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To Save The Country, Destroy The Public Education System.

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( It used to be enough to just defeat Democrats in elections, vanquish them from the halls of government and the republic was safe from those who seek to destroy it. Of course, that was back before the Democrat Party became an entity seeking to destroy the country, so that might have been a little bit of hyperbole. Believe it or not, there was a time when a large swath of Democrats were pro-American, but that time is long gone. They still use the memory of JFK, but the modern Democrat Party wouldn’t even grant him a daytime speaking slot at their convention now, let alone consider nominating someone who cut taxes, opposed communism, and loved this country at least as much as he loved women who weren’t his wife. Now to save the country, not only does the Democrat Party have to be destroyed, the one institution in particular they’ve metastasized deeper into than any other needs to be as well.

I’m speaking, naturally, about academia. Our schools are no longer institutions of learning, they are indoctrination centers. It’s not uncommon for young children to know more genders than they have classmates. Kids can’t read, but they’re experts at using people’s preferred pronouns. And science, well, anyone who believes a man can give birth is not going to be the next Marie Curie.

The Public Education System

The entire education system in this country has to be reimagined. The pandemic furthered parents’ understanding of just how rotten the system is, where white kids are told they’re the problem and minority kids are told they’ll never succeed because the system was established for white kids. Every teacher needs to be fired and invited to reapply for their jobs. Same with school administrators.

This, of course, won’t stand a chance of happening unless conservatives run for and win seats on school boards. That is where the frontline of this war for the future is right now. Anyone with pronouns in their social media bios should not be rehired, expect in the most left-wing of districts (you can’t support local control if you don’t support local control). Same goes for anyone who has posted a video highlighted by the LibsOfTiktok.

Most importantly, anyone who calls students “my kids” or went into the profession for any reason other than educate children in the subject they teach needs to be invited to leave. The job is to teach, period. Do it or get the hell out.

College is another animal altogether. Get the federal government out of the student loan and financial aid business completely. Students seeking funding for school can go to a bank and explain why they’re worth the risk. Anyone seeking a loan for gender, ethic, or any other grievance studies degree would likely be denied, as those are unmarketable skills. Government doesn’t care what you study, banks wanting to be repaid do.

This dose of reality is desperately needed, as is this financial one: let schools shrink or go bankrupt. With the feds out of the picture and banks weighing risk of student loans on an individual basis, schools will be forced to lower their costs. The private sector would value their service well below where they set the price, which is current tied to how much the federal government is willing to “loan” to students. Let schools eliminate unmarketable fields of study and bloated staff that goes with them, or dip into endowments and/or see how many students will pay with their own money (not loans) for them. Not many, I’d guess.

Imagine those liberal art schools raking in a fortune in taxpayer subsidized loan money having to compete in the open market; having to justify their product to the people actually paying for it. It would collapse under its own weight inside of a couple of years, if not sooner.

Rather than churning out little monsters hell bent on molding the country into something Lenin could be proud of, these institutions would be scrambling to stay open. Then they might start to cater to societal needs rather than a political agenda.

Being forced to serve their customers is the one thing missing from education in this country, pushing that back into it would help not only serve the republic, it would save it as well. That just so happens to be why the Democrats would oppose it will all they have. Were it not for the ignorance factories churning out their voters for tens of thousands in student loan debts per pupil, they go out of business.

Columnist; Derek Hunter

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