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2022; The Race-Obsessed L.A. City Council.

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In the hourlong meeting, the four uttered not one word about the city’s record-setting crime and homelessness. They said nothing about the poor urban K-12 government schools or the city’s declining population, caused in part by the lack of housing affordability for the working and middle classes.

Tech Giant PayPal Just Gave America an Eerie Glimpse Into the Future.

In the absence of full transparency, it will be impossible for customers to trust PayPal’s word, given the company’s existing poor reputation.

Rapper Kanye West: ‘Just a Black Man Stating the Obvious’.

As imaginary grievances loop inside their brains, the problems in lagging black communities have become so severe that they’re spilling out everywhere.  It’s obvious.  

Turns out Joe Biden’s empowering of OPEC was a really bad idea.

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Today, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan had the gall to say OPEC’s cuts were “a reminder of why it is so critical that the United States reduce its reliance on foreign sources of fossil fuels.”

The Democrat Senate Disaster Ahead.

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If I had any sympathy for Democrats, I would have felt some after that brutal pummeling, but I don’t, so I laughed. Come November, it seems likely that Mark Kelly will need a new career – I hear Willy Wonka is hiring down at the chocolate factory.

African-Americans Wombs Matter: See Aftershock.

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The film also highlights the racist origins of the OB/GYN medical specialty. Developed by a sadist white physician, James Marion Sims, the specialty has its roots in experiments on enslaved Black women. Indeed, the lie that black people can withstand enormous pain is rooted in enslavement and the brutal way Black women were experimented on.

Is Former NFL Player Brett Favre Really History’s Greatest Monster?

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Life is different when you’re a liberal in good standing. Brett Favre isn’t, nor is Phil Bryant. And that appears to be what they are truly guilty of, to me at least.

Joe Biden bucks: The horrors of digital currency.

A digital currency would, in effect, be the end of America. When this occurs, be sure to thank the people for whom the “Biden buck stops here.”