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Should African American Women go to Jail for the Crimes of their Bastard Children?

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( This is a question that every honest, descent, respectful, law abiding, religious and hard working African American person should asked him/herself and his/her love ones in regards to the crimes been committed in our black communities by the Bastard children of single, spouseless, footloose, easy, unwed, unmarried black women in America; who are still continuing to have babies with different men out of wedlock and without any financial support and educational background.

Yes, Black America! The Killers, Rapist, Robbers, Child Molesters, Drug Dealers, Gang Bangers, Pimps, Prostitutes, Thieves, Drug Addicts, Rappers etc.. came from the home’s of single African American women who were unmarried, unwed, loose, spouseless, footloose, uneducated, wearing a wigs/weaves, Friesian horse hair on their head, Hyena claws on their nails, no respect, no morals, no standards and who decided to have kids with saggy, unemployed, lazy, thugs, parole, probation black males who themselves were born to single mother’s with no father figure or Alpha male role model in sight.

Indeed, the majority of the people that are committing all the crimes that is destroying our beautiful African American community are the bastard black children with no fathers due to their black mothers not having the respect to protect their bodies and choose the right person to be their boyfriends or husbands and be married before given birth to a child .In Fact, The Bastard Childrens of the inner cities are destroying everything with their emotional instability, lack of manhood, lack of moral, lack of integrity, lack common sense, lack of education, reading and writing at a 4th grade level, lack of respect and the side effects of been raise by an emotionally unstable single black women in America.


By now, We all understand that Crime in Black America has a direct co-relation and it is very proportionate to poverty, unemployment, lack of education and fatherless homes with the main cause been a home without a father. When you have a strong law abiding black men and positive role models for our boys and girls in the home, it creates and nurture a positive environment, stability, generational wealth, and gives that child the opportunity to grew up with optimism, integrity, ability to do the right thing and lived a life of peace, harmony and love. On the other hand a home without a father and a spouseless mother results in the children growing up with anger issues, combative, emotionally unstable, poor decision making, low social skills, violent, loud, poor hygiene, poor critical thinking, questionable sexual behaviors and desires, lack of masculinity and or to much femininity, addiction to drugs and alcohol, extreme jealousy and envy, low self esteem, materialistic, poor financial management and likely to end up in jail or be killed by bastard children’s in the same neighborhood

The Black women of America are at fault for the tragedy of young black boys falling victims to the school to prison pipelines and the violence for which black young boys and girls resort to handle any situation they encounter at school, work, public and private places. Yes, our Black so called Queens are the ones to blame for raising kids on their own and turning these kids into walking emotionally unstable time bombs wearing saggy pants as boys and wearing very sexual and seductive clothing as girls. Similarly, White America for the last 20 years or so have encourage this behavior and advertised these bastard children negative behavior as normal and give them the outlets to spread their madness to the rest of black America via social media and rap music. Our so called democratic government also encourages the violence in the inner cities by allowing Hollywood and the TV industry broadcast all the negative stereotypes of the black bastard children as been the norm of the African American community to the point that other races and cultures are starting to believed that this is how all black people behave and act in America.

I understand that it was the United States government that use the welfare System, EBT and food stamps program as a weapon in the early 1980″s to have black women get rid of their babies father in order to receive government aid. Yes Racist white America told our beautiful black women of America that they can received all this government money, section 8 and what not; as long as they get rid of the black men in the home and implemented a permanent rule that no black women receiving government aid could lived or stay with the father of her children otherwise they will loose all their benefits. Of course, the stupid black women of America listen to the children of the slave masters who control the Welfare system and chose the money over a strong black men at home with them and their children. Sadly, this action has led to the collapsed of the black family home and the black economical power, struggle for equality and generational wealth for our offspring’s. Ironically, other ethnic groups and cultures such as the Hispanic, Asians, Middles eastern, Armenians etc.. were offer the same financial help and they took everything the government offer them: Yet, they kept their boyfriends, fiancé’s and husband in their homes next to their children without fear of government reprisal. So Why did our Black Women bend the knee for money and not for their fathers of their bastard children?

The United States Government, school Psychologist, Counselors and white Americans in general understand that it is proving fact that a home without a father figure is more likely to produce a child with tendencies leading to violence, suicide, emotional instability, homosexuality, and more so hatred for and towards the same gender due to the inability of that bastard child to comprehend the circumstances surrounding the absence of their biological father. For that reason we haven seen countless times how the black community rank the highest when it comes to fatherless homes with 84% of African American women having kids out of wedlock and without a man or father figure for her children at her side. Again, this is the reason why crime in the black community is at its highest with no end in sight since our black women are still continuing to have unprotected sex with black males and any other males who does not posses the qualifications of been a father or a role models for that child since He, himself came from a home without a father and was raise by a single black women who only taught him how to be violent, emotional unstable, angry, belligerent wearing saggy pants and spreading diseases and having sex with anything that breaths air.

Why is White America, our black leaders, black churches, black entertainers and black athletes not sounding the alarm and telling our beautiful black sisters to please stop having children out of wedlock, to stop having unprotected sex, to stop having sex with black males who wear saggy pants, unemployed, on parole, on probation, tattoos on their face, criminals gangs affiliation and to stop doing anything that could lead to the destruction of the black community and the birth of bastard children who will either become a danger and burden to our fragile black society or become and entertainer and laughing stock to racist white America and the two face Democrats who are always speaking with a fork tongue. More so, Single black mothers are continuing to give a reason to the white mainstream media to label all black people as criminals and super predators for the mistakes of bastard children raised by single black mothers.

