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African Americans & Jewish People Will Never Be Safe Around White Americans.

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( You have heard it, You have seen it, You have read it and You are aware of it! Here in the United States of America also known as the Land of the Free, you will find that The African Americans and Jewish communities have never and will never be safe around white Americans because white Americans still continue to support, encourage, cover up, protect and promote white supremacy and the Replacement Theory among their white children who in turn pick up guns, rifles, grenades, Nazi literature, right wing propaganda, fox news articles etc.. and use them as weapons of mass destruction to attack and killed innocent blacks, Jewish, Native American Indians, Hispanics, LGBT and middle eastern people of our communities.

White American parents teach their children by the age of (7) seven that they are superior to other races and that every other minority race are garbage, criminals, lazy, super predators, rapist, illegals etc.. and by that age is when this innocent white children begin to understand and comprehend the concept of race superiority, white privilege, skin color, religion and sexual orientation. White Americans indoctrinate their children at an early age into been racist first towards blacks and Jewish people and after that they proceed to add the rest of the minorities in America as a threat to white America using the new Replacement Theory that is currently been emphasis by right wing media such a Tucker Carlton from fox news, where they believe that blacks, immigrants and Jewish people are trying to take over their Great American world of chaos, racism, discrimination, greed and power.

As I have stated before, The Racist White American men and women of America are infected with the disease of Madness, Insanity, Insecurity, Fear and the shortcoming of having small private parts; and because of their own personal issues they seem to see every other race but more so the blacks and the jews as a threat to their survival and existence; even though, they are doing a thousand times better economically, financially and have been winning since they came to this land and stole it from the true Americans. The Native American Indians lost the war against the war machines and the diseases of the white men brought to their lands which resulted in the extinction of over 60 millions Native American Indians and with only about 7 millions surviving the onslaught and living today in reservations camps in the Midwest area of America after the long march of the Trail of Tears. For centuries we have observed White Americans men go on brutal and racist campaign of eliminating, taking over, conquering, stealing, destroying, erasing, raping etc.. lands, property, livestock’s and human lives from all over the world in order to built their racist empires, established white supremacy and enrich themselves by any means necessary, which was a concept use by Adolf Hitler “The Killer of Jews” during WW2 in Europe.

Payton Gendron-whitekiller

On May 14, 2022, a white male 18 year old racist killer Payton Gendron armed with an assault rifle, tactical bullet proof vest, military fatigues went to a predominant poor black neighborhood in Buffalo, New York and killed 10 people and injured 3 innocent victims. This innocent looking white male with his white privilege card form a middle class community with both parents at home, decided to go on a mass shooting against innocent black people at a Top Friendly Supermarket in the Kingsley eastern neighborhoods of Buffalo, New York which is an area known as a food desert where there is only one grocery store serving that entire black poor community that has been plague with racism and segregation for over 60 years. This monster who appeared so innocent because of his skin color and who only reads and plays video games all day at home was plotting to killed innocent people since he turn 7 years old after his Middle Class racist parents taught him about white privilege and Replacement Theory.

The shooting was livestream on Twitch which is a platform use by millions of racist white teenagers and their supportive parents to spread hate, racism, segregation, Great replacement Theory, violence towards blacks, Jews, LGBT, Middle eastern and against Native Americans. On the day of the shooting the savage Payton chase down innocent black elderly, disable, woman, grandmothers, mothers, daughters, and an 8 year child and gun them down like animals while yelling explicit racial remarks at them and using the offensive slave word of “Niggers”. This Demonic monster white piece of garbage chase down an 8 year old black little girl into a freezer and shot her like a racist coward that he is and learned from his racist parents. He was born a white privilege monster and at 7 years old he became a racist monster after been indoctrinated by his racist monster parents.

