Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Weinsteins And Cosbys Of World, Serial Sexual Assaulters It Seems.

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Tweet ( The New York Times was deep on the late freight when it broke the story that big shot movie mogul and Miramax founder Harvey Weinstein had a long history of reportedly sexually harassing, abusing and victimizing countless women. Weinstein got away with the alleged sexual abuse that reportedly spanned three decades for a good […]

Movie Review; Marshall.

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Tweet ( Considering all his major accomplishments, why didn’t someone make a film about Thurgood Marshall’s life that was comprehensive? He was the lawyer who won Brown v. Board of Education, and was the founder of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, United States Solicitor General and the first African American Supreme Court Justice. […]

African American Leaders & What They Drive.

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Tweet ( Have you ever wondered what famous and powerful African Americans drive? If so, join the club. These men and women are included in the top 50 celebrities and their cars and can be found behind the wheels of some of the most expensive and luxurious cars on the road. Following are what the top […]

Why Music is Still an Important Part of Education.

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Tweet ( Over the last few years, music and other creative subjects, have been slowly but surely removed from the curriculum. Now, many schools don’t teach any form of music education at all. Choosing instead to use the time to teach extra science, maths and computer based courses, which are thought to be more useful to […]

Classic Music That’s Still Relevant Today.

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Tweet ( If you’re a music lover, you’ll listen to tracks stretching from the 1800s and beyond to the modern day. You’ll find yourself having to constantly try to convince people why they should listen to this range of music too, often due to its uplifting nature and often forgotten melodies that you can’t find in […]

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