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Is Former NFL Player Brett Favre Really History’s Greatest Monster?

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( Brett Favre is a monster, perhaps history’s greatest. You know how I know that? He’s had his picture taken with Donald Trump. Seriously. Can you believe it? Worse than that, he’s golfed with him too. He’s also friends with Mississippi’s former Governor Phil Bryant, who not only also likes Trump, but has been extremely vocal about liking him. Aside from genocide and asking their barber for the “Fetterman look,” being even remotely associated with former President Trump is the worst thing a human being can do. Whatever happened to due process?

It’s a quaint notion, the idea that someone is innocent until proven guilty, but it used to be the rock upon which our system of justice was built. Now your political affiliation, real or imagined, overrides everything else. The Biden family can rake in millions through foreign companies and governments, in specialized industries they have literally no experience in, and the left-wing media complex will collectively yawn. You can even add in a treasure trove of seeming confessions, a verified digital paper trail, and countless videos of the President’s son smoking crack with prostitutes marinated in signs of sex trafficking and abuse and there is zero interest from legacy media.

But when one person with a loose association with someone named Trump is accused of wrongdoing and teams of reporters are dispatched. When there are two, one a famous athlete and the other a Republican politician, the journalistic equivalent of SEAL Team Six is sent.

What are the alleging? It’s fairly convoluted and not criminal.

First off, you wouldn’t know that second part about there being only a civil suit, nothing criminal, if you followed most of the media. “He’s hiding” or “He should be in jail” are common refrains from the sports media world, noted for their legal expertise, I assume. But that’s not how civil suits work.

So what was the “crime” here? Brett Favre cashed checks. Checks, by the way, no one is even alleging the Governor knew anything about, let alone signed.

The story seems to be that Favre received $1.1 million from the Mississippi Department of Human Services for speeches that he never delivered. I don’t know how many speeches he did deliver over those years, but being familiar with how wildly famous star athletes make a ton of money after retirement, it’s not impossible to believe that he never noticed the money. Hell, Joe Biden was making a small fortune for speeches after his stint as Vice President. Think he remembers any of it?

When massive problems in the Mississippi state welfare system were exposed, including the payments to Favre, he paid the money back. Am I missing the scandal here?

Another part of this story is Favre’s charity, called Favre 4 Hope, donated $130,000 to his alma matter, the University of Southern Mississippi,during the same years that Favre was working to finance a new volleyball center at the school.”

Personally, I’ll never understand anyone giving money to their college. Mine got every penny out of me they’ll ever get and the only reason I welcome their solicitations in the mail is get perverse joy in knowing they spend even tiny sums of money sending them. It’ll never chip much away from what they got from me, but the moral victory is glorious.

Still, star athletes and other exceedingly wealthy people do like “giving back” to their schools and the places they grew up, both being the case with Favre here. It’s their money, and they aren’t cutting me checks, so what do I care what they do with it?

Well, I don’t, but scalp-hunters apparently do. And when you’ve been associated with a Trump, your scalp is particularly valuable. Add in that former Republican Governor’s scalp during election season and it is game on! It’s probably why they’ve going after Favre so hard, it’s a twofer with Bryant at a time when Republicans in the south are fighting for control of the Senate and other governorships against Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself). Damage to the brand could damage candidates across the region, and elections in Georgia are not only hotly contested, they’re wildly important too.

Just remember, there’s nothing illegal about Favre’s charitable donation. The charity has a mission statement, to help disadvantaged kids and people with cancer – which It did and presumably still does – but that fact is being ignored.  In reality, however, charities like these can give its money to almost any cause it wants, within reason. Brett Favre isn’t a Clinton, so he can’t live off that money and, say, drop more than $8 million for “travel” over the course of one year and get a pat on the back from the “watchdog” media. Then again, it raises none of those eyebrows either when, with no political power to hold and nothing else to sell, donations to that charity dry up faster than the pool of people actively seeking to move to California.

True, the Clintons were associated with Donald Trump, but that was before Trump became a Republican. History reset that day – old friendships and associations with Trump were forgiven, like Joe Scarborough and third wife Mika Brzezinski, as long as they were ended (and they were). Brett Favre didn’t end his because normal people who don’t live or work in New York, LA and DC don’t work that way.

Life is different when you’re a liberal in good standing. Brett Favre isn’t, nor is Phil Bryant. And that appears to be what they are truly guilty of, to me at least. I’m no lawyer, I didn’t hate myself enough to force myself through law school, but I don’t think Democrats have been able to make noting being one of them a crime. At least not yet…

Columnist; Derek Hunter

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