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African Americans and Proper Nutrition For Good Health – Where Do You Stand?

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Columbus, OH ( – Everywhere we go and everything we do requires us to take some sort of action to get what we want or what we need. This is just the normal process of life. We’re constantly getting reminders at the doctor’s office or at work or sometimes on television ads about the need for proper nutrition accompanied with adequate physical activity. Not only for a desirable weight; but also more importantly, the many health benefits.

In fact, if you have internet access you can be instantly inundated with loads of information about nutrition and physical activity, such as what you should be doing, all the statistics you can stand, but yet those stats don’t seem to reflect much change for the better.

What’s more if you found some legitimate answers you still have not achieved any sustainable results in either of those departments; in fact you end up being confused and overwhelmed by not knowing which approach you should be using.

For some African Americans we’re seeing some consistent trends that may perhaps present a challenge to getting what we need to sustain good health through proper nutrition and regular physical activity. Two factors commonly overlooked are our behavior with respects to our health habits and our environment with respects to where we live. Some of us that recognize that proper nutrition is absolutely critical for good health will choose to consume nutritional foods that support and enhance personal health. This accounts for 23% of consumers in the US. There are 12% that focus on vitamins, minerals and herbs to support health, but are less concerned with nutritional value of food. Most in this group are too preoccupied with weight loss and discounts. Still we have 18% that are just neutral about the nutritional content of the food they eat and are price-sensitive when grocery shopping; only splurging when they eat out.

Lastly, 21% choose taste over nutritional health value. They know they should eat healthier and take supplements, but don’t, and of course those in this category are highly price sensitive.

We must take a hard look at ourselves, with our way of thinking and our own behavior patterns to determine where we stand individually. Then, we must collectively as African Americans take ourselves out of the lower percentage brackets and become more proactive about our health.

Even though we may not have the ideal environment conducive for regular, consistent physical activity, we still have other options. For those of us in urban settings, instead of being deterred by taking walks or jogging in the neighborhood with no sidewalks or high crime, we may increase our physical activity in other ways. Some activities may include group bicycling, or putting extra effort in household chores.

For those in suburban areas who are spread out in isolated subdivisions which make it difficult to walk or bicycling can change venues. They may decide to join a gym or a swim club or a weight loss support group as they may provide emotional support to get overall good health even if they are not obese.

Even the CDC-Center For Disease Control states that proper nutrition along with regular physical activity is critical for good health. So whatever you decide just take immediate action to take back control of your life. Join a positive call to action and decide where you will stand from today and from now on!

Makeisha Lee is a health and nutrition consultant. For more information about cleansing and detoxifying your body, contact her at 614-595-1425 or or learn more at 

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