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Why The ‘Democrats’ Never Get The Middle East Right.

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( Joe Biden’s latest international debacle made headlines this week as he bumbled through the mine field that is the Middle East, setting off political bombs and sending shockwaves that reverberate throughout the international community.  His only success was exacerbating the millennia old political and religious animosities that characterize the region. We are all far less secure for his humiliating visit.

There were no real surprises from the man with fifty year history of being wrong on international matters every-single time. So, Biden’s predicable support of the two state solution and his continuing courtship with the world’s greatest state sponsor of terrorism — Iran — came as no surprise. Even his sophomoric fist bump with the murderous Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman was in character. Stupid is as stupid does. History’s most unpopular “president” became even less popular.

Ole lunch bucket Joe is emblematic of his desperate, twisted party. The Democrats have never gotten the Middle East right, and they never will. Democrats are defined by ideology — a set of values impervious to any mode of rationality that reveals the real world devastation caused by their patently irrational policies. They are rabidly secular because the state, and its ubiquitous apparatus, are their religion and cathedral. It is this secular perspective that makes them uniquely ill equipped to address the issues that confront the West in its attempt to broker peaceful relationships in the Middle East, particularly with respect to Israel.


The two state “solution” isn’t a solution. It’s a concession to the encroachment of a people not indigenous to “Palestine” — the word itself is a misnomer, describing a thin region properly within the borders of the state of Israel, composed of strategically important topography, i.e. the Golan Heights. It is actively used by Iranian surrogates, the PLO et. al., to conduct terrorism and destabilization campaigns deeper within the Israeli state.

Understanding the Democrat proclivity to suppress and thwart democracy — at home and abroad — isn’t hard to understand when Democrat party politics are understood. At least since the Presidency of Woodrow Wilson (serving two terms, March 4, 1913 — March 4 1921), the party of slavery, Jim Crow, and segregation, has been under the influence of progressives — an oxymoron to be sure. The steady press of progressivism toward secularism and statism has resulted in the complete apostasy of the modern Democrat party. Democrats no longer make a pretense of service to traditional liberal values like freedom of speech, freedom of the press, or religious liberty. Our state run schools have been scoured by progressive secularists and the result are intellectual wastelands devoid of critical thought — a fundamental characteristic of  traditional Judeo-Christian theology. The first casualty of the progressivist omni-state is God.

All of this means the modern Democrat party is politically and philosophically aligned with global totalitarianism. From the progressive perspective, a benign, enlightened state holds the keys to utopia here and now. If only an enlightened government could seize absolute control and force utopia on the unwashed masses. If you doubt this characterization, ask yourself why every democrat solution always involves a bigger, muscular, invasive, and suffocating government. COVID mandates, lockdowns, and police state tactics should forever settle the question of the political class’s lust for power.

There are ancient religious undercurrents that control the politics of the Middle East that secular democrats simply cannot fathom. This is at the heart of why democrats like Joe Biden get things so wrong. It doesn’t take much honest research to understand that the descendants of Abraham have occupied what is now known, in part, as the modern state of Israel for two to three thousand years. Our own claim to North America is younger by about two millennia. Democrats can read and understand history, theoretically, but that is of no relevance to them. History, philosophy, and theology are all subservient to statist ideology. Israeli citizens rightly perceive themselves to be the inheritors of an ancient religious and political system. So do their opponents, who trace their lineage all the way back to Ishmael, Abraham’s son by his concubine Hagar. Because of these diametrically opposed positions, seeking compromise is a futility. But, enforcing borders isn’t something democrats do, at least when it comes to securing democracies.

Former President Donald Trump stands in stark contrast to all this equivocation and pandering. He possessed an instinctual understanding of the geopolitical and spiritual significance of Israel. Unlike Biden, President Trump actually brokered peace in the Middle East, and did so while protecting the region’s only democracy. It was an astounding accomplishment and should have won him a Nobel Peace Prize — whatever that’s worth. In addition, he weakened Iran and diminished their ability to wage their global terror war in furtherance of their primitive, religious mandates. Isn’t it odd how progressive democrats always cozy up to regimes who butcher their own people, daring to express options or pursue lifestyles prohibited by autocratic diktats. Trump recognized the profound religious and spiritual significance of Israel, its significance to American democracy, and negotiated a deal for the ages with the Saudi’s, realigning the balance of power in the Middle East.

We share deep connections with Israel since the Judeo-Christian principles that underpin the civil society gave rise to our democratic republic. There is no Bill of Rights, no capitalism —the greatest prosperity ever experienced by the broadest group of peoples —, no inalienable rights, no liberty apart from the unique and Christian foundation laid by our forefathers. The history of progressivism, statism, collectivism — whatever you’d like to call it — is one of tyranny and blood. The only utopia to be found in this life, is the inner life of peace with God through repentance and faith in the completed work of the Son of God. This great faith finds its historical source in and immediately surrounding the state of Israel. That tiny county is the cradle of liberty not just for the West, but globally.

However, all of this is lost on Joe Biden and the Democrat party, who pursue a policy of capitulation and worse, of comity with tyrants, religious zealots, and monarchs. But, why shouldn’t they? They are the lineage of pagan gods like Molech, who the Israelites were charged with destroying.

Columnist; John Nantz

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