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The Truth About Marijuana (Weed).

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( It’s Not Harmless And You Have Been Lied To.

Jonathan Harris is a 40 year old African-American male who has lung and throat cancer. He also has birth defects because his mother smoked marijuana during her pregnancy. She didn’t believe the reports on the dangers of marijuana. I had the opportunity to interview Jonathan for 2 hours and what he shared with me was heartbreaking. He said he knew his cancer was avoidable. He told me he had always been led to believe that “smoking weed” was harmless and “no big deal”. He said he did not believe the research and that all of his friends smoked. He said he needed the high in order to help him deal with life. Once upon a time Jonathan even believed the effects of marijuana would never happen to him. Now he knows he was wrong but there is no turning back the hands of time – it’s too late.

Today weed/pot smoking is rampant in our community and you probably know someone who does it on a regular basis. Legislators are even trying to get Marijuana legalized for recreational use. Mostly everyone who smokes “weed” is under the impression that the mistaken illusion that it is a harmless, victimless high. BUT THAT IS NOT TRUE and this article will give you the facts to share with others. This article will address the addiction, the deadly chemicals in “street weed”, the short-term and long-term effects to your health, the real reasons so many of our people smoke “weed”, why we should not use it for recreational purposes and what will happen if they legal it all over the country.

Marijuana itself contains THC – a chemical that is addictive. And the “weed” people are buying on the street is not even pure marijuana. Street weed is often mixed with several deadly ingredients like rat poison (arsenic) and formaldehyde (embalming fluid) in order to stretch out the weed. So don’t expect to get a bag of pure weed from your local drug dealer. If you think you will, I want to sell you an island or a statue I own called the statue of liberty.


Even pure marijuana has many negative effects on the human body, especially for long-term users. Marijuana causes or contributes to paranoia, anxiety, throat cancer, increased heart rate, lung cancer, increased blood pressure, decreased sperm count in men, irregular menstrual cycles in women, birth defects, Alzheimer’s, Tourette’s syndrome, hypertension, sleep apnea, gastrointestinal disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis (bone disease), diabetes,bronchitis, depression, and fibromyalgia. Marijuana, when used in large amounts, can cause disorientation, distorted perceptions and hallucinations. Marijuana even affects your driving ability. Second hand marijuana smoke can endanger the lives, health and productivity of those you care about and set a bad example. Marijuana also kills brain cells, impairs memory and interferes with concentration and motivation, effects which are devastating on students in school. All of this and yet some people are foolish enough to smoke marijuana anyway. But after reading this article, getting the information packet and checking the facts, you can never again say you did not know. After reading this article, if you smoke marijuana or fail to inform those you care about, somebody deserves what they get. If marijuana is harmless, why do you suppose employers do not want you under the influence of it? WAKE UP!

Marijuana is a “gateway drug”. This simply means that marijuana usage in many cases leads to usage of other drugs. If you smoke marijuana all the time, your body craves more and more. Then your body craves something stronger to recreate the euphoric high.

Marijuana does cause aggressive behavior. The University of Washington provides an excellent science-based fact sheet on marijuana and aggression including confusion, fear, paranoia and withdrawal symptoms and behavior. Email me at to request the free information packet with all the research data, evidence and hard medical facts. I will send you a complete fact-based packet including fact sheets you can distribute to others in your community. I want nothing from you in return but for you to share the info, wake up, be successful and live out the greatness of your potential. But marijuana will not help you do that. It will hinder you and cloud your destiny.

Marijuana is a temporary escape from the pressures of life for many people. But when the high is gone, the problems the smoker is seeking to avoid or temporarily forget about are still there. Bills are still there, lack of money is still a problem, the car still needs a new transmission, the cheating spouse is still cheating, the supervisor on your job is still making your life difficult and the loneliness or depression many people feel is still a problem. Marijuana is therefore not the solution and the money you spent on this drug could have helped tackle a problem or two.

Some legislators believe legalizing marijuana will reduce the jail or prison population But it’s really about the government getting it’s cut just like the mob used to do. For many people in government who are pushing the legal use of recreational marijuana, the objective is simply to make money from something if they cannot stop it. This is what happened in Georgia with the adult strip clubs. Counties could not stop the dancers so they began regulating the industry, requiring new and more expensive permits and getting paid. But legislators are wrong about everything except that they will get paid.

If marijuana usage is legalized for recreational use, it will not stop drug dealers. They will simply provide it for a cheaper price than the store but at a lower quality and laced with other chemicals. Drug dealers will simply begin selling marijuana late at night right after the stores stop. Drug dealers will sale it in higher quantity and make it available to those who will not be of legal age to buy it. Drug dealers will offer package deals, free samples and other drug combo packages. The addictive THC in marijuana will create more drug addicts and the need for more treatment centers. It will present more legal problems and lawsuits because how can an employer refuse to hire a marijuana smoker if the drug is legal? How could an employer enforce policies against marijuana use on the job? Marijuana stays in your system longer depending on the person, how much the used and how often they smoked. So what would an on-the-job drug test even look like? Would it even be realistic to try and enforce it?

If recreational usage of marijuana is made legal, new problems will arise, even if you give people of any age as much as they want, whenever they want it, for the price they want to pay. So the government that is stupid enough to legalize marijuana might as well open up chains of 24 hour pot stores. The government will not do that so the sale of marijuana would be left to private legal dealers. But then there would be a whole new industry of “weed inspectors” needed in order to verify the quality of the marijuana sold. Do you really think our government is capable of doing this when we cannot even get our national reading levels up to compete with Japan nor our healthcare up to compete with Cuba? WAKE UP! To make it in the world today, especially in this country, you need your head clear, your wits about you, your mind focused and your senses unimpaired. Don’t get mad at the author or the facts, wise up. WAKE UP! SHARE THIS ARTICLE!!!

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony

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