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What Will the Majority ‘GOP’ Do?

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( Assuming the Republicans do gain control of both houses of Congress, what will they try to accomplish? They can’t really enact any new GOOD legislation; Biden would veto such, and the Republicans won’t have the necessary two-thirds majority in each house to override. But they will have control of the House Ways and Means Committee (where all finances start) and all Congressional committees. Thus, they can set the agenda for what Congress does. That is no small matter.

I’m not going to speculate on what the Republicans will attempt, but I can quote to you, and comment upon, what Senator Ted Cruz of Texas said: “The first thing we should do is defund the 87,000 new IRS agents that the Democrats just passed. I think the second thing we should do is impeach Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of Homeland Security, for utter dereliction of duty. And I think the third thing we should do is impeach Merrick Garland for politicizing and corrupting the Department of Justice and the FBI and turning them into the pollical storm troopers for the Biden White House and the DNC.”

I strongly support all of that. I only have a very slight caveat.


It’s interesting that Cruz said the Republicans “should” do these things. That doesn’t mean they will. I do expect them to, and certainly hope they will, defund the IRS agents the Democrats are trying to tyrannize the country with. We fought a Revolution almost 250 years ago against that sort of thing. The Democrats are trying to completely turn this country upside down. But then, we all know that. More tyranny, not less, is their aim. For all their screaming about “democracy” (Biden used the word 37 times in his 20-minute speech this week), that is the last thing they want. They speak of MAGA’s “Big Lie” while telling the biggest ones themselves. It’s a good debate tactic to keep your opponent on the defensive. The Democrats are masters at it.

So, yes, defunding those 87,000 new IRS agents should be very high on the agenda. And I—and most of the rest of us, I’m sure—will be EXTREMELY disappointed, no, ENRAGED, if the Republicans don’t do it, and do it the day after the new Congress starts its session in January.

Alejandro Mayorkas and Merrick Garland do, indeed, need to be impeached—and convicted—for what they have, or in Mayorkas’s case, not done (protect the border). Of course, if the Republicans really want to impeach Biden administration criminals for breaking the law or not doing their job, then they could start at the top with Biden himself, and then impeach every Cabinet member. One wonders if they will go after Biden. Cruz didn’t mention Biden, and I would be surprised if they do (can you see Mitch agreeing to that? I can’t.). They have, sort of, promised Congressional hearings on Hunter Biden, but don’t hold your breath too long on that one. They might do it, but they won’t highly publicize it, though I hope I am wrong about that. They won’t touch Hillary Clinton, who ought to be in jail.

I am wholly in favor of going after Mayorkas and especially Garland, for their incredibly illegal abuse of power, especially by the DOJ. The Democrats impeached Trump twice; it’s time they get a dose of their own medicine. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. If the Democrats want to play hardball, then the Republicans need to show they have a Nolan Ryan fastball that will set the Dems on their butts. You hit back, and you hit back hard, relentlessly and ruthlessly, to let your opponent know what will happen when you possess the opportunity to throw the punches (I’m mixing metaphors here, I know). A couple of powerful impeachment movements might cause the Democrats to think next time they want to do it (but probably not). Still, the Republicans must make the Democrats aware that only the Mitch McConnells are going to roll over and show their bellies. Dumping McConnell as Senate Majority Leader might be a first priority ahead of defunding the IRS.

If the Republicans do impeach Mayorkas and/or Garland (or anybody else), they might obtain the impeachment. But nobody will be convicted and removed from office. A two-thirds majority vote in the Senate is necessary for that, and the Republicans will never get that. Impeachment is just a show, that is, to let the Democrats know the Republicans, can, and will, play that game, too.

The only very slight caveat I have on impeaching Garland, et al, is based on the likely response of the non-base American public. The Republican base will love it; the Democratic base will screech to high heaven. What about the Independents? I fear that some may be turned off by Washington “politics as usual.” “Why don’t you people in Washington get on with solving the nation’s problems and quit fighting and destroying each other? The Republicans are no better than the Democrats.” It is likely that many Americans will think that way, and we do NOT want the American people thinking that Republicans are as rotten as Democrats (though, sadly, some of them are). But yet, if the Republicans can make their case to America well enough (difficult because of the media), AND make some obvious effort to minimize Biden’s damage (e.g., repeal the IRS funding, which they certainly CAN do), then they might be able to limit the damage of a perceived “politics as usual” accusation.

I’m for fighting back. In fact, impeach every Democrat in Washington. But be aware of any potential drawbacks.

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