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Liz Cheney Speaks on Donald Trump.

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(Akiit.com) A few days ago, Liz Cheney tweeted a video message from her father Dick: “In our nation’s 246 year history there has never been an individual who is a greater threat to our Republic than Donald Trump.” Our nation has faced existential threats, both foreign and domestic, throughout our long history, and fortunately, a free people are not easily subdued. We currently face grave threats posed by the left, including their fellow travelers like Liz Cheney. Joe Biden and his minions continue to plague our country and work their evil, shape-shifting magic like Pharaoh’s conjurers of old — hoping to keep us enslaved through fear and deception. The modern Democrat party has so much in common with the tyrannical Pharaoh of Moses’s time.

Simply put, President Donald Trump broke Liz Cheney. He posed a mortal threat to the big spending, big government machine that Liz adores more than principle, more than the constitution, even more than her own sanity. People like Liz should be as far removed from the levers of political power as possible. She well deserves to lose her seat in November.

Dick Cheney’s statement is a patent absurdity. But, it’s a fascinating window into the dystopian, addled mind of another geriatric member of the political class. And, it’s a reflection of Liz Cheney’s hatred for not just former President Donald Trump, but for the more than 80 million Americans who voted for him.

Is Trump a greater threat than the infamous General Benedict Arnold? During America’s Revolutionary War, General Arnold secretly negotiated with the British, the big government establishment of the 16th century, in an attempt to deliver West Point to the British. However, General Arnold’s traitorous plot was discovered and he barely escaped with his life. Like General Arnold, Liz Cheney feigns loyalty to the constitution but is quick to ditch her Republican values when it suits her personal agenda. Both Cheney and Arnold are and were pawns of tyrannical powers.

Liz Cheney is notorious for her rabid persecution of those dragged before the January 6th Committee. She has harangued anyone within the Trump orbit who made the mistake of complying with Democrat edicts to appear before the kangaroo court. Worse still, Cheney sits idly while January 6th protestors, guilty of nothing more than “trespassing,” languish in Washington D.C. jails. She has gleefully presided over a tawdry cavalcade of “witnesses” who have produced nothing more than fantasy and, at best, hearsay.

The January 6th Committee is a mere production and a sham investigative body — a pornography of political licentiousness and self-aggrandizement. Such furor and ire has been rarely witnessed in the comfortably complacent establishment. The contrast is shocking in comparison to the response to the 1983 bombing of the U.S. Senate. A left-wing group, called the Resistance Conspiracy successfully detonated a bomb inside the senate building, blowing off Senator Robert Byrd’s office door, as well as causing over a half million dollars in damage by today’s estimates. But, you’ve probably never heard about that insurrection. Real violence and subversion perpetrated by the left is always neatly swept away by democrats and RINOs like Liz Cheney.

Another notorious figure springs to mind when considering who and what have posed the greatest threats to our noble republic. In particular, Liz Cheney’s purported party, the party of emancipation, suffered a mortal blow at the hands of a left-wing assassin, John Wilkes Booth. On April 14, 1865, Booth entered Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C. and fired a pistol into the back of President Abraham Lincoln’s head. Lincoln languished until his death the next morning. Booth was a Confederate sympathizer who hoped to thwart the abolition of slavery.

The only political figure in recent memory who has managed to actually shoot someone is Liz’s dear o’l dad Dick. During an unfortunate hunting accident in 2006, Dick fired his custom made Italian Perazzi shotgun into the neck of his hunting partner Harry Whittington. Fortunately for Whittington, they were only after pheasant; otherwise, Whittington would likely have lost his head. In terms of mortal threat, the average Joe would be far safer spending an afternoon on the golf course with Trump than in the sage with “hair trigger Dick.” In their mania, Liz and Dick Cheney have made farces of themselves.

But who is Liz really after? Trump is the leader of a party — a movement — who seeks to “Make America Great Again.” During his four years in office, Trump did everything he said he’d do on the campaign trail. That single fact makes him completely unique in modern American politics. The tired, old wing of the crony-capitalist right is no better than the rabidly marxist left. They both find common cause in maintaining and enlarging the monstrous bureaucracy that squats in its obesity at the taxpayer trough.

Liz Cheney, and statists like her, are coming after you: her foe is anyone who opposes the primacy of the state or its organs of power. Statism transcends party affiliation. As Dan Bongino often says, “No Democrats are Republicans, but many Republicans are Democrats.” That simple sentence encapsulates the real threat to our republic. We are, in essence, dealing with a one party system, unified under the banner of ubiquitous statist control.

Getting into Liz Cheney’s head really isn’t that hard. Whatever her motive, power, money, pride, the end result is more government, more theft of your money via taxation, and more tyranny through the continued radicalization of federal law enforcement.

Cheney decries Trump, a former president, as the greatest threat to our liberty, when she currently presides over an illegitimate inquisition, actively persecuting individuals based on their politics. She is stunningly oblivious to the irony. Of course, the unstated objective is to prevent a 2024 Trump presidential candidacy. But isn’t this disgustingly elitist? Apparently, Liz Cheney is a self-styled political Buddha, enlightened as to the needs of the unwashed masses. More likely, she’s just afraid for the entrenched system of quid pro quo her family has profited from for decades.

In Liz’s final analysis, Trump isn’t the greatest threat America has ever faced, it’s everyone who voted for and supported Trump. In her eyes, you all belong behind bars for supporting the great threat to her beloved bureaucracy. And she’s not alone, the Trump base is a mortal threat to every overt and covert Democrat currently in power. The pain you feel at the gas pump, in the grocery store, and when reviewing your 401K is planned payback for daring to threaten the power of the political class. It’s the modern Pharaoh’s whip you feel, and it’s time to take the ballot box back.

Columnist; John Nantz

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