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Wells Fargo! The First Bank to Lend Money and Grants to White Slave Masters.

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( Wells Fargo Bank is one of the oldest and largest bank in the United State’s dating back over 170 years of doing banking business nationwide and internationally. Wells Fargo was funded by Henry Williams and Willam G. Fargo in March 18, 1852 in conjunction with many successful financial investors and realtor who had a background and heritage in the ownership of black slaves and indenture native American servants.

Wells Fargo Banks was also in the business of shipping goods from the east coast to the west coast to supply provisions such as food, materials, medicine, man power to all the mining camps throughout the West Coast in the Northern California Region. More, so one of the top goods and commodities distributed and shipped by Wells Fargo Bank were Native American indenture servants, Chinese illegal migrants and the most important of all their shipping cargo was the Slave negro men and negro women. Yes, The most powerful Bank in America was involved in transporting slaves across the entire united states before emancipations and after the end of slavery.

Indeed, Well Fargo Bank made a fortune during the period of the Gold Rush between 1849 and 1870’s with the delivery of valuable documents, gold dust, tools, dynamite, food, water, etc… but the majority of their wealth came from issuing loans and grants to companies, plantation owners and slave owners in order to increase the gold rush producing economy by providing the necessary money to slave holders to be able to purchase more slaves and indenture servants to work the mines and the lands; as well as, using the black female slaves and Indian American women servants as entertainment and sexual stress release to the white men working long hours in the minds and plantations farms.

slave trade.

Yes, Black America your favorite Bank was a sponsor of slave terrorism, rape, sodomy, child molestation and trafficking, hanging, lynching, beating and killing of blacks male and female slaves at the hands of the slave masters and gold miners who use Wells Fargo bank money and transportation delivery system to usher decades and centuries of white supremacy on your black ancestors who were slaves against their will and who were treated worst than any other slave culture around the world. Equally important, Wells Fargo was use by thousands of white slave masters and white child molesters to send and receive message about new arrivals and or sale of new black slaves and indenture servants via the use of the Wells Fargo Stagecoach also known as the Butterfield line. In 1857, Wells Fargo formed the overland mail company that will then become part of the mail delivery system among slave owners, business, owners, child molesters etc.. Who will communicate about the availability of new black slaves and the so called famous alligator babies, who were black babies between ages of 2 months to 2 years that were stolen from black slave families by racist white men who work at the slave plantations to be use as bait to hunt and catch alligators.

When Wells Fargo merge with other stagecoach lines such at the Pony Express by 1866 they became the most powerful entity in the transportation of goods from east to west connecting many towns and cities by early 1900’s which propels the expansion of indenture servants and the capture of free slaves to be use as a labor force around all the farming towns, mining areas and lumber mills around the Midwest and west coast area of the country. Indeed, after Emancipation and the so called end of physical slavery, Wells Fargo Bank still continue to support the idea of white supremacy, racism, bias, indenture servants, slavery against the will of the free slaves by giving continuous loans, grants and even free money to White Slave Owners, Farming and mining companies who will use this money to gain access and control of acquiring free black and native American labor.

Now, Do you bank with Wells Fargo Bank? If you do! have you receive compensation and reparations for slavery from Wells Fargo Bank? Have you received anything such as an apology letter and or affirmation from Wells Fargo Bank taking responsibility for participating in the slave trade and support of racist slave owners and pedophiles who use their bank money to purchase black slaves and native American indenture servants. Will you black men and black women of America hold Wells Fargo responsible for their crimes and what are you going to do about it? My Fellow African Americans wake up and open your eyes because you have been blinded for so long and you have not realize that Wells Fargo Bank is the bank of the white supremacy, the racist, the bias, the prejudice and the slave supporters.

To all my African American brother and sisters it is time to turn our backs on a racist Wells Fargo bank supporter of slavery and move on to a bank that is owner by us. Yes, in the United States of America there are over 21 African Americans black banks owned and operated by black people loyal to black people and for that reason all African Americans, Afro-Caribbeans, Afro-Latinos should bank with a black bank and only conduct our daily savings and checking accounts transactions with African American owned banks and credit unions. If you currently have an account with the racist Wells Fargo Bank then it is time for you, your family, your love ones, your friends to close that account and transfer all your funds and business transactions to an African American Bank such as OneUnited Bank which is the bank of all black people who want justice, peace, equality and freedom from the tyranny of racist white America.

Certainly, we have all seen countless of videos, news stories and social media clips in which black people, Africans, African Americans are constantly mistreated and denied proper access to our own hard working funds at this racist white owned banks. We have seen white managers call the police on black bank customers for no obvious reasons, we have seen Wells Fargo Bank denied loans and grants to black customers with good credit score, jobs, careers etc.,, but then turn around and give free loans and grants to white people with bad credit score; as wells as; give loans and grants to Asians, Middles Easterns and Hispanics with no credit history and neither with a good source of income. Lets, Not forget that Wells Fargo Bank blame the Stock Market, housing and economy crash of 2008 on the African American community for which many good hard working black men and black women lost their houses and jobs.

With that Said, I am again calling on all my African Americans to wake up, fight back and stop supporting racist institutions such as Wells Fargo Bank who does not have the best interest of black America and only uses our black money to give it as loans and grants to white Americans, Asian Americans, Middles Easterns and Hispanic Americans. Indeed, Black America your money that you deposit in Wells Fargo Bank is used to help and support white families, white owned businesses and to create wealth in other communities that do no care about you as well. It is time to bank black all day and all night. Lets Make Black Banks in America Great for African Americans.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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