On or around November 2021 after thanksgiving day, a 15 year old Ethan Crumbley, a white teenager shot and killed 4 classmates at his Oxford High School in suburban Detroit in the State of Michigan with a gun purchase by his parents as a gift and within a month of the shooting the District Attorney and prosecutors charge the parents of the killer with involuntary manslaughter. Why do you think the Judicial system did this as they have done with many White parents whose children have gone o a shooting spree of innocent white people? The Answer is simple, The Parents of Ethan Crumbley who was also infected with the disease of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear and the shortcoming of having small private parts; were aware of the unstable mental status of their son and the erratic behavior demonstrated by him at home and in public on many occasions; Yet, they did not report him to the police or took him for psychological evaluation and for that reason of negligence of not seen the signs of a mad person in the making, that the parents were charged by our great racist judicial system with involuntary manslaughter, aiding and abetting, child negligence. Now, You might asked what does this have to do with African American women given birth to bastard children since this white demon had both demon parents at home? I will explain below.

Our African American women, mothers are aware of their sons and daughters whereabouts, their behavior, their mental instability, their style of dressing, the type of drugs and guns hidden at their black queens homes; but, more so, black mothers are aware of the type of friends and negative influence been instill on their children who have No father figure or role model to guide them in a positive direction; therefore, These bastard children are socializing with other bastard children in the same neighborhood, schools and public places causing havoc, chaos, destruction and death in the poorest black communities. Yes, our single African mothers are responsible for everything that their bastard children’s do at home, at school, at work if they have jobs, at the park, at the beach even though they do not swim, at the club, at the beauty shop, at the nail saloon, at the barber shop, at the Strip joint club etc.. and these lovely mothers know for certain if their bastard children have killed innocent people who have both parents and bastard children who only have a single mother at home.

Our black mothers know for a fact that their bastard children own illegal guns and illegal drugs hidden in their home for sale and consumption and are also aware of their young bastard daughters having sex at an early age due to no father figure present in the home which leads to the creepy uncle and new boyfriend of their mother to sexually assault and molest these young black girls and who then grow up to be sexually addictive and give their vaginas for free or sell it for money, drugs, clothes, Friesian Horse hair, jewelry, Berkins bags etc.. Yet, these African American mothers do nothing to stop the madness, to find their children fathers and have them in their life and neither do they report to the race soldiers or slave patrol aka white police officers that their son’s and daughters are gang bangers, drug dealers, child molester, criminals and in a dire need of help, guidance, assistance and counseling. So, it is true black mothers are at fault for the state of chaos, shootings, drugs, diseases, rapes in the black community and for that reason every time a black bastard child commits a crime then his drama queen black mother should be arrested and sentenced to jail for half the time her bastard criminal child received from the judge and/or Jury.

Single African American women know for a fact that their bastard son was the shooter of the drive-by shootings at the parks, malls, concert’s, Amusement parks, club’s etc… She also knows that her bastard son is the one selling drugs to other bastard children and single black mothers; She also knows that her bastard son is molesting his nieces and nephews; She also knows that her bastard son is the one who robbed the liquor store and community banks; She also knows that her bastard daughter is selling her body for money, clothes and drugs; She also knows that her bastard daughter is molesting the next door neighbors underage son; she also knows that her bastard daughter is stealing hair and hair products from the Korean own beauty shops and nails saloons; She also knows that she herself does not even know who is the father of her bastard children since she chose to open her legs and have sex with several bastard males with saggy pants, unemployed, weed heads on parole, probation, tattoos on their face and no job to take care of no babies and allowing them to ejaculated inside her vagina resulting in the creation of a bastard child and the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

Yes, I am asking for the African American community to demand that all black women given birth to bastard children who will eventually become a menace to society and a burden to the community to be arrested every time their son’s and daughter’s commit a crime against the community and against other communities. This should be done in order to stop the madness of black women continuing to have bastard children without having a ring on their finger and financial stability with a real strong man that have a job and no criminal record with good moral, integrity and values that will in turn lead to a better community similar to what we had prior to integration with the Neanderthal cave dweller back in the 1960’s. A black woman can only be a mother not a father and a father can only a father not a mother, so lets make all black women responsible for the actions of their bastard children’s since they chose to give birth prior to having a ring on their finger and been married to good African American men.

Our African American women need to stop having kids until they are married to a respectable and hard working black man with good morals, integrity, respect, law abiding, no criminal records and no saggy pants attire. Let’s, not forget that it is single black mother’s given birth to the rappers, who are the ones writing, singing and making songs about sex, drugs, guns, rape, child molestation, death and therefore causing the destruction of the entire African American community with their rap music of death, sex and destruction. Likewise, these single black mothers also give birth to the retarded athletes and comedians that only spread the same garbage of having unprotected sex with single mothers and producing more bastard children that are becoming the poison of the black community which then gives the white mainstream media and racist white America a reason to call you a Super predator, thug, lazy, up to no good, piece of garbage human being.

With that said, Black America! Enough is Enough. No more having unprotected sex, No more drugs, No more smoking weed, No more Twerking, No more having children out of wedlock, No more Abortions and No more talking, dating, and having sex with any black men walking down the street with saggy pants, No jobs, No morals, No integrity, No respect, No honesty and No financial means to take care of an unwanted bastard child. Black women in America you are in peril and if you do not wake up you are going to die old alone, or with a dog on your lap and or a white man’s dictionary also called a Bible on your coffee table or better yet you might end up munching on a butch.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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