Sadly, after the end of the mass shooting, He still remain alive and not gun down by the race soldiers aka white police officers. Of course, no one is shock that this monster was able to be apprehended without a scratch on his body and how police were so kind and gentle with him after shooting over a dozen innocent people. This is similar to the mass shooting by Dylan Roof, another racist white teenager who went to a black church on June 17, 2015 in South Carolina and killed 9 African Americans, who was then arrested with no incidents and taking to a fast food restaurant for a burger and fries. On the other hand, when a black person raises his voice at a police officer he or she are immediately beaten, tased, pepper spray or shot multiple times. If a black men or black woman reaches to retrieved their driver license and registration after a traffic stop, immediately the white cops get scared and pull their duty weapons and start firing over a dozen shots at the black motorist after complying with their request of presenting their identifications. How many black men, black women and other minorities have been gun down by white police officers without showing any aggression or having committed a crime; Yet, Peyton Gendron was armed to the teeth with a bullet proof vest and the blood of innocent people on his hands; Yet, He was not shot, tased or pepper sprayed.

Now, Do you all remember the incident that occur on September 6, 2018 in Dallas Texas where a 26 year black accountant and business owner Botham Jean was eating ice cream in his own apartment and was gun down by his neighbor Amber Guyger, a white female police officer who was so high on drugs and alcohol that she did not realize she enter the wrong apartment and taught that Botham was an intruder base solely on his skin color and her pre-conceived racial motivated mind that all blacks are criminals. Yes, this innocent looking white woman who was having an affair with a married racist police officers came home after work but first stopping to have some drink with her colleagues and was so drunk that she park on the wrong floor of her apartment complex and proceeded to enter the wrong apartment of another tenant. Racist white America came to the rescue of this racist female police officer and try to justified the shooting by saying that Botham had weed on the table and raise his voice at her which gave her the right to killed this black men in his own apartment. Indeed, *Black America and Jewish America welcome to White Privilege*

Now, to my African American Community we have to wake up and realize that we will never be safe among and around these Demons of the west and they will never protect and served you in the same way that they protect their own white people. White America is racist and will continue to be racist toward blacks, towards jews, towards anything that is not white and part of the white privilege agenda. it is time for African Americans to wake up and learn from the Jewish community who practice self defense and proactiveness by keeping an eye out for anything that goes against them and their culture. It is time for African Americans to armed themselves and start patrolling their own neighborhoods and challenge any white person who comes into our black neighborhood by stopping them and questioning them regarding their purpose in the area. No white men or white woman should be able to walk, hang out or enter a black neighborhood without been, stop, challenge and without been pat down for weapons and drugs. Indeed, it is white people who bring the drugs and weapons that are destroying our black neighborhoods.

With that Said, all African American living in the United States of America need to be prepared, armed, trained, and learned your 2nd amendment rights to own weapons and defends yourself from those who wish to destroy you, love ones and your black community. Every black person should own a gun, rifle, shot gun and a minimum of a thousands round of ammo legally. Learned the laws of your state with regards to owning guns and ammunitions legally and prepared to patrol your neighborhood with other black men and black women armed and be ready to shoot and killed any person who wishes to destroyed the black community. We should have designated individuals protecting black business, black schools, black day centers, black banks, black family centers with 2 to 3 strong black men and black women at those locations armed and wearing body armored. Every time you see a strange looking white men or white women regardless if they appear innocent, friendly and gregarious, you must stop them and question them to find out the reasons why they are in your black neighborhood.

Yes Black America it is time to do the things that white people been doing to us for the last 400 years and that is to call the police every time you see a white person in your neighborhood regardless if he or she appears to be innocent with their white privilege card in hand. Remember, that racist white people have been calling the police and lying on black people for years and with no justifiable reason whatsoever, so lets return the favor to this racist white supremacist of white America. Yes! I do called all white people in America racist because white people know for a fact if their neighbor, co-worker, employee, brother, sister, father, mother, son, daughter, friend are racist, in the same way that black people know for a fact that their black neighbor, cousin, co- worker brother etc.. is either a thug, drug user, drug dealer or piece of garbage. We all know as human beings if the person next to us in our community is a law abiding citizen or law breaker, so yes white Americans know that white Americans are racist towards blacks, Jews, Hispanics, middle eastern, native American Indians, LGBT etc.. and they do nothing about it and neither do they deter their fellow white member of their community to stop been racist and prejudice towards other minority communities.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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