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Two Middle Class Racist & Angry White men Attempted to Lynch A Black FedEx Driver.

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( We have all  heard or listen  to the story and news that broke out about two racist and angry white men chasing down and shooting at an Unarmed innocent  black men making deliveries for his FedEx company. The Victim of this incident was 24 year old D’monterrio gibson, a hard working employee for FedEx Company whose life came to a stop on Jan 24,2022 when 2 out of shape white American men infected with the disease of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear and the short coming of having a small private part attempted to kill him because they did not like the idea of a black person making deliveries in their racist white neighborhood.

These 2 attempted murderers of an innocent unarmed black man occurred in the Lincoln county area of Brookhaven, Mississippi, while Mr. Gibson was making his routine deliveries to American Customers of different ethnic background which is something that he does on a daily basis as part of his employment with FedEx. The two white Demons at hand are members of white supremacy organizations, business owners at best and supporters of the ultra right to destroyed anything that is black and pro-black. These two pieces of garbage Neanderthal dwellers are inbreed trailer trash brother whose names are not wroth mentioning but Black America need to know the identity of these savages. Both of the suspects are brothers by birth, the older one Brandon Case gave the order to shoot at our innocent Mr. Gibson and the younger racist white cave dweller Gregory case began shooting. These non humans chase our innocent brother who was delivering packages for miles and began shooting at him while making racial remarks to Mr.. Gibson to get out of their predominant white racist neighborhoods.

D'monterrio gibson

Let’s emphasis that at no time did Mr. Gibson made any type of threats, harassment and/or show any signs of aggression toward these small penis white men; Yet, these white supremacist chase him down like a dog in a similar way that Ahmaud Arbury was chase down and gun down by the Neanderthal McMichael’s brother in Georgia. The only difference in this two scenarios is that Mr. Gibson survive the Lynching. Black America, this is on ongoing issue in this country that will never stop and will never be fix by the judicial system and neither by those white people that claimed to understand and support the black movement. White America will never fill comfortable having black people around their nasty racist neighborhoods and never will they be comfortable working alongside black people, So the question for all my fellow African Americans is what are you going to do about this since nothing has change in the last 400 years?

Now, the two white suspects were eventually arrested and were immediately bail out and they are now walking around free like George Zimmerman. But, what is so Ironic about these shooting, attempted murder, Lynching, Hate Crime etc.. is that the racist white supremacist brothers are only been charge with Assault and conspiracy to commit a crime, Really? Wait a minute, a couple of months ago in New York a group of black teenagers were videotape yelling profanities and putting their fingers in the face of an Asian man and those black teenagers got charge with a fucking Hate Crime and Battery. So how can it be fair for the American Judicial System to only charge these nasty looking white racist pieces of shit with Assault and Conspiracy to commit a crime knowing that these animals chased and shot multiples times at an innocent human being whose only crime was having a black skin color. Hello! Hello! did you hear me black America, African Americans, Afro Caribbean’s, Afro Latinos? your fellow black brother/sister was almost lynched by the children of your former great grandparents slave masters and the only punishment they are going to receive is Assault. What about charging those bastards with a hate crime, attempted murder, lynching, battery, etc.. so this kind of thing will never be copycat by another retarded white man.

Who should we blame for this injustice against our black children since no one in the judicial system cares for the life’s of a black man or a black woman. We know that the chief of Police is a black man in skin color but inside of him He is a white man in disguise. Yes, the chief of police overseeing the investigation is a house negro, sell out black man that has already bend the knee and open his butt cheeks to the white man to blow his back out and therefore keep and maintain his title by letting all white suspect go free or with low sentences and making black victims pay and suffered the consequences of systemic racism in America. Where is the Justice and why is black America not on the street protesting against the city, the mayor, the police department and demanding for a vote of no confidence and the removal of the house negro chief of police.

Interesting to know that not only was Mr. Gibson betrayed by the judicial system and by the black police chief but he was also betrayed by FedEx company which is a power house alongside the United State postal services and United Parcel Services. Yes, our great FedEx company which is use by millions of black customers, betrayed one of our black brothers and betrayed their own black employee and customer. Instead of FedEx demanding for justice, they instead told Mr. Gibson to let it go and forget about it and the following day the FedEx managers sent Mr. Gibson to do the same route in the same racist white neighborhood were he almost got lynched by white men who look just like the owner, managers, CEO’s and President of FedEx. Additionally, FedEx refuse to pay Mr. Gibson for his days off due to stress and emotional trauma and also they refuse to compensate for Therapy. Of Course, with the outcry of family, friends and the community, the FedEx racist managers and Ceo’s did a turn around and offered a little benefit to give Mr. Gibson retroactive pay and Therapy.

Well, in my opinion this is not enough to justify for the pain and suffering of Mr. Gibson; therefore, I am calling on all African Americans, Afro Latinos, Afro Caribbean’s to boycott FedEx for a period of one (1) month until they make and put new policies protecting all minority but specially their black employees. I asked Black America to send this message to all your friends, family members, neighbors, coworkers etc.. around the nation and the world to boycott FedEx until changes are made. if in one month and if nothing has been implemented then the boycott to last for one year to permanent boycott. For this boycott we will use: #Fuck FedEx & Shoved it real Deep. This will be the beginning of the end for companies to respect their employees and value their safety, life and provide protection while working and making deliveries to their customers. In the meantime every black person will instead use the United State Postal Service and or the United Parcel Service for their routine mailing and receiving of packages and important documents. Black America! the only way to make changes to protect our community is by boycotting the institutions that uses our money and our sweat on a daily basis where we as a people are always on the bad receiving end.

With that said! Black America, boycott FedEx. Said it again and again and again.

#Fuck FedEx & Shoved it real Deep

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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