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How the likes of Al Sharpton ruined ‘Black History Week’.

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( Just in time for the beginning of so-called “Black History Month,” Al Sharpton shed his dual role of hater and agitation profiteer, to include a third role of encomiast, as he did his best representation of all three at the funeral of Tyre Nichols.

In the best tradition of all Sharpton represents, he outdid himself in showcasing a hate-filled, inflammatory oratory that set the tone for the rest of this fallacious history month. It’s a month of fallacious history, because when Carter G. Woodson founded “Negro History Week” in 1926, it was intended to recognize the contributions of the Negro to America. Today it’s a 28-day jeremiad of lies and manufactured complaints at the expense of any semblance of personal responsibility or accountability.

As I wrote in a syndicated op-ed in January 2016: “While it may be argued that Woodson’s original intent was honorable, if we are to be intellectually honest it must be stated that in the final analysis Negro History Week has been proselytized to divide. … It presents opportunity for malevolent neo-Leninists and cultural Marxists to prostitute [the myth of] skin color juxtaposed to insisting upon standards of performance that produce the best and most qualified. Which I argue is one of the reasons Americans are lagging educationally. It is because the standards for teachers have been devolved to the point that trained simians and/or seals could stand in front of a classroom. But, I digress.”

negto history month

Woodson founded Negro History Week at a time Democrats were oppressing the Americans who displayed more melanin than others to the fullest extent of the laws they wrote to accomplish same. The Democrats weaponized the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) into a domestic terrorist group to oppress the former slaves, because they would not support and vote for Democrats, choosing instead to support and become Republicans. That included being elected to office as Republicans. (See page 14, “Democrats and Republicans In Their Own Words.”)

The media, Hollywood, and those who follow in the boot-tracks of Sharpton use the 28-day month of February to foment acrimony, while ignoring the ruthlessness being perpetrated by these color-mongers – which include the violence and murder they are committing against one another.

Sharpton conveniently omitted the facts I detail in my recent Video Rant titled, “Go Ahead: Call Me Names,” which included the fact that 94% of so-called blacks were killed by other blacks over a 35-year period. Sharpton and those like him omit that black women are responsible for paying the so-called white man at places like Planned Parenthood to murder over 20 million of their children as a primitive, godless form of birth control.

While this month we will hear an endless barrage of jeremiads depicting how bad these people are being treated, it’s a sure bet that they won’t pay the same attention to the 9-year-old little girl who was savagely and viciously beaten by two crayon-color animals taking turns punching and beating her on a Florida school bus. Neither the two adults on the school bus nor the bus driver or any of the students on the bus came to the little girl’s defense. Every honest person can just imagine the marches, protests and around the clock media droning if the situation were reversed.

Following is another truth the cultural Marxists and hate-profiteers like Sharpton don’t want you to know. It’s from a syndicated piece I wrote in 2017:

Following are facts about slavery that the purveyors of white guilt are ignorant of: Aristotle further opined that “it is clear that there are certain people who are free and certain who are slaves by nature, and it is both to their advantage, and just, for them to be slaves.” The Romans seized so many captives from Eastern Europe that the terms “Slav” and “slave” bore the same origins. All the great cultures of the ancient world, from Egypt to Babylonia, Athens to Rome, Persia to India to China, depended upon the brutal enslavement of the masses – often representing heavy majorities of the population. Contrary to the glamorization of aboriginal New World cultures, the Mayas, Aztecs and Incas counted among the most brutal slave-masters of them all – not only turning the members of other tribes into harshly abused beasts of burden but also using these conquered enemies to feed a limitless lust for human sacrifice. The Tupinamba, a powerful tribe on the coast of Brazil south of the Amazon, took huge numbers of captives, then humiliated them for months or years, before engaging in mass slaughter of their victims in ritualized cannibalistic feasts. In Africa, slavery also represented a timeless norm long before any intrusion by Europeans. Moreover, the Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch or British slave traders rarely penetrated far beyond the coasts: the actual capture and kidnapping of the millions of victims always occurred at the hands of neighboring tribes. As the great African-American historian Nathan Huggins pointed out, “virtually all of the enslavement of Africans was carried out by other Africans,” but the concept of an African “race” was the invention of Western colonists, and most African traders “saw themselves as selling people other than their own.” (“Six Inconvenient Truths About The U.S. and Slavery,” Michael Medved,, Sept. 26, 2007.)

How many reading this were aware of this historical factoid? How many classrooms do you think these truths are being taught in?

To date, we do not know all there is to know about Nichols’ death. Nor do we know what he was truly like, despite what his family claims. I prefer to know more before I comment on him or the officers.

But, I know what Sharpton is like and his history, which includes being an informer who squealed on the Mafia when he was a cocaine dealer and Tawana Brawley. I also know he is a gutless coward who was afraid to debate me three on one at my expense.

Negro History Week has been reduced to a “clown show” fronted by a manufactured-complaint profiteer with bad hair.

Columnist; Mychal Massie

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