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Why are ‘Colored’ People Democrats?

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( Godless, demonic supporters of anarchy, haters of modernity combined with a fallacious sense of self-worth – there are none whom this better describes than Democrats and all of their various hellish conjugations. Conjugations that include but are not limited to Marxists, neo-Leninists and Fabian democratic socialists.

Each and every one of these radical demonic social philosophies hates with a passion Jews and those who subscribe to being a crayon color as the highest elevation of self-worth.

Regardless of where you find them, they are Erebusic marplots and pernicious liars whose energy is spent on destruction and divisiveness at the expense of truth and civility.

Such Democrats and political philosophists in reality are nothing more than angry anarchists committed to spreading falsity and division. These people are faster to accuse those they view as conservative Christians with wrongdoing than Billy the Kid was to draw his pistol.

colored people democrats

Coloreds would blame Christians and conservatives for stars shining at night, but yet they’ve developed a type of Stockholm syndrome that makes them want to please those who are in fact abusing them. Democrats were responsible for the weaponization of so-called skin color. Slavery was never about a supposed skin color, but Democrats sold the lie well and with it the revision of factual history.

“Circa 1892, former slave Rep. John Roy Lynch in response to the question of why Coloreds were so often targeted by the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) stated: ‘More colored than white men are thus persecuted simply because they constitute in larger numbers the opposition to the Democratic Party. … [Former slave] U.S. Rep. Richard Cain of South Carolina, a bishop of the AME denomination, agreed, declaring: ‘The bad blood of the South comes because the Negroes are Republicans. If they would only cease to be Republicans and vote the straight-out Democrat ticket there would be no trouble. Then the bad blood would sink entirely out of sight.'” (Page 14, “Democrats and Republicans In their Own Words”)

Remember Hillary Clinton with her bottle of hot sauce? Remember her calling them super-predators? But, she really didn’t mean it. She was just having an off day and shared her true feelings by accident. Thus when she and the Clinton administration with the help of Joe Biden effected the greatest mass-incarceration initiative of “African-American youth,” it wasn’t because they were acting upon their true feelings.

And pray, someone tell me why in the name of blue skies and bright sunny days Jews would flock en masse to a political construct that openly woos Muslims committed to the extermination of the Jewish nation? A political party that welcomes with open arms scum who allegedly marry their siblings, incite and support hatred and death to Israel, and those who call for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) of the Jewish nation during live congressional sessions. A political party that financially underwrites candidates who embrace and call for the death of Israel and insist the nation of Israel be handed over to Palestinian usurpers.

What kind of elixir has been slipped into the beverages of these two groups that makes them want to participate with those sworn to subjugate them? Think about it: These people are witnessed yapping around the clock that evil conservatives and Christians are plotting the genocide of the “descendants of slaves,” as they also like to be known. From Protestants to law enforcement to taxi drivers – everyone is out to get them. But, these women go to the “devils” and pay them kill their children. That’s as close as selling ice to an Eskimo living on an iceberg as it gets.

Another thing with these feral marauders: They never extol the truly virtuous of those they subjugate. They encourage the building of monuments and painting images of street trash like George Floyd, on bombed out buildings. But they curse Justice Clarence Thomas.

The churches they attend are more conducive to a “black mass” than the preaching and teaching of the Word of God. Democrats are shameless and willing to defile family, church and school ad nauseam.

This is the political party making a mockery of justice with the Jan. 6 hearings – which are not about justice, but about terrorizing the public into grudging compliance and mandated subjugation.

If the serpent in the Garden of Eden belonged to a political party it would the Democrats. They censor truth and fact, destroy the family, promote debauchery and encourage disease-causing behavior.

Imagine a political party that is undeniably guilty of the disruption, anarchy and deconstruction of the greatest nation in the world. And like Carter and Obama before him, Biden is will willing to destroy the economy and standard of living for hundreds of millions of Americans to promote programs that do not work and for which we have no need.

Columnist; Mychal Massie

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One Response to “Why are ‘Colored’ People Democrats?”
  1. Mychal, My Goodness! (first) You are wrong. (second) Your off. (Third) You have over-extended negative attributes to Black People who simply vote Democratic as demonic seems like your attempt to hysterically create a histrionic version events that generalized a whole category of people, and you are dead gotten it wrong!

