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A White Bank Manager At A White Bank Called The Police On A Black Bank Customer.

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( Well, Here we go again with Racist White American men infected with the disease of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear and the shortcomings of having small private parts calling the police on African American bank customers because of their skin color and intimidating appearance, Yes, I am talking about the latest incidents involving African American men and women been targeted by bias, prejudice and racist bank employees and managers who for years have partaking in the detriment and destructions of black America with their constant assumptions and judgmental views towards their black bank customers.

Indeed, these Neanderthal cave dwellers bank managers and “Coconuts” aka (Hispanics who think they are white), only see black people in America as criminals, super predators, drug addict/dealers and less of a human being; Even though, the majority of their bank customers are black people who work and have good paying jobs, careers, college degree etc.. it never fails when white people are scared they justified their fear by calling the police on a black person and telling the responding police officers that they fear for their life because the check handed over by the black bank customers did not have a signature, date or name. But this was not the case with Mr. Almond Brewer a black man with dreadlocks, tattoos on his body and a retired black athlete, who went to Pinal County Federal Credit Union in Arizona to cashed a personal check given to him by a white woman who had purchase a boat from him.

Mr. Almond Brewer

While waiting for his check to be cashed in the amount of $3,200 dollars, the bank manager, a Neanderthal cave dweller proceeded to call 911 emergency response and told the dispatcher operator that there was a questionable black man in the lobby trying to cashed a fake check. While the police was En-route the bank manager finally got a confirmation that the check was good and yet failed to notify the arriving police officers and instead allow the “Race Soldiers” aka white police officers to draw their gun and put Mr. Brewer in handcuffed. Mr. Brewer had explained to the bank teller, bank manager and the police about the check been acquired during a sale transaction with a ” She Devil” aka a white woman who had purchase his boat using the Facebook Marketplace social media app. Yet, Mr. Brewer was kept in handcuffed and treated in the same way that our forefathers were treated during slavery.

The aforementioned incident is just one of hundred of thousands of incidents occurring in the United States of America for the last 400 years where black bank customers are always perceived as bank robbers, thief, scammers, etc.. And the police been called in every instance even if the black bank customers signs his/her check with a blue pen instead of a black pen. Now, we should all remember the incident involving the Director of the Black Panther association Ryan Coogler who had a gun pointed at his back by a police officer while standing at a teller window of Bank of America to withdraw some money from his own bank account after the white bank manager called the police on him because he was withdrawing a large amount of money from his own bank of America checking account. The racist white manager felt that it was impossible for a black man to have such amount of money after been advised by a racist teller that Mr. Coogler was trying to robbed the bank because he filled out a withdrawal slip with his name, account number and the sum of $12,000 dollar for which He was withdrawing from his personal account.

Mr. Coogler was put in handcuffed and escorted out of the bank and place in a patrol vehicle, his family members and friends who were waiting for him outside in a vehicle were also detained and place in handcuffed like animals and treated in the same way that slaves were treated like animals and less of a human being. These officers didn’t know better since they were responding to a call from another racist white person and they had to act and enforce the laws of the racist white American Judicial system by agreeing and assuming that all African Americans are criminals regardless if they have a college degree, well spoken, jobs, career, military background, veterans, doctors nurses, professors, teachers, mail carriers etc.. How many times do incidents like this have to happen for black American and all African Americans to wake up and understand that no matter how good of a person and law abiding citizen you are in this country; white America, The white men and the white women will always see you as a threat to them regardless if you are wearing an European dress, suits and tie

Black America and my fellow African Americans, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latinos we have over 21 African American Banks in the United States of America for us by us. In Addition, we also have over 100 HBCU’s Historically black colleges and universities by us for us; Therefore, there should be no need for any proud black men and black women to put your hard earned money in a white bank and or send your children to a predominant white college also known as PWI’s. It is time for all African Americans, blacks, ADOS’s to start separating from those racist white Americans and other ethnic groups who are as racist as the white men towards our black communities and who wishes us death and destruction. We need to begin a new era of doing things for us by us. Black America put your money in black banks and send your black children to black private schools and black colleges and universities. Again, below you will find a list of African American owned banks that will never call the police on you for being black, having dreadlocks and or tattoos.

1. OneUnited Bank
2. Carver Federal Savings Bank
3. Liberty Bank
4. Industrial Bank
5. Citizens Trust Bank
6. Mechanics & Farmers Bank
7. First Independence Bank
8. GN Bank (Groupe Nduom)
9. Broadway Federal Bank
10. The Harbor Bank of Maryland
11. First Independence Bank
12. Citizens Savings Bank & Trust
13. Unity National Bank
14. Tri-State Bank of Memphis
15. United Bank of Philadelphia
16. Commonwealth National Bank
17. Carver State Bank
18. Metro Bank
19. Columbia Savings and Loans Association
20. Alamerica Bank.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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