Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Things to Consider Before Investing Your Valuable Time and Money in Adult Education.

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Tweet ( you’re not the most academic of people, chances are you spent your school years watching the clock and waiting for the end of day bell to ring. When you left the school gates after completing your exams, you probably never looked back. This isn’t a bad thing. Not everyone is cut out for […]

Philadelphia Magic Sounds Reading Program.

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Tweet ( Elementary school teachers are exceptional educators and motivators. Their task is to stimulate inspire and encourage young minds in the joy of learning and prepare them for the rigors of things to come. Miss Barbara Jackson was an elementary school teacher who taught first grade in the Philadelphia school district for over thirty […]

Career Hurdles: What is Holding You Back?

Tweet ( At one time or another, we all have a career that we dream of in our lives. But so many of us don’t get to experience this. Why? Well, it could be a number of reasons or hurdles that are holding you back. The trick is to not stop at these, but press through […]

Can We Change Marketing Messaging For The Better?

Tweet ( Marketing is a powerful tool that enables a business to advertise its products. But what most people tend to forget is that marketing is a gauge of social evolution. If you look back only a few decades ago, marketing campaigns picture the ideal family with a stay-at-home mom and healthy kids playing outside on […]

The Mature Student’s Guide To Learning.

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Tweet ( Learning. The privilege of the young. Education often seems irrelevant when it’s available, but most of us crave it when it’s no longer an option. If adults were honest, the majority of them would say that they’d go back to education at the drop of a hat. The more you learn about the world, […]

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