    Where do I start? First \\\\\\\”Slavery\\\\\\\” and \\\\\\\”the Civil War\\\\\\\” was a conflict that brewed for multiple years between \\\\\\\”Abolitionists and Antebellum Whites\\\\\\\”- The \\\\\\\”White House and the Supreme Court\\\\\\\”, the expansion of the Western Territories and the \\\\\\\”hopes and prayers\\\\\\\” of Black People held in bondage..! The \\\\\\\”flesh-trade\\\\\\\” was \\\\\\\”Satanic\\\\\\\”! The TRUTH is the idea of a \\\\\\\”two-state\\\\\\\” nation needed to be crushed.! Much like your- simple minded concepts- promoting \\\\\\\”demons\\\\\\\”, \\\\\\\”uncle -toms\\\\\\\”, \\\\\\\”black racists\\\\\\\” and the very limited options of a two party American political (one-sided) and (evil) is all \\\\\\\”WRONG\\\\\\\”-! I am trying not to insult you right now.

    Your concern about Black People in America is admirable! (Thank you) Your silliness in attempting to \\\\\\\”generalize\\\\\\\” Black People is histrionic at best! You are romanticizing \\\\\\\”fake history\\\\\\\”.

    If you could focus on \\\\\\\”recorded history\\\\\\\” and \\\\\\\”stop\\\\\\\” with the personal \\\\\\\”determinations\\\\\\\” based on your personal agenda you might be able to speak to others who know better, without seeming unintelligent, hostile, or \\\\\\\”Bent\\\\\\\”!

    Black People\\\\\\\’s history in America is not for your-(personal agenda) reasoning sessions!

    (Please stop \\\\\\\”stupa-plaining\\\\\\\”) There are Black People who read and study these issues and work for many years to cure the evils of \\\\\\\”white supremacy\\\\\\\” even as they have fallen victims to it\\\\\\\’s outcomes… But you seem to judge Black People a second time, with some delusion that Black People are participants in \\\\\\\”white supremacy\\\\\\\”. Maybe I am mistaken, but it almost sounds like you think Black Americans have a choice- weather, or not, to fall victim of \\\\\\\”American Style White Racism\\\\\\\”?

    Your argument sounds as though you are suggesting that \\\\\\\”if only Black Americans would vote Republican\\\\\\\”, that somehow the (White-racist) would stop their hatred and stop being a racist all together. You sound as if White People in America (including White 7th Day Adventists) would start sharing the American Dream with Black People. (You are mislead)

    This (if true) would be the \\\\\\\”dumbest\\\\\\\” thing I have ever come across- since I infiltrated the KKK\\\\\\\’s Publication called \\\\\\\”The RED DOT\\\\\\\”! You are either promoting the (White Man\\\\\\\’s religion) \\\\\\\”7th Day Adventist\\\\\\\” created by a slave owner, and not intended for Black People- (in fact they believe there are no Black People in Heaven)- and it\\\\\\\’s replicated version in the Black Community as \\\\\\\”truth\\\\\\\”!
    Meaning you are (brain-washed)

    Your position seems to argue on behalf of whites Republicans, while accusing Black People who \\\\\\\”vote\\\\\\\” Democrat as being evil..! (you are wrong)

    The enemy of Black People are as varied as there are stupid people.

    Other articles are closer to the truth. (what happened to yours?) Our women are high-jacked. Our people are asleep and afraid and confused. We do trust the American political system way too much. We aren\\\\\\\’t focused on economics and business creation as much as other groups in America. And Black men today have been brutalized in the media for the last 40 years, or longer in which our own people have started believing the \\\\\\\”hype\\\\\\\”. (True)

    Black elites are cowards. Currently, Black women in politics are not capable of providing solutions, because they are sold-out! But you lack any experience with any of this based on your attempt to steer Black American\\\\\\\’s toward the most racist political party in the world, \\\\\\\”the Republican party\\\\\\\”-as justified?
    (you are insane!)

    I\\\\\\\’ve been in politics for more than 30 years- registering voters, poll-worker, community organizer, campaign worker, campaign manger, candidate, commissioner, elected official, trustee, and many many other positions. I am the one who can tell you how it works! Not the movies! Not the Republican\\\\\\\’s \\\\\\\”histrionics\\\\\\\”!
    (Stop regurgitating this bunk)

    Also, \\\\\\\”Stop\\\\\\\’ guessing about these things without \\\\\\\”facts\\\\\\\”! No one in office can get away with \\\\\\\”stupid facts\\\\\\\”, \\\\\\\”dumb ass history\\\\\\\”, \\\\\\\”faked-out leadership\\\\\\\” and expect to just spew this (bullsh*#) out without push back from truth teller…!

    We (you and I) live in the most racist nation on earth! The \\\\\\\”flesh-trade\\\\\\\” – you called American slavery included \\\\\\\”child-rape\\\\\\\”- \\\\\\\”regular rape\\\\\\\”- \\\\\\\”murder\\\\\\\”- \\\\\\\”child murder\\\\\\\” -\\\\\\\”torcher\\\\\\\”- \\\\\\\”sexual exploitations\\\\\\\”- \\\\\\\”genocidal attitudes\\\\\\\”- \\\\\\\”mass-murder\\\\\\\”- \\\\\\\”destruction of families\\\\\\\”- \\\\\\\”manipulation of religious\\\\\\\” – \\\\\\\”segregation\\\\\\\”- \\\\\\\”mutilation\\\\\\\” and the – \\\\\\\”emasculation\\\\\\\” all was done with the permission of all whites (democrats & republicans) the cruelist form of slavery in the world!

    So- before Black Americans could vote- there was your \\\\\\\”7th Day Adventist\\\\\\\” (White MASTER)! Who murdered and raped your great-grandmother at will! With over 100 million Black people dying along the way on slaveships!

    Your 7th Day Adventists (Whites)- you worship, hate you! (They attend white\\\\\\\’s only churches- today!) Why don\\\\\\\’t you stop smoking there lies? (I\\\\\\\’m a former Adventist- so, don\\\\\\\’t say I don\\\\\\\’t know)

    Your (wrongness) has triggered my truth telling…! I hope I am way off about you.
    But your simple minded excuse for \\\\\\\”reality\\\\\\\”- has made me blaze up on you- to suggest Black American\\\\\\\’s are responsible for America\\\\\\\’s white supremacy\\\\\\\” is mind bogglingly to me!!! And your misdirected tone toward the victims of America\\\\\\\’s white racism, (the ones who hold us captive, who attack our Communities and who surround our Communities) shows me the depth of your brain-washing, lack of courage, and foolish attempt to be loved by them- this causes me great sorrow… (My brother you are lost)

    Your broken education leads you to surmise that if Black People would only \\\\\\\”vote\\\\\\\” Republican that \\\\\\\”action\\\\\\\” would end white people\\\\\\\’s racial hatred – shows your oblivious to our struggles!

    Know that Black People are breaking down barriers everyday- and impacting every other Black and Brown skinned American for the better…!

    In just a few short years (1970 to 1990)- and until today Black Americans have catapulted over every societal obstacle, grown into every aspect of American culture and have amassed the most wealth second only to white Americans- making our race one of the wealthiest nations on earth. (in the History of Black People)

    With all of our problems, broken families, fake leaders, sold out fools, and terrible mothers, we are still regarded as America\\\\\\\’s \\\\\\\”truth-tellers\\\\\\\” and \\\\\\\”the moral compass\\\\\\\” of this nation! (As evidenced by the January 6th Committee)

    Only some kind of blind fool would have high regard for Justice Clearance Thomas- the biggest uncle tom since Willie Lynch- who invented the \\\\\\\”Jim Crow\\\\\\\” dance…!

    Check yourself! Bruh…

    I look forward to any response.

    (double-check me)

    Michael R. Brown, (former) State of Missouri House Member (2005- 2013)
    50th District- South Kansas City, Missouri

    Editor/Chief Ghettostone Publications Company

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