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( Resurrection: return to life, transformation, rebirth, coming back into notice,

            Millions of Christians around the world completed their celebration of Easter, the essence of the Christian ethos; the rising of Yeshua from the dead, thereby accomplishing his earthly mission: the redemption of humanity, victory over death and providing righteous immortality to the believers.

 On a less lofty yet practical note the word resurrection also means: rebirth, renewal and transformation which is something we can attain and accomplish here and now.  Transformation is not a strictly religious idea or notion although it is at the core of most organized religions today. Unfortunately we have consigned the notion of personal transformation to an idealistic naiveté, something one rarely accomplishes or if they do it’s done to earn more money, gain higher social status or some other goal such as losing weight.

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All too often personal transformation is promoted by gurus who are in it for the money as they sell and hype their books and other media. Don’t allow hucksters and charlatans to dissuade you from actualizing your full potential! History has shown there are people who genuinely love humanity, who want us to grow and master the vicissitudes and challenges of life. The world’s most popular religions are based upon the teaching of enlightened beings like Moses, The Buddha, Yeshua bar Joseph, Muhammad, Zoroaster, Lao Tzu, Confucius and countless others. Their message to us is that transformation, rebirth, resurrection is possible and doable.

All of the great avatars and teachers, those known recorded and unknown, recognized that personal transformation takes arduous effort; there is no easy path to personal enlightenment and self-mastery. This truth is even more evident in a society like ours where conformity, groupthink, rigid social constraints, selfishness and grass materialism are the norm. The rulers of this social order have created a system whereby we are indoctrinated to fit into a mold to serve and enrich them by being their workers, their managers, overseers and enforcers. They tell us we are free and have equal opportunity but we really don’t because most of the time our options are limited to what they present as possible, acceptable and permissible even if it harms us or society.

Repentance means to change your mind, how you think what you believe you are capable of, it means having confidence in the latent powers within you; it is the first step in personal transformation. Personal transformation is a form of resurrection, rising from the uninspired thinking, moving beyond restrictions, constrictions and stultifying limitations. Transformation means getting out of the rut, a rut is nothing but a grave with open ends. Transformation means seeing beyond where we are and envisioning (visualizing) something different, meaningful and better.

The idea there is something better and greater for us can be scary, it goes against the grain; this is why most of the teachers who promote personal transformation are viewed by the keepers of the status quo as troublemakers, rabble rousers engaged in seditious activity. This is why Yeshua was lynched for sedition, why Socrates was murdered for teaching alien ideas (which he learned from our Nile Valley ancestors) or why Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and so many others were assassinated for their  divinely ordained work to free our people mentally, socially, economically and politically.

As frightening as nonconformity, marginalization and ostracism can be, all too often the first and sometimes greatest opponent we face when we attempt to rise up and move beyond our present boundaries is ourselves! We are constrained by our beliefs, fears, doubts and habits. Our own lack of faith in ourselves and our innate powers and potential holds us back, keeps us in bondage to dead end ideas, unenthusiastic pursuits, lethargy and sloth which are a living death!

Rise up! There is a Divine Spark within you, allow it to energize and transform you. Introspection, quietude, trust and action are the keys to resurrection. Turn within; learn to distinguish between idle mind chatter and intuition the unlearned knowledge that while it may seem crazy is never wrong! Learn to cultivate your intuition and have the courage of your convictions because it will always prompt you to do things beyond your present comfort zone (habits patterns d proclivities). Unlike a lifeless corpse, we still have the Animating Life Force working within us. Stoke it, arouse it and allow it to transform our lives and bring us into positive notice; have the courage to allow it to do a great work in your life!

Columnist; Junious Ricardo Stanton

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