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The Left: Conform or Else.

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( Recall the theme of Joe Biden’s presidential address, “Unity”.  Well, that was a bunch of bovine excrement, as we would say here in Texas. The real theme of Biden’s speech, and the mantra of the progressive socialist left is “conformity”. And if you actually paid attention to Biden’s address you would have surmised the consequences and ramifications of non-conformity. Simply stated, you will be disparaged, denigrated, demeaned, arrested, targeted, and unconstitutionally detained.

Fifteen months into the Biden administration along with leftist control of the US House and Senate and what have we experienced?

Last week was a very clear indicator that if you decide to not allow progressive socialist leftists to indoctrinate your children’s sexuality, they will attack. In Florida, a very common-sense bill supported by parents was passed by the state legislature. The bill protects kindergarteners to third graders from being taught about sexuality in public schools. The left tried to sabotage the bill by saying it outlawed the word “gay” in public schools. The law has nothing to do with not saying the word “gay”. And to have the mindless lemmings hosting the Oscars and the media touting such folly indicates the level of nefarious and malicious tactics the left will employ.

Disney has made it their business to overturn the new Florida law. Make no mistake, the left wants your children, and will damn you to Hades if you do not surrender them. Floridians are fortunate to have Gov. Ron DeSantis standing up for parents and children even against one of Florida’s top tourist attractions. There is a reason Floridians call him “Ron the Great!”

Sadly, in Texas we do not have a Governor with the courage of a Ron DeSantis. Children in Texas are being subjected to child gender modification, or better put, mutilation. Even Republicans have received campaign contributions from gender modification clinics. I guess there are Republicans who will conform.

The left has nominated to the Supreme Court an individual who cannot even define what a woman is…albeit the basis of her nomination was her gender and race. As well, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is not a constitutionalist but rather a radical leftist ideologue who will rule based upon judicial activism and her deranged definition of social justice.  It appears that she believes fairness entails releasing sex predators and sex offenders back onto the streets. And Republican Senator Susan Collins has already given her approval of this Marxist to be a Supreme Court Justice–another sad, pathetic Republican.

The left wants your children to be indoctrinated into progressive socialism, secular humanism, and the ideologies of cultural Marxism. If you dare to not conform, you might be designated as a domestic terrorist. As we saw in the Round Rock Texas Independent School District, two fathers were arrested at night in their homes after speaking out at their School Board meeting.

The Biden administration has unconstitutionally opened up our borders to an invasion of illegal immigrants. And soon the Title 42 rule will be lifted removing an important tool used by border control agents to prevent the spread of disease.  We have a leftist administration that has conveyed to us that they do not care about the sovereignty of our Constitutional Republic or the safety of its citizens. They are aiding and abetting drug, human, and sex trafficking, all to our detriment…but to their ascension of power and control.

Simply put, we are in a decisive ideological conflagration in America. And it is imperative that Republicans wake the heck up. The example, in Texas Republicans gave Democrats fifteen Committee Chairmanship positions in the Texas State House. One of those Chairmanship positions was over the House Committee on Education. Do you recall when three private jets of Texas House Democrats fled to Washington DC to block our election integrity legislation? Yes, those chairmen were among that crew, and they still Chair those committees.

My point is that this battle in which we are engaged is not about political parties, it is about constitutional conservative principles and values against progressive socialism. It is about the seminal relationship between the individual citizen and the institution of government. The left in America has stated their position, and even after the shellacking in Virginia, they are not relenting.

Unity for them means conformity to them, and it is a message that too many Republicans are not heeding. Sorry, there cannot be any bipartisanship, compromise, and kumbaya with Marxists…people who believe that our Constitution is garbage. Unfortunately, the electorate in America must awaken and cease to be careless bystanders and watch their country slowly erode into a woke, leftist, fascist Nation ruled by crisis tyrants and administered by the media, academics, teachers’ unions, judicial activists, corporate oligarchs, and the mobocracy.

I know, there are those who are saying, “What shall we do Colonel?” First of all, get off your fourth point of contact and be engaged. We are still experiencing low voter turnouts in these primary contests. Become better educated in issues and policy solutions. And help efforts to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat by volunteering to be a poll worker or poll observer. And lastly, tell elected officials that conformity to the progressive socialist left is not an option.

There are clear choices going forward for America, and as Joshua said in Chapter 24, verse 15, “choose for yourselves today, whom you shall serve”.

If you want to Live Free, unity is not defined by conformity to leftism. The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution defined what unifies this Constitutional Republic…not doggone Karl Marx!

Columnist; Allen West

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