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Joe Biden Has Much to Answer for in First State of the Union.

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( President Biden has a lot to answer for when he gives his State of the Union speech. While he will no doubt attempt to cover for his awful performance, let’s not lose sight of the disrepair that the decrepit Biden administration has foisted upon America, and the world.

While Trump, in his inimitable fashion, was President he built brushfires of freedom everywhere. He took on the uni-party, establishment class of both political parties.

Joe Biden is determined to extinguish those brushfires of freedom which are yet rejuvenating the morale of everyday Americans, and inspiring freedom movements around the world.

Joe Biden has tried to douse each of those America First fires. As a result, he is held in derision by most Americans, and viewed as a laughing stock elsewhere.

Biden hates the unborn and restored U.S. taxpayer funding for abortions performed internationally.

The most pro-life president ever, Trump had stopped that pernicious practice.

Biden destroyed border security just as he promised during his campaign. As a result, more than 2 million illegal aliens entered our country last year from more than 140 nations.

joe biden state of the union

Trump had brought the border under operational control.

Biden and his Leftist minions in Congress continue to advocate to defund police and release violent criminals into our cities resulting in record highs in violent crime.

Trump and his supporters consistently backed the blue resulting in lower crime rates.

Biden and his congressional cronies have given America the highest inflation rate in 40 years, and incentivized Americans to stay home instead of working.

Trump gave us the best economy in decades. More Americans were employed than anytime in recorded history, and real wages increased, all while keeping inflation in check.

Biden and company continue to try to centralize elections in Washington, D.C. while legalizing fraud-facilitating practices.

Trump and his supporters want to restore trust in our elections by protecting state authority over our elections and making it hard to cheat.

Biden emasculated our energy industry by outlawing exploration, development, and production of the world’s richest energy fields. This has resulted in higher prices across the board for Americans while empowering foreign, dirty energy producers such as Russia and OPEC.

Under Trump, America became energy independent. Our independence produced a power projection that gave the United States leverage around the world and kept prices low at home.

Biden handed U.S. armaments and an entire country–Afghanistan–to terrorists. He made it easier for international aggressors, like Russia, North Korea, Iran, and China, to pursue their goals.

President Trump kept Putin and Xi Jinping in check. He starved Iran’s nuclear ambitions and stifled North Korea’s objectives. He brought stability to the Middle East through the Abraham Accords.

Biden renewed the New Start Treaty without additional restrictions on Russia’s nuclear arsenal modernization, lifted sanctions on Putin, and green lighted the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that the White House dubs a “cash cow” for Russia.  Europe became more dependent on Russia while providing Putin with much needed cash. One year of the Biden term, one war.

Trump held Putin in check by making the U.S. energy independent. We exported natural gas which lowered the international cost of gas and resulted in a two-fold benefit: lower energy costs and consumer costs for Americans, while constraining Russian adventurism. Four years, no wars.

Biden has wreaked so much havoc on America in just one year that his State of the Union address should focus on telling us how he is going to fix the problems he has caused. This isn’t likely.

Biden’s speech will undoubtedly be one of misdirection and misinformation. He will try to distract us from the mess he and his Leftist allies have made. He will deflect. And, dissembling about his dismal record, is one more thing Biden will ultimately have to answer for.

Columnist; Congressman Andy Biggs

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