because you will be sending your American troops to their deaths and condemning American cities to their destruction. The Russian Federation is a powerful proud and nationalistic Nation that does not want war but they will protect their border and their nation from Ukrainian incursion, the bullies like America and England which is their right to do so. Russian has the same and even better war capabilities and they are going to put up a better fight than the Taliban and the Vietcong who didn’t have nuclear weapons.

Now, My message to my fellow black American civilians and soldiers, “Let this racist angry white Americans with their small private parts fight their own fucking war” Do not fight in support of Racist White America because they do not give a fucks about you and they will never considered you equal to them or a human being. If you are current black American soldier then I will asked you not to fight for racist white America against other white people because in the end you are still black and neither of them gives a fuck about you , your families, your community etc.. if you are thinking about joining the military then you are as crazy as the angry racist white man with small penis. Black American men and women you have served and die for this country and yet they still call you nigger, they still call the police on you for walking down the street in their neighborhoods, they denied you jobs, loans and business opportunities, they lied on you and they killed your love ones and yet you continue to vote and join the army, marines, air force and navy. Please black America stop fighting for a racist country that does not care for you, respect you, looks like you, suffers like and endure the 400 years of racial inequalities, racism, bias, discrimination, lynching, police brutality and the most dangerous thing that black people face in America is the onslaught of the Karen’s and she devils who are constantly lying on black men and black women.

African Americans you served in the military and yet white people called you criminals, niggers, lazy, super predator and when you try to proved them otherwise they still call you a super predator, lazy, nigger, criminals etc.. You go to war and served your 8 year term contract but once you come home they refuse to give you jobs, loans, and business opportunities; So, why do you continue to served a country that those not see you and accept you as a human being in America and why is it that there is so many black veterans living on the streets with no jobs, housing, education and the American government refuses to address this issue and lend assistance to these African American men and women who have served this country and yet continue to served this country that those not give a fucks about a negro. Yes, regardless if you are an educated, well spoken, dress properly and served in the military, you are indeed still a negro in the eyes of Racist white America.

With that said, Black America is time to separate and distant ourselves from Racist white America since they wish death upon us and our children and they will never allow us to be equal and become prosperous as them; therefore, we should let the racist white men fight is own war with his fellow white men against other white men. Remember during the Vietnam war blacks were fighting two wars, a war against the Vietcong and another against the racist white soldiers who were firing pop shots at blacks in the front lines. More so. lets not forget the separation of blacks eating last and getting the left over food of the white soldiers that will usually spit, urinate and defecate in the food and water of the black soldiers. We as black people were doing better during segregation which gave us all the black wall streets and the rise of economical black power prior to all of them been destroyed, burnt, and stolen at the hands of angry racist white men with small penis